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Hold My Hand

The excitement was huge among all her friends. Finally, she was going to introduce her boyfriend to all her friends.

Susmita was one the most popular girls in her college, if not the most. 968 more words

Short Story

drawing for landscape

Thoughts from the pen for a little landscape picture.


Those kinds

I don’t like those kinds

Maybe I am scared of those kinds

They are not exactly scary

But intimidating

Fashion conscious, extroverts

But also wearing some geekiness… 68 more words


Is the World Burning?

It’s the stars’ fault

I say

Weren’t they supposed to know everything?

And the sky

The blood red sky

Shouldn’t it have stooped?

And the mountains… 82 more words


Unconsciously Hurting Someone

What a terrible thing it is to wound someone you really care for – and to do it so unconsciously. (Norwegian Wood, Haruki Murakami)

This thought occurs to Toru, the main character who has just moved out of his college dorm into an apartment, when he realizes that he has hurt his good friend by not keeping in touch for weeks. 261 more words



There are multiple drafts that need to be finished before being published. I have so many topics and thoughts to post but always under time strain and pressure to tie them up with a decent bow. 77 more words


Why a Poet #3

You say there’s pain in my poetry

I say there’s poetry in all pain.

You say there’s a sadness in my smile

I say I could find a smile in even sadness. 98 more words