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'How can you be so positive?'

This is a question I get asked all the time. How do I keep smiling all day, everyday? Surely I’m not invicible to pain, hurt and at times anger? 386 more words

Script Writing

Start a writing routine on a Sunday

Are you a writer?

Do you find starting a writing routine a difficult task?

Are you one of those who chart out a writing plan but fail to execute it? 587 more words

Being too polite?

Rudeness. You’ll hear a lot about this often. An argument which hits the headlines, fits the news agendas and makes its way onto daytime TV shows – a new generation of kids. 394 more words

Script Writing

FAN - the review

There’s three hours of my life i’ll never get back…. Sitting in a crowded cinema for hours eagerly awaiting in anticipation to watch the latest Shah Rukh Khan movie – and then left with a sour taste in my mouth.! 276 more words

Script Writing

When It's Gotta Be William Shatner.

Blake Snyder wrote in his iconic script writing manual Save The Cat that a script should be written so that any number of actors in Hollywood can play every part. 657 more words

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Auteur or chancer?

I wholeheartedly admit I am late to the party. Literally, the party has happened as has the after party and another mini party in celebration of that party too a few months later. 680 more words


Beginning Of A Final Year (Timeline College Series #14)

Oh, how time flies. I’m on my final year in college and I’m just days away from finishing my OJT (on the job training) at a satellite office of a government agency. 734 more words