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She wishes she could believe he did no wrong.

Feeling she lost more water.                    Her hero lost his way.

Forget the drowning world, drying out. 31 more words


Legal Theft Project: The Tipping Point

She shut the computer with a furious snap. Then, unsatisfied, picked up a throw pillow and hurled it across the room with a scream. One deep breath later and she felt better. 490 more words


A clown's charade

Looking into the mirror

staring at the mask

could I rip it off just tonight

a feeble whisper asks

Can I scream but not be heard… 86 more words



Amidst all the chaos that is going on in reality an escape from it to my own dark world of thoughts is much needed now and then. 177 more words


The hills turn to clouds
As they meet the horizon
Mist obscures them
With such poeticism
As if mirroring
My clouded thoughts

The cold air… 23 more words


Late Night Scribbles: Torn

He took the sheets of paper and ripped them up, with nothing but the flick of his wrist and the pressure of his fingers – and they were gone. 267 more words


The Block

My creative juices ran out.

I’m having a hard time writing a book review and/or update. I have tons of book reviews to posts because I promised some people in exchange for an ARC and I’m letting them down. 80 more words