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randoms ix: 'sind'

“I torched an orphanage one time,” she says. “None of the kids were harmed. We just stood outside and watched and laughed whilst the deep-red bright-yellow flames took the whole of that horrible place down to the ground.” 200 more words


​Faith in Jacarandas

At the flat summit of the caretaker’s pale green iron roof; that place it rises to before it begins to dip on the other side,rises a tree. 219 more words


On Gratitude & Choices

One of the things I am thankful for in my training is that it gave me the opportunity to work with undergraduates. It was the closest thing to my work back in the Philippines. 408 more words


Ray of sunshine

They will always claim to love you when you’re gentle in the morning. I mean what’s not to love? As you slowly ascend, you bring colors, paint tangerine skies as the sea glitters like diamond in the brush of your light. 97 more words


around here

The past week has been one of hopeful change, individual growth and familiar routines. Our children have settled into their school days and I’ve recognized new efforts at independence and accountability. 195 more words


Of Magikarps and Shrink-wrap

I’ve been thinking a lot about metaphors these days. Maybe it’s a leftover habit from my days at as Lit student, but when I look at something, I end up trying to view it from another perspective. 831 more words

How I know Her

I know her in the details of her face

I know her in the shape of her eyes

I know her in the curve of her smile… 416 more words