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I've Been Employed!

Sorta. Kinda. I’m not getting paid. I don’t want to get paid. It’s joy enough that 700 people will see something I wrote.

What am I talking about you ask? 886 more words


Never Retreat, Never Surrender!

I am a spiritual person and do believe in all the stuff that others typically brand as crazy. A few months ago, I had visited a medium who is able to contact spirits and ghosts. 450 more words

Muay Thai

Doubt vs. skepticism

A few days ago I heard on the radio that Kierkegaard is known to have said, “Faith without doubt is just credulity.” How can we as writers apply Kierkegaard’s words to our own selves and our own work? 261 more words


4 steps to writing "good" comedy

By: Eli Magers

I was reading through Quora today when I found the question “How do I write a good comedy script.” I spent some time writing up an answer and thought I’d make it into a post for you. 600 more words

Digital Marketability


Dear reader,

Why do people blame everything on destiny? I think they do that because that’s what is easy, you know- to just blame things you cannot achieve on something else instead of making yourself feel guilty. 396 more words


A writer's greatest tool? Empathy.

There are no formal qualifications required for this marvellous job of being a writer, but a couple of characteristics are pretty much essential. Firstly, and perhaps this goes without saying, a wonderful imagination is needed. 477 more words