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One Small Step for Dude, One Giant Leap Towards Catching Up

Let’s establish something about the two impromptdudes, first and foremost, we’re friends. Pals. Amigos. Compadres. Lizards. Wait…that last one isn’t true. We’re not lizards, but we are friends and that’s what makes our adventures all the more fun! 758 more words



Skin’s the least of me. – Theodore Roethke


it’s not easy to hacksaw a secret
into 206 splinter-marrowed pieces,

but she’s no stranger to per… 25 more words

That's some solid Scrimshaw

I haven’t had much exposure to pilsners, and now I feel kind of silly for it. 165 more words


Scrimshaw with a difference

If you’ve ever wondered what the folks used to do in a few minutes of downtime before everybody had a smart phone to fiddle with – it was a spot of scrimshaw. 228 more words


American Scrimshaw on Sperm Whale Tooth

This pair of scrimshaw are engraved ivory from a baby sperm whale from the mid 1800’s. They were commissioned by Abbott Lawerence, contemporary of Abraham Lincoln, and depict the Stars and Stripes and a whaling scene.

2000 euro for the pair.