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Donna Reads: The Player (The Wedding Pact, #2) by Denise Grover Swank

This was a disappointing read. I loved the first book in the series. The heroine of book two, Blair, was awful in book one. I had high hopes the author would redeem her character when she starred in her own story in book two. 133 more words


Oh, those Screwball Queens

With less than two months to go until Addicted to Love‘s 20th birthday it’s been all about screwball in my house recently. I’m not the first, the last, the wittiest, or the most obsessed person to write about the joys of screwball comedy, but when I decided to propose a blogathon to mark the day, it didn’t take much deep thinking to come up with a title:  342 more words

Michelle Pfeiffer

What are the odds? long, long indeed.


What are the Odds? NYC Midnight Post Part One

After Mal is blackmailed by a co-worker, it seems every day brings a new surprise. 2,625 more words

NYCMM Short Story Challenge

I'm Missing Maggie, Mint Juleps, Motivation and My Girl Friday

So, recently, you may have noticed I’ve had nothing to say. I’ve been bobbing around the waters of WordPress, it’s just that words continue to fail me. 140 more words

Michelle Pfeiffer

Bringing up Maggie

If you love old school screwball comedies like I do, then Howard Hawks is manna from heaven. No one made screwier screwballs than Howard. With… 458 more words

Michelle Pfeiffer

Wanna Cure That Man-Cold?

Use Christine’s “Scare Cure”

By Jeff Salter

I can’t remember the last time I shared a short excerpt excerpt from my screwball comedy, “Curing the Uncommon Man-Cold… 742 more words

Maggie's a Hawksian Woman

One of the surest cures for the winter blues is to settle down, pour yourself a drink and slip a screwball comedy into your DVD player. 291 more words

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