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Cork vs. Screwcap: The Never Ending Debate

We are a little torn on the screwcap vs. cork debate. On the one hand, the ease of opening and resealing a wine bottle that uses a screwcap closure is wonderful. 348 more words


Cork or screw cap?

Let’s face it: screw caps are becoming more and more widely used these days but, for centuries, the cork was the only practical means of sealing a wine bottle.   369 more words


Screwcaps Allow Wine to Age Gracefully

Screwcaps, the oft-maligned wine enclosure, actually allow fine wine to age gracefully. At first I’ll admit that I was on the fence about buying a pricey bottle of California cab with a screwcap instead of the more traditional cork. 40 more words

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How Australia Led the Screwcap Revolution

Fun wine fact: 99 bottles out of every 100 produced by Australian wineries are sealed with a screwcap. What’s even more surprising is that screwcaps for wine have only been used in Australia since 2000. 13 more words

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