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The Observant Writer.... historical dramas

I really want to write a historical drama but the guys on my internet chat group say it’ll never sell. What should I do?

The first thing I tell all my students is BE CAREFUL who you let influence your writing! 345 more words

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The Observant Writer.... 3 Act Structure

Everyone talks about the 3 act structure; but I want to write something completely different than the same old movies we see every day. 

That desire to create something different is going to serve you well in the writing process; hang on tight to that. 300 more words

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The Observant Writer..... the road less traveled

Roads Less Traveled…. always pull at me. Sometimes, just for the hell of it, we need to follow that instinct to see what story it might lead us to if we follow. 11 more words

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Tuesday Thoughts: Why Am I Writing This?

I think I’ve figured out why I’m struggling so much with my novel, when I have excelled previously even at the first draft stage. And I’m having a bit of an emotional crisis over it. 916 more words


I’ve got a GREAT movie idea, but I don’t know how to start?

And it’s no wonder, we see the end result of screenplays all the time on TV, at the movie theater and when we stream a film online, but very few people have actually READ a screenplay. 253 more words

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Time Off & Back Again.

Words: I haven’t counted them in over a week…

Hey people who read my blog, welcome back. It’s been probably about two weeks since I updated you all on my progress and well, I haven’t done all that much since. 635 more words