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Broken words

A reflection of a broken heart

So many broken pieces

When will we ever learn

Not to break the hearts

Not to use the broken words… 121 more words


How do you bring life to your reading and writing? Perform. Good reading and writing follow the text and may even involve enunciation, but rarely does the speech elevate far above the computer narrator if one does not perform.

52 more words

And I Still Don't

But I never did know
if you were for me
or for everyone else.
Just as I am.


Ponderings: Part 1

Where are you?

I saw you

Caught a glimpse of you

As I ran to catch Life’s train

So bright and vibrant

You looked so alive… 224 more words


SYS Challenge: Day 1

Resolutions. Challenges. Diets. Promises. Must be January again. I wanted to try something different this year. No resolutions. No challenges. No diets. No promises. My logic… No way to fail! 215 more words

Expressive Arts

save me a space

It’s the smallest request, to hold a space for someone to belong. There is perhaps no greater kindness than to offer such generosity of acceptance to one another; no greater space than home in which to teach belonging except school. 710 more words


Stupid shit happens at night [scribbles]

Part of a lesson my mom tried to drill into me but never quit gave her the result she wanted. Countless times she would talk about how there’s nothing but trouble at night. 339 more words