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Cm_SiteConfig 1.3 - Importing Queries and Collections

Updated:  Added missing graphic of menu

This may be the only blog post I do before I head down to Microsoft Ignite this coming weekend. I’m also trying desperately to keep up with younger colleagues on exam studying, damn it. 480 more words


Dropbox links for Vagrant files

In this post I will show you how to convert dropbox links to work in the same way that public folder links worked before they where banished. 110 more words


Random Notes from This Week

Warning: Skattered thoughts ensue.

Checking Memory

Calculating total system memory within a virtual machine session might seem like a rather mundane task.  But during a recent troubleshooting call with a customer, I ran across something I had forgotten: Physical machine properties are stored in WMI differently depending upon the context.   650 more words


cm_siteconfig updates and my humor tank is running empty

I finally got some sleep. And immediately thereafter, I discovered a bug in the script. It’s in the detection method part of the Add-CMDeploymentType mess. The nested PowerShell code inside the @”…”@ stuff was expanded and caused it to wipe out the $reg and $val variables, so the result was like our Federal government today: useless. 153 more words


GPODoc - PowerShell Module

I just posted my first PowerShell module to the PowerShell Gallery, even though it’s been available on my GitHub site for a little while longer.   412 more words


Pretty up those GUI scripts (2 of 2)

In the last post, I ran through a function to convert an icon file into a here string for use in a script..  This lets you create in memory icons suitable for use in a GUI created through Powershell. 547 more words


Pretty up those GUI scripts (1 of 2)

One of the major things that occurs with GUI scripts is the generic form icons that come with the host, and of course there are buttons that almost always have a plain text label, and other controls that are just plain text labels (like a treeview). 994 more words