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I don't have to feel sorry.

I’m always going to be too much for people.

Too much to handle, too much to care for, too much to long for

I have baggage, I am heavy, I have all of these fucked up thoughts in my head… 246 more words

Award of Arms - Natal'ia Bolotkinova

I received a request for an Award of Arms for a young lady from the Barony of Settmour Swamp.  It was the first assignment I had where I had never met the recipient, nor knew anything about her.  374 more words


intra aspiciat

The word Psychopomp originates from the Greek word ψυχοπομπός, or psukhopompos, which means soul conductor.

Psychopomps exist in the mythology of many religions, where their primary objective is to escort the souls of the living into death and the afterlife. 158 more words

Uncovered No More: Praying for America in a Four Blood Moon Testimony all glory to God

This is the demolished writing of Cara Ann Coffey, author ( to clarify, this is my post-Christian second and third volumes of testimony edited how I see fit with appropriate coloring pages and free hand art along with the addition of poetry and Bible passages being written in my own hand because I’m a modern day, Jesus loving, Scribe with no Pharisee in my midst in the Inner Chamber of the Temple according to Revelation 21 all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen… 581 more words


Walls unbroken.

He’s lucky, you know
I chase after him even if I don’t chase people any longer
When I stopped fighting for those who wouldn’t fight for me… 103 more words

Lite Scribe Universal Usb Transcription Foot Pedal (new)

Lite Scribe Universal Usb Transcription Foot Pedal (new)
No Transcription Software Included, USB Foot Pedal OnlyCompatible With Most Transcription Software’s (Express Scribe, BayScribe … )Anti-slip Pad Keeps The Device Fixed To The Floor, Fast And Efficient Playback Control For Quicker And More Accurate TranscriptionsConfigurable Pedal Functions For A Personalized Transcription Style Model – WHbb7c9f5cb50c8cbd… 12 more words


February 26, 2018: “Do I have to be a Dick?“ Blog Post #24 - Hugo D.

February 25, 2018: “Do I have to be a dick?“ Blog Post #24 – Hugo D.

Introduction & Background

Hello East House, It’s me Hugo and I’m your scribe for this week. 246 more words