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The Innovative Approach Of B2B Business Directory Script By Eagle Technosys

The Story Behind B2B Business Directory Script is here

As we know here are number of sites to serve web services. And number of business opportunities is here. 511 more words

Catalina Bat Startup Script Download For Tomcat 6

Catalina bat startup script download for tomcat 6

Open the catalina.bat script in your Tomcat installation. Upon trying to start apache tomcat from command line : D:appsapache-tomcat-9binstartup.bat How to change JRE that runs Tomcat in four different ways (For both Tomcat installed from zip distribution and Tomcat installed as a web serivce). 493 more words

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Film on my iPhone - Part 1 (3 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Nick Adrian

Founder & Owner of: Books, Records, Films with Nick

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Books and Entertainment Writer… 1,740 more words


Free Verse Poetry and a Swamp Thing Poem

By Cole Henry

Here are a few pieces of free verse poetry I have written in the last few weeks. They can be found in a .pdf file below. Please enjoy!


I'm A Writer

It is getting to a point where my plan, frighteningly, is actually beginning to work. There is still some way to go and I have not quite gotten to the point of no return – I know myself, like exercise or a diet, there is always a chance it could abruptly…pause – but I am committed to the path, at least for now. 672 more words


sh vs bash vs ksh vs csh

Since the Bourne Again SHell is a superset of sh, all sh commands will also work in bash – but not vice versa. bash has many more features of its own, and, as the table below demonstrates, many features incorporated from other shells. 513 more words