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Recently I decided to copy all my local photos to my OneDrive.  I started copying my local files to my OneDrive local sync directory.  Now, I want to know how many of the folders at the root are the same between the two.  

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Ad-Hoc NTFS Permission report using Orchestrator & Powershell

I had a client recently that had an archaic VB Script to generate a report of “Who Has Access” to particular folders withing a corporate directory. 596 more words

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Revisiting Java Configuration

I haven’t had much time to post lately but wanted to quickly update my earlier post about scripting changes to Java’s deployment.properties file.

We had to create a security exception for a particular website on a large number of PCs. 135 more words


Writing output part 3 – Write-Warning: Letting the user know about a problem

Eventually I did not get to this post yesterday.

Write-Warning is one step up from Write-Verbose on the ‘the user needs to know this’-scale. While verbose messages are hidden by default and are only meant for those users who want to take a peek under the hood, … 652 more words


Writing output part 2 – Write-Verbose: Inform the user and monitor your script during execution

Yesterday we did Write-Debug, which is a tool mainly designed to be used when developing of troubleshooting a script. If I give a script out to 3rd party users, I usually remove these as they only serve a purpose to me as the developer. 578 more words


Writing output part 1 - Write-Debug : a very useful debugging and troubleshooting tool

When you using your own scripts, if things go wrong, you just open up the ISE and fix the error. However, as soon as your scripts are let go in the wild and get into the hands of less experienced Powershell users, it’s just plain good manners to give the user some useful output. 353 more words