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caffeine crazy

i will 100% admit that i’m a coffee snob.

i spend too much money on coffee and am probably overcaffeinated a majority of the time, but i love it. 335 more words


a walk in time

This morning I walked our dog, her dark fur and my bulky attire cutting a strong contrast against the pristine snow in the blinding sunshine. The wind was mischievously inconsistent, the sun undermining the temperature of the air, and so I prematurely cast aside my scarf. 163 more words



I didn’t want you to fix me

I just wanted you

You held my hand through the initial storm

Then far away your heart flew… 33 more words


Baby Love Not

Prompt: Baby

Why did I agree to this? I hate kids, and I hate poo. I want to take the kids to the bridge and toss them over, or jump into certain death myself. 95 more words

Writing Prompts

Rings of Life

On a fine morning, whistling through the blues and thumbing through her phone, she eyed a circle of knowns flashing through the lights on her device’s screen. 58 more words


The Black Shoulder Bag

As I make my everyday commute back from work I am confronted by a red traffic light.

I turn to my right and notice a couple, I suppose over the age of 60, leisurely walking on the sidewalk next to the road that I am on. 90 more words