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More Cedar Scrimshaw Pieces

I’ve been trying to figure out what to call these mixed media creations.

On more than one occasion friends and customers have remarked they look like a form of scrimshaw. 74 more words

Knitting by the Sea

I had the great good fortune to spend Memorial Day Weekend on my favorite island, surrounded by the sea, fresh ocean breezes, thick evening fog, and lots of testosterone. 128 more words

Saltwater Hill Knits

The Eschatology of Stars


Orion’s got a limited number
of belt loops. We’ve confirmed. So
if you find yourself just spinning
around out there in the middle of… 13 more words

The Real Deal: How to Tell if Your Gemstones Are Genuine - Part 3 - Bone

Of all the types of beads you can find worldwide, one type that can be found on virtually every continent is bone. For centuries, bone has been a smooth, blank canvas on which artists have carved intricate images & patterns, and due to its prevalence, it has also been a readily-available material with which to create beads! 1,144 more words

Beads & Jewelry-Making

Bladed Pens

Bladed Pens

Sitting by the river
Two hands in the dirt
On the bank’s slope
Watching trees in the breeze

Out of so many
Late nights… 147 more words