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Work Order, 2016

Work is tangled between disordered sheets of paper covering a desk

Trapped in envelopes and receipts the drugery

Takes time to unravel, the benefits illusory… 118 more words


April 3, 2016

Jesus encountered a Scribe once who asked him what the greatest commandment was (Mark 12:28), and Jesus answered him.  The Scribes response was spot on.  And Jesus told him that he was not far from the Kingdom of God. 90 more words

Random Thoughts

A Guide to Interviewing: Shirts, Scribes, and Sardines.

While this blog isn’t really a space for daily happenings, I want to write a little bit about recently applying for a position as a scribe as our local emergency department. 587 more words

Someone Please Call 911




noun: emergency; plural noun: emergencies

  1. a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.

I’m a scribe in the ER and I absolutely love my job…well, wait. 458 more words

Power of storytelling

I recently met a young woman who is doing her doctorate in the lost art of storytelling, specifically about the oral traditions of her grandmother’s village. 154 more words


Unexpected Opprotunities

Sometimes life gives you an opportunity you weren’t expecting. I have been reviewing my strengths and weakness on my medical school application. I realized that some clinical experience would strengthen my chances of getting in significantly. 104 more words

Biomedical Sciences

Review: Girl Waits With Gun by Amy Stewart

Girl Waits With Gun

by Amy Stewart

Historical Fiction | Crime | 416 Pages | Published by Scribe in 2016

| Rating |

Welcome to the next stop in the ‘Girl Waits With Gun’ Blog Tour. 980 more words