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Technical Tuesdays: Powershell Pipelines vs Socks on Amazon

In Powershell, a typical, run-of-the-mill pipeline looks something like this:

Get-ChlidItem ~ | ?{$_.LastWriteTime -lt $(Get-Date 1/1/2015)} | Format-List -Auto

but really looks like this when written in .NET (C# in this example): 514 more words


A Pure Bash Wait Bar: make your Wait Time a fancy time

Example of Bash Progress Bar


How many times did you feel that something was not happening? Or simply, that your wait was not controllable? Such scenario happens systematically whenever in one of the Bash scripts used to automate tasks, a wait time is not properly represented, or even displayed: processes stop their output silently, and… what is the reason? 587 more words

Core Development

Cloud-Based Web Application Check-Script

Monitoring applications can be tricky. As a network engineer it’s important that the applications that I serve up are available and working properly. To network engineers it’s important that resources are up and running from the Internet.  3,808 more words


A node.js service for running Word Macros remotely

Word macros allow document creators to correct document  errors and fine tune the document formatting. Running the macros programatically through Word automation allows to automate the process for added benefits. 505 more words

Rational Publishing Engine

Tool for check connectivity

This script check for a remote server conectivity. Basically, checks if the server is up and weather the ssh could establish conection or not. I added some color ;) 573 more words


Python - print ("Happy Ramadan!")

Family, home, the smell of milk and vermicelli, the joy of festive. Not that I am religious, but I dislike being alone on festivals. I do believe in tradition, the tradition of feasting. 209 more words


Remote Recursive Registry script (Part 2)

In part 1, I started building my advanced function for setting registry values on both the local machine, or a remote machine using the built-in .net methods.   1,388 more words