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Skin’s the least of me. – Theodore Roethke


it’s not easy to hacksaw a secret
into 206 splinter-marrowed pieces,

but she’s no stranger to per… 25 more words

That's some solid Scrimshaw

I haven’t had much exposure to pilsners, and now I feel kind of silly for it. 165 more words


Scrimshaw with a difference

If you’ve ever wondered what the folks used to do in a few minutes of downtime before everybody had a smart phone to fiddle with – it was a spot of scrimshaw. 228 more words


American Scrimshaw on Sperm Whale Tooth

This pair of scrimshaw are engraved ivory from a baby sperm whale from the mid 1800’s. They were commissioned by Abbott Lawerence, contemporary of Abraham Lincoln, and depict the Stars and Stripes and a whaling scene.

2000 euro for the pair.

The Strange Case of the Stone in the Night


At snow white candle,

at round table

Sired for wounding,

Or so it feels,

A beast of field & stream

This pelt makes it real: 65 more words