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Quotes. #142

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The Chamber

He was in a room, so small he could merely move and so dark he could barely see.
Weird noises sometimes and sweet music sometimes was all he could hear from the outside. 49 more words


The Brawl

For long, she had been wanting to put an end to it. An end to the unsought encounters, pursuits and drama.
Today, she was determined to extirpate him once and for all. 99 more words


The Undressing

The girl pleaded him to stop.
Regardless of her screams, he continued to undress her.
He forcibly, took her to the shower and prepared her for a cosy bath. 8 more words


The Trap

A piercing cry filled up the silence of the deserted forest as the setting sun was about to be engulfed by the eerie night.

David Jackson, the celebrated American adventurer and animal life enthusiast who gained huge fame and name with his Emmy award winning tv show airing on Discovery Channel, The Wild Calls had finally made up his mind. 868 more words

Short Story


bright white haze of halcyon,

oasis in the dark

pretty star in the void

wrapped his stardust around my hips

and slowly began his suffocation. 121 more words