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Okay, to hell with it.

I was going to write something sensible. Pour out sufi thoughts over here in line with a heartbreaking mail that I wrote today morning. 324 more words


Sunday Scribble - "Shiver"


Her breath came out as clouds, dissipating in the cold air while she shivered in her boots. Guard duty in the dead of winter was unnecessary, in her opinion.

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[Weekly RinScribble] 1. Rin Reporting for Duty!

This is post about my life since my job offer. :)

*Listening to Yayoi*

This blog post might be a start of a weekly series, for what is happening to me, kinda like diary as someone said.   328 more words


The Bottle

“I’m a fucking loser. A failure.”

Those were the last words out of my mouth while I still drew breath laying in that dark, decrepit alleyway. 447 more words

Short Stories

Jessie J Opens Up on Her New Beauty Gig, 'Kris Jenner' Pixie Cut & More!

Between her shaved head, ever-changing wigs and perpetually bold lips, Jessie J has tried everything when it comes to glam. Add in the fact that she’s her own makeup artist, and the singer is basically a beauty Renaissance woman. 1,442 more words


I Attended a Beauty Master Class Taught By Celebrity Makeup Artist Hrush Achemyan, and I'm Now a Changed Person

Despite my best efforts, I don’t have very much in common with Kylie Jenner. I’ve never been to one of Kris Jenner’s Christmas parties, I lack any and all skill necessary to take a decent belfie, and frankly, I’m not really into wigs, but at the very least, I can definitively say that we have both been blessed by the glamorous touch of… 1,830 more words