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Depth to the World

When you express and share your values, it creates a path so people can follow it back to you. Leading people to understand your means gives them the chance to see an in-depth world they can be a part of.


Found in a Lost Soul

A boy who’s lost all understanding to this world only to create a matrimony of his own perception. A ritual and sacrifice he lives to bare. 74 more words


'Talking to My Country' by Stan Grant

Non-fiction – paperback; Scribe; 240 pages; 2016.

“What does it feel like to be an indigenous person in Australia?”

This is the question journalist Stan Grant wrestles with in a radio interview upon his return to Australia after a decade working overseas.

843 more words

Indifferent inside

To be different, makes you feel alone… When in solitude for so long, you never think you would feel alone again. It’s quite the baring to change your character and keep to yourself. 113 more words


An Offer

Just give me a world, just one and let me thrive through it faster than the clouds can pass over head. I want time to no longer define our actions, but kindness to determine our place in life. 111 more words


Chronicle of Besnit 008

I do respect them both a great deal and am glad I know them…