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Monday, November 16,2015

Good Evening South House, this is Angelica your scribe for this week! There was much to cover today so this may be long , there is a lot of information. 374 more words


11/16/15 - Marisol S.

November 16, 2015

Game Plan:

  • SSW & Scribes
  • Intro the phases
  • Phase 2- explore sustainability
    • Continue with TED talks & take notes

Intro to the Phases: 191 more words


The Interview Continues ... Day 19

After careful consideration as to the direction of this blog, I have decided—with no small amount of trepidation—to return to the dark recesses of the abyss and once again stand face to face with the most insidious and vile creature in all of creation. 2,446 more words


November 13, 2015 Ryan G.

Dear who it may concern,

Mrs. Edwards made a fantastic speech about the Prometheus Project and how we should all see its relevance because the Project is about our dying world.  148 more words


November 12, 2015 Ryan G.

Dear who it may concern,

Learning Targets: A list of writing goals based on state standards. Assess yourself by filling out the first column with a grade(E-NC) on how efficient you think you are on that skill. 236 more words


11/12/15 - Kevin R.

Today’s Game Plan:
Debrief: BaBS
Learning Targets
RCW: Intros and Conclusions

SSW: Twenty minutes of writing, same as always.

Debrief: A brief debrief of BaBS, going over what the other classes had said and adding some new ideas. 47 more words


Real Poverty

When all you have has been taken
stripped away
eaten – devoured!
When you come face to face
with the end
Two choices remain:
To consent to the violation… 278 more words