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This was written before the presidential primaries.  Now people can see how wrong I was.

was at school today early for class like always.  I see a person I have talked to a few times before.   412 more words


Journal Entry 4

This came from my old wordpress if it seems out of place.

Ok so this is not a requirement for the course I am taking at school, but it is in the book “On Course” for which I am using in my paths to college success class.   900 more words


Review of “He Named Me Malala”

I just saw the documentary “he named me Malala”. This about Malala Yousafzai, and she stood-up to the Taliban in Pakistan for the rights of girl to have an education. 172 more words


My Depression

I won’t own a gun because they take know effort to harm yourself or someone else.  I suffer from Major Depressive Disorder I have days where it would be very easy for me if I had a gun where I could easily just load the gun and pull that trigger.   212 more words


My thoughts on The Invisible Thread

So, I went up to the school I will be going to in a week and a half to pick up my first semesters books.  I am taking 4 classes and got 5 books,4 text books and 1 short autobiographical novel” The Invisible Thread”.   398 more words


My goal

This is my Final paper for Prep. for English comp. class

The Peace Corps

To put a new spin on a quote from John F. Kennedy: “Ask not what can do for you, but what you can do for ” (Kennedy).  804 more words


Political Discussion and Active Listening

I know I have focused a lot on the presidential primaries and caucuses over the past few months. There is also so other elections happening as well that can affect our country happening this year on the national and state level, we cannot forget about these. 421 more words