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Tormented by the Toddler

The title says it all doesn’t it? My precious last born has me utterly tormented…….he’s coloured everything. The cupboard doors, the walls, the doors, the window board, the window, the sofa, the tv unit; it would actually be easier list what he hasn’t coloured. 202 more words

Chit Chat

misplaced memories

The neighbor woman leaned precariously over a nondescript blanket pulled across a corner of shade, the bend of her torso and angle of her head drawing me to a curious intrusion. 170 more words


Scribbles V 1.0

Flutterby :- Wrote the dyslexic child,even in his mistake;lurked beauty.

Religion :- Flush of ideas,hoards of belief and a little bit of imagination. It was the most successful story ever written. 65 more words


Words for the Week(end)

It’s always the right time to do what is right and good. I have so much respect for people who don’t take the easy way out – who stand firm in their beliefs and values and who inspire others to do the right thing based on their actions. 9 more words


24 Hours- No Complaining

Let us embark on this challenge together!
Starting now (At 5:30 in the AM). If the time is later when you’re reading this, don’t you cheat! 65 more words


WhatsApp Conversations!

You type something for a few minutes.Then your status reads ‘Online’ !
I keep waiting for those few minutes. Then I put the phone down. 41 more words


Hello World

I have been meaning to start a blog for sometime now (read years) and I finally got around to it today. Primarily because I want to dip my feet into website development and I thought Hey! 231 more words