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For the past few months, I’ve been consolidating “stuff” from two different houses, along with merging “stuff” from my deceased grandmother, mother, and my husband’s parents. 878 more words

Julie Lary


Its been a while since i tried (lol) doing blogs. And since my head is slightly hurting due to my pent up thoughts, i might as well get back to this thing and make it a habit for good. 6 more words

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Scribble #50 (Where has my faith gone...)

The eclipse has blinded me, and I ponder how uncomfortable the light
The eclipse has left a graying hue upon the air, it seeps towards the… 17 more words

Lifelong Learner

Nobody improves by accident
Growth must be intentional
There should be change
The choice is yours
Let yourself grow or fight it

Choose a life of growth… 604 more words


A couple words put together

It’s funny how powerful words can be. To people with good hearts, words can take them up so high and bring them down lower than they ever thought they could get. 331 more words



I entered the smoky room, there he lay on his dusty bed, a cigarette in his right hand, staring into the abyss, without hope, without love, without life.

It smelled of rotten soul.


The Tale of the Mistletoe

“Oh, don’t ever harm Baldur!”

Beseeched Frigg to each n’ every one.

But overlooking the mistletoe

Brought death to her precious son.

She wept and howled, distraught, 88 more words