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Favorite Screwball Dog? Asta?

Who is your favorite screwball comedy dog? Best canine sidekick in the genre? Well Asta of course. Star of the “Thin Man” series, “The Awful Truth”, “Bringing Up Baby”.   43 more words


The Awful Truth and the Hays Code

In 1934, the Hays Code was established as a response to the call for Hollywood to self-censor their films. After the Code was created, films needed a certificate from the Hays office before they could be exhibited. 970 more words

Favorite Films

Screwball comedies

We’re getting prepared for our screening of Frank Capra’s lighthearted and endearing It Happened One Night, this Saturday. It’s part of our ongoing series for the CMPCA in Brighton, at St Michael’s Church Hall. 370 more words


'Godfrey' Screenplay Skewers the One Percent

Sometimes Hollywood is a bit much, really.

Filmmakers know that we, the masses, enjoy send-ups of rich people. We love it when we can feel intellectually superior to the dim-witted characters on the screen. 630 more words


Sunday in New York (1963)

This is a somewhat belated tribute, to yet another star of the silver screen. Aussie actor Rod Taylor (January 11, 1930 – January 7, 2015) arrived in Hollywood in the 1950s, and though he never achieved the fame of fellow countrymen like Errol Flynn (and, much later, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, etc), he did star in several big films, including Hitchcock’s… 2,684 more words

Dusted Off

The Palm Beach Story, Preston Sturges, 1942

One of the many things I like about Preston Sturges is that he’s all over the place. It is not that he completely defies the Classic Hollywood conventional formula, but that he is not confined to it, and he plays with expectations. 935 more words


Revisiting The Parent Trap (1961)

I’ve always had a very deep affection for The Parent Trap, both the 1961 original with Hayley Mills and 1998 remake with Lindsay Lohan. They were movies I frequently watched with my mom. 1,143 more words