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We Didn't All Start Out Brilliant Geniuses

Wouldn’t that be lovely if we all started out as geniuses? Probably not, but it is a delightful thought.

I have started so many blogs ( I’ve lost count) with the good intention of consistently posting posts full of brilliant wit and pithiness like so many other bloggers/writers around me. 437 more words


Pic Prompt Prose: "Linda May's Cake" (600 Words)

When Linda May’s cherry-swirl ice cream cake finally melted, I didn’t know what it was. I did notice those thick tufts of glossy-black hair and nearly went ballistic thinking the carcass of a rat ended up in the mold after being drowned in a plastic tub of sweet milky pleasure. 569 more words


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

I recently went, with a friend from work, on a girls weekend to Budapest in Hungary. We had been contemplating getting away for a few days, and my boyfriend lives out there so sorting accommodation was no issue. 347 more words



Will anybody care if I left for a bit? Just packed up everything one day and disappeared. They won’t know, I won’t tell them. I won’t flatter myself by thinking they do. 167 more words


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