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Comedy Time: Libeled Lady (1936)

14 years before he became the Father of the Bride, Spencer Tracy was the groom himself or, should I say, the “future” groom and the particular movie I’m thinking about is… 1,659 more words

Sybil Kibble Runs For Office.

Sybil decides that she can make some extra dough by running for a local office.

Since she is too cheap to run political commercials, and too lazy to interact with people for the purpose of handing out political palm cards, she decides to hold a rally at the local civic center. 342 more words


Jen Turano: After a Fashion

Jen Turano’s After a Fashion is a delightful romp into the world of historical-romantic-screwball-comedy.

Yes, that’s a mouthful.

But yes, it works.

From the publisher: 409 more words
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ball of fire

I am a very huge fan of screwball comedies. I often review more screwball comedies on my blog often also i review many noir classics and talk about Hitchcock often. 561 more words

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Sleepless Over What Might-Have-Beens

One Fine Day is a dangerous movie. It’s one of the worst threats to my productivity of any movie ever made. If I’m unlucky enough to come across it while channel surfing, I’m stuck. 380 more words

Michelle Pfeiffer

My Man Godfrey (1936)

Everyone says that their family is some degree of crazy. Forgotten man turned butler Godfrey might say otherwise about the Bullock family. One of many screwball comedies to come out of the Golden Age, can Gregory La Cava’s 1936 entry make its mark? 529 more words


What's Up Doc? (1972)

You’re the Top 70’s Comedy!

Director Peter Bogdanovich knows his classic Hollywood with his films being a mixture of new Hollywood meets old Hollywood. What’s Up Doc shows it was still possible to make a screwball comedy even in a contemporary 70’s setting with actors nowhere near as glamorous or good looking as the stars of the golden age. 724 more words

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