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Not giving up

Phew, I’m catching up.

There are now 1500 people in my office building.  I thought the addition of 700 new folks into the office would mean more mugs to choose from.   44 more words



Starting now, I have decided to put up my doodles that have snuck up on every random empty piece of paper around me in my new doodle series. 84 more words


Daily Vlogging

Day 8/66

I like vlogging videos on Youtube. It gives a peek into the lives of hundreds and thousands of people all around the world. I don’t remember when I saw my first vlog on Youtube. 131 more words


Writing Resistance

Day 7/66

I’m back after a hiatus. I was on holidays and then once I came I just wasn’t in the mood to write and was in a bit of “resistance”. 119 more words



tundra is the night
orange groves spurn indigo
gormless faces dreft
eyelids held opinions
wretches clutching jubes



I used to love getting high,

Thought I could leap out & fly,

Never do I once recall worrying

What if flying would turn into falling. 32 more words


Sunday Scribble - "Halfling"


…And that’s how the story ends…or begins, however you want to look at it.

What? What do you mean you just got here? Well, you’re a bit late.

745 more words