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Pictish Holidays beyond Rhynie: a quick trip to Orkney.

It always amazes me that people think we didn’t travel before the 10th Century. Fair enough, we didn’t have aeroplanes and mountain bikes, but we were aware of other places and if we didn’t travel ourselves, we found out from those that travelled past us. 203 more words


The creepy coffin lid

Occasinally friendships propel you into difficult territory. As a case in point, my lovely artist mate Karen Smith recently asked me to take part in an exhibition of painted coffin lids. 190 more words


So I started this piece yesterday while attending a Scrimshaw class, and my hands are still throbbing.

For those of you who don’t know, Scrimshaw is an ancient art in engraving in bone. 161 more words

One Word

One Small Step for Dude, One Giant Leap Towards Catching Up

Let’s establish something about the two impromptdudes, first and foremost, we’re friends. Pals. Amigos. Compadres. Lizards. Wait…that last one isn’t true. We’re not lizards, but we are friends and that’s what makes our adventures all the more fun! 758 more words



Skin’s the least of me. – Theodore Roethke


it’s not easy to hacksaw a secret
into 206 splinter-marrowed pieces,

but she’s no stranger to per… 25 more words