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The last story

Last words. Any one word could be my last. I’d love for it to have been the most beautiful things to be said but no. Every time I have the strength to utter anything, it’s all a bunch of medical things. 345 more words


Sunday Scribble - "Halfling"


…And that’s how the story ends…or begins, however you want to look at it.

What? What do you mean you just got here? Well, you’re a bit late.

745 more words

Instabook '01 + I'm back

After several months of zero updates I’ve decided to start updating again wit a new series – originally titled ‘Shit Polaroids’ but I thought maybe that was too harsh. 201 more words


Still Stuck

Because the leaves were all changing

and the traffic kept rushing.

And I was still stuck in the way his eyes shone,

whenever he laughed.


pace, rest, joy

This year my One Little Word has been an active exercise in mindful balance; a bending and flexing of conscious intentions. More than years past, this year the monthly directives have complimented the serendipity of my life’s change with invitations to greater presence. 500 more words


Jane Crafts

I bought this cross-stitch kit of Jane Austen’s house in Chawton nearly 20 years ago and I finally (finally!) got around to working it earlier this year.  17 more words



Perhaps what you wanted was simple. Tonight it was just for some dork to show up at your doorstep with a guitar in hand, singing a introduction about himself. 161 more words