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PowerShell - Dude, Where's my SCCM Admin Console?

A lot of scripts (VBScript, PowerShell, or otherwise) which depend on loading the ConfigurationManager.psd1 module, seem to assume the default path is where it always lives.   303 more words


Coding: The Little Things Still Matter

Let me start by saying this:  I am not an expert programmer.  There, I said it.  In fact, I’m not going to say I’m an “ 775 more words


Windows 10 - Notes from the Field

It’s been a few months since my last brain dump about Windows 10 deployments I’m dealing with. Overall, most have been rather unexciting, but that’s actually a very good thing.   1,569 more words


A Mini Python and Shell Tutorial

The following is an email I sent to a couple of coworkers whom I’d been teaching a short Python course for technical writers, using Automate the Boring Stuff with Python… 694 more words


Analogies: Scripting vs. Programming

Intro: While the distinction between these two terms have become blurred in recent years, there is a traditional basis upon which they were predicated.  God, I love using big words while drinking coffee! 237 more words


Chocolatey PowerShell and Stuff

I looked at Chocolatey when it first came out, but didn’t have time to give it serious consideration. Then one of my colleagues showed me an example much like the one below, for restoring the applications installed on his laptop after a rebuild.   118 more words


Stoopid Script Code Pontifications

Type-agnostic function mapping.  This is old hat for LISP programmers, but for other type-defined languages, it often looks as horrific as staring at a tragic automotive accident. 501 more words