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You can't say that!

The City park radio programming guidelines are strictly G so we had to invent an expletive Terry could say on air – he is after all a male 20 something bogan and aliens are shooting at him, so our actor Michael came up with flip! 249 more words


28 Plays Later - Challenge #25


Every writer has started working on something and then gave up halfway through. We all have somewhere an uncompleted idea or play. Your challenge for today, should you choose to accept it, is to find one of those ideas and complete them! 5,803 more words


Writing Naked

And now for something completely different…

…Writing Naked.

Is there a better way to write? I don’t think so.

I can’t be the only way who likes to do it, in fact through a few conversations I know I’m not. 509 more words


Black stockings

There is this dress with small peach colored flowers on it, from strap to hem. It has a deep open neck and delicate straps.

“When did you buy this?” 279 more words

28 Plays Later - Challenge #17


Write a play that is devoid of emotion.


After work on Friday I have a rehearsal to go to and no time to write a play, so this one was a cop out. 383 more words


28 PLays Later - Challenge #16


Write an autobigraphical play… except that it’s not your autobiography. And in fact, it’s not even true!




I’m a Vampire – Nicolas Cage… 1,764 more words


Proof Reading

I hate it. I hate doing it, and I hate that it’s necessary. I mean I get it. Completely. But it’s just something that I’ve never been good at and find boring. 861 more words