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I am learning how to write a script. That’s my project for this holiday. And in the act of learning, I have decided to write all my articles for this break in the form of a script. 1,123 more words

How to make a kung fu movie: Plotting your story

Today’s episode of the Platypus Underground Podcast kicks off our “How to make a kung fu movie” series. We start with a discussion on plotting the story for your movie. 89 more words

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"You Barely Touched Your Pie" - A 10 Minute Play by Justin Grier


JAMAL, college student in his late teens

CONSCIENCE (CONNIE for short), a figment of JAMAL’s imagination taking human form

TEMPTATION (TIM for short), a separate figment of JAMAL’s imagination taking human form… 2,174 more words


iReporter Video: If You Could Create A Holiday, What Would It Be?



See more of my PR creations right here on my portfolio!

The aim of this assignment bridged reporting, scriptwriting, and video editing all in one. 224 more words


Unearthly Underwater Experience

  • By Prachi Bhatia, Emirates International School – Dubai

Scene 1 (in third person perspective)

The blue water moves along, shafts of sunlight cuts through the water and in the distance, a school of fish can be seen swimming through the seaweed and a pile of rocks. 355 more words

Script Writing

6 Scene Beat Sheet for extended LARP mods (Scene #2)

Scene 2 – Complicate That Shit

goal(s): establish the villain, up the stakes horizontally severely
element(s):  role-play, puzzle, physical challenge

This is a non-combat encounter, and it’s goal is to up the stakes horizontally.   871 more words


Slightly Interesting Facts From: 'Best Laid Plans'

So I was clearing out my audio Dropbox folders ready for a new round of editing, and came across a text document called “interestingfacts”. Like many people I like trying to sneak in little references to things and hidden Easter Eggs into my projects, and the same is definitely true with Project EVE. 396 more words

Project EVE