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In Nottingham...

 Yesterday, my husband, Jeremy, and I were blessed to spend four hours with some of the most talented youth in our community for the first day of workshopping our original musical, “Scarlet”. 365 more words


The Bechdel Test

Now known as the Bechdel-Wallace test, it is a test to measure the level of gender enlightenment in any given script or manuscript. It has three criteria. 495 more words

Creative Writing

Day 54 - The Embarrassing Moment - Prompt

Embarrassment is when others observe you noticing yourself with regret. It is a self-conscious emotion and is accompanied by guilt and shame. Leaving the observed feeling ex-posed, fearful and regretful for the mishap, what ever it might be.(Lewis 2008) Embarrassment is linked often to when the observed does not behave according to social norms. 657 more words


Book Blurb!

As we gear up for a few exciting things over the next few weeks. I’ll be sharing more and more of TSK’s book 1 and all the goodies we’re getting in! 207 more words


So excited! New banner for TSK :)

I admit I’ve very lucky to be working with the people that I do, so when this came through today, without any prompting I was stoked and had to come share it. 86 more words

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Effective Tools For Content Writing

Writing needs discipline, focus,sacrifice, talent and a thick skin, thus I actually have no plan however I’ve managed to survive this long while not my editor noticing my basic lack of those skills.What I do have is an overwhelming arsenal of tools and internet applications that facilitate paper over any cracks in my experience.From plan generation, to writing while not distraction, to making jargon-free copy, there are tools that ought to additionally assist you improve your own craft and hopefully stop you from banging your head against the keyboard for too long. 300 more words


Audio Sneak Peek #1 - 'Tallon'

It’s one of my worst-case situations – get offered three great scripts to record for, then come down with a terrible head cold that leaves me with a hacking cough. 81 more words

Project EVE