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Inchoate Recording #2

Recorded the dialogue for The Inchoate today. The female actor did not turn up for the session and her phone was switched off which made her uncontactable. 150 more words

Audio, Sound & Score

Working on our own idea.

Today we started working on our own idea for the script we are writing, we had to work on the story details mainly today, while also looking at designing a few of the characters. 56 more words

Ideas Factory

Crime wall prt 2

This week we put together the crime wall we had been working on throughout the week. We were all given one area to work in and we had to make a professional wall with things we had brought in. 37 more words

Ideas Factory

NoE: Evelyn Obahor

Name: Evelyn Obahor

Location: Croydon

Occupation: TV Presenting, Script Writing, Editing, Producing, Voice over and Directing

I’m your regular girl next door. I was born in England but moved to Nigeria for a couple of years, I didn’t enjoy school aspects but I enjoyed working there.

370 more words

Midnight Medicine Run Beat Sheet

Opening Image

  • A ruined cityscape, distant fires, burnt out cars, destroyed buildings.
  • A padlocked door.
  • Two children, Sarah and Harry, crouching by a car and scouting out the road.
  • 358 more words
Character Implementation

Make it New...But Make it Your Own

I’m currently studying Modernism at university and some of the concepts make my brain hurt. However, I am slowly warming to the themes and underlying ideas behind Modernist principles. 580 more words

Feel intimidated by the notion of creating an explainer video? There’s no need to be

CLIENT: Eurofins



PROJECT: Video script writing


Eurofins Scientific was founded in 1987 with 10 employees to market the SNIF-NMRâ technology, a patented analytical method used to verify the origin and purity of several types of food and beverages and identify sophisticated fraud not detectable by other methods. 188 more words