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Fabulous, fantabulous
Obvious, yet pretentious


It's time 

I put my life on pause for you everyday that we were together, even after how many times you let me down. You never should have came back into my life just because you needed someone to lean on. 439 more words


Drawllowe’en Playing Cards

Because my words ran out

This is possibly one of the stupidest things I’ve done in a long time. I drew these things from my mind box, except for the wolf. 133 more words

The 100 Day Project


Love, is most wonderous. Isn’t it? I suppose it is, when it is not merely visceral.

Of course, I’ve chosen to opt out of it, to disregard, obliterate every sorts of current and potential infatuations. 66 more words


Fallen angels

…And then we go back ‘home’. Because if earth is not where our true selves come from, is that why I feel so out of place here? 265 more words


Scribble drawing

A scribble drawing unrelated to the poem.


I've been thinking about Artificial Intelligence.

Well, to me, consciousness/sentience, is the most ultimate fascination in the universe.

It is very peculiar, very intriguing from everything that is the universe. I’d say, consciousness is …. 323 more words