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Extending SSIS With .NET scripting

Earlier this year I got embarked on a book project together with Joost Van Rossum (B|T) , a dutch fellow MVP. A book about a subject that has always been very dear to me and crucial to the success of my work as an ETL developer. 154 more words


Print Monitoring with Powershell

So, every once in a while some ridiculous request is going to land on your desk that goes something like “how much do we print?”  Unfortunately, there is no “show me how much printing occurs in my company” button anywhere in or on my computer (I checked).  1,461 more words


grep Vs sed Vs awk: what a proficient/advanced Linux Shell User should know

How many times have we used grep to narrow our searches on a Linux FS (File System)? Well, this is a good question since almost everyone (intended as Linux average User) knows grep and its basic features set. 740 more words


Monitoring Print Server Spooler Queue with Powershell

In our company most of the employees can make use of a “follow me” printer that enables you to print your documents on every printer that one can authenticate at. 352 more words


Recently I decided to copy all my local photos to my OneDrive.  I started copying my local files to my OneDrive local sync directory.  Now, I want to know how many of the folders at the root are the same between the two.  

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Ad-Hoc NTFS Permission report using Orchestrator & Powershell

I had a client recently that had an archaic VB Script to generate a report of “Who Has Access” to particular folders withing a corporate directory. 596 more words

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