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In The Waiting

I’m someone who doesn’t go well with the word “waiting”, that even though I practice myself breathing in and out for several minutes when someone makes me wait, I still go nuts. 449 more words


PT day, day 4

Went to PT. They were pleased with my home exercise efforts. I’m extremely tired… My appointment was way too early (for me)… 9am. I told them “never again.” Let’s hope that is true. 78 more words


Independence Day

It’s today! The 17th of August is here again and that means it’s independence day for Indonesia. It’s a day were everyone is filled with joy as we’re finally free from colonialism. 503 more words

Daily Stories

Tale of a harmless narcissist

I was reading an old article about feminism of choice in Everyday Feminism. I like this magazine site a lot, because they don’t bombard the readers with theoretical jargons; rather, they actually use everyday situations and personal accounts to connect the theories with reality, and try to spread more awareness and understanding. 1,358 more words


It's a beautiful Friday morning, isn't it?

It’s a beautiful Friday morning.

Wait, what does that even mean?

Does it mean Friday is a beauty queen? And her surname is morning? Beauty queens are meant to be beautiful, right? 241 more words



Beneran deh, ada apa dengan orang Kolombia? Kalau nggak menawan (*uhuk* Sofia Vergara *uhuk*), pasti bisa nyanyi, seperti Shakira dan Juanes.

Ngomong-ngomong soal nyanyi, ada satu nama baru dari Kolombia yang jadi idola gue: Morat. 420 more words


7 Books About Breakups And Heartbreak To Read When You Need A Little Help Moving On

Breaking up with the love of your life is like going backward. That person who was next to you for years, whom you did everything with, and who was the first to know whatever you wanted to share, has now disappeared, so you find yourself back to square one. 1,659 more words