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Now, Where Was I?

Since E was born I’ve had a recurring dream: I’m at work but I’m a bit confused as to how I got there, I’m deeply conscious that it’s almost time for a meeting with my boss and I am in a desperate sweat because I know the boss is quickly going to uncover that I have been doing nothing and don’t even know what my job is for that matter. 927 more words


Thank you, lovely you

Overnight my total blog views ticked to the thousand mark. A thousand times someone somewhere has checked in on my writing. It’s small beer – ratings by breakfast time for many I know – but I’m delighted, amazed and thankful, incredibly thankful. 291 more words

Life In General

Update: Finding Nirvana

It has been a while since I posted anything on this blog: two years in fact. There weren’t too many people listening back then and with my continued absence – I suspect it may only be my dear mother who reads this latest post but, conveniently, my objective for writing this blog was never to have scores of readers (although it would be nice) – it was designed to be a tool to help me escape the rat race and create a career of my choosing. 341 more words


What will your story be in 2015?

As writers, we create stories. Hopefully fabulous ones. But it’s easy to forget we are the authors of our own lives too. And how many of us can say hand-on-heart that we are living lives that are even half as exciting as the stories we make up?! 623 more words


What have you clicked away from?

I’ve been taking part in a 30 Day Challenge to get “something” completed with the support of an online community.  Currently I am busy recording videos so that I can offer an online happiness course soon… 128 more words

30 day challenge - week 4 - the end

The last week of my 30 Day Challenge (30DC) was quite busy, so I didn’t manage to get out and explore as much as I had in previous weeks. 672 more words

Nature & Places

30 Day Challenge - week 3

So this week I started writing up my e-book, just 20 minutes a day. At the moment I plan it to be a guide to the ‘hidden gems’ of Maidenhead, but I’m going to finish writing it before I decide exactly what form it will take. 314 more words

Nature & Places