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Lessons come into my life at the exact moment I am open to their wisdom. They may feel familiar as the universe nudges me gently on the shoulder, but they become my own only when I allow myself to relinquish my defenses and create unhindered space for understanding. 366 more words


Shady heart

To be honest
I looked forward for you
Said you didn’t want to waste your time
And I thought you wouldn’t want to waste mine… 29 more words



As the rain relentlessly pelts the already soggy ground, I can feel discomfort chafe at my pleasure.

The question of what we could do pulling the joy from beneath the perfection of empty hours. 85 more words



Taken from thoughtcatalog because some of it felt relevant to myself personally,

1. There is no feeling as good as the steady, quiet reassurance of frequent tender touches from your loved one. 551 more words


you didn’t deserve a single thing i offered you.

a kingdom you had no idea how to rule;
a throne you did not know how to sit in: 30 more words