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Cry me a river ♬

Are they a sign of weakness?
I believe only the strongest are able to show tears.
“I am hurt. I am vulnerable. I was wrong. 82 more words

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Tears. For me, they are not a sign of weakness but control. Self-control, Self-restraint, or lack thereof. I've been struggling to keep them in me. I've been trying to control not to show them in situations where it won't necessarily be an advantage for me. At work, in front of people I don't want to reveal my deepest self, or even in front of family sometimes. I fail more often than succeed. I throw the blame on my monthly hormonal state, sometimes wondering if it actually harms me, splitting my mind from my body, creating deeper separation and confusion of who I am. - b0kett0's post below helped me reflect on my habit. I guess it's all being human - we all have our own way of dealing with life's joys and pains. There is no right or wrong way, but what we ourselves are content with. Better to be shared than compared. It is easier to be said than done. But I believe there is beauty and value in the struggle to discover our true selves. First step is to surround ourselves with those who sincerely care for us.

A day in March, and thoughts of you

In this month of March, when spring should have been, I’m half blinded by the sun blaring into my face. And yet beneath strands of loose hair, hazy brown in light, there’s a smile radiant inspite of the heat and exhaustion. 99 more words


Spring Flowers

Spring is finally here, and I’ve been spring cleaning my room/studio. It was about halfway through sorting the mess into a second shoebox of art stuff when I realised that, despite spending a lot of time painting, I don’t actually have many pictures on my own walls. 24 more words


little heartbeat at my feet

A curly little friend with a maneuver of small sort, wound up at my door

Waiting for love that it seldom got, hoping to see some of it in galore   193 more words