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Care for yourself, for me.

Take care of yourself ..
care for your eyes,
Never let them cry, unless it’s out of joy ..
I commande you to always let them shine .. 221 more words



A silence so heavy and hollow

It can wrap it’s fingers around your heart

Reaching through the inner shouts

And tormented voices

A silence so thick and empty… 57 more words


When fire meets fate....

At the end, fate and destiny are both left upon us to decide for.


#Soliloquy - All In a Day's Work

I pull my hair up in one swift motion

I guess a messy bun is what I’m going with today

I shrug my shoulders

and immediately squat down… 256 more words


Figuring it out !

I’m sitting here writing so that I figure it out …
Figure out what?
Figure out what I want from life ?
Figure out what I need to be doing right this moment? 327 more words


Doubts & fears all cease.. we have Perfect Peace...

We Have Perfect Peace

We are here and there.. running to & fro.                                                         Troubled, perhaps. Overwhelmed.                                                                              We think about everything we need to do.                                                            As if we are in control.                                                                                               76 more words