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PowerShell + SQL Server Memory Allocation, Pt. 2

I realized my previous post still does things the “old way”, in that I used sqlcmd.exe rather than Invoke-SqlCmd via PowerShell.

Using the same approach, with the same SQL script, as that previous example, but with purely PowerShell as the medium, it might look like this… 62 more words


6th February 2016 - Scripting

I’ve finally got my head around basic LSL and have started practicing by writing simple scripts; some useful, some not so much, but it’s all progress. 74 more words


PowerShell + SQL Server Memory Allocation

Dovetailing onto my previous post SCCM 1511 Command-Line Site Server installation via PowerShell, I left out the step which configures the SQL Server instance memory allocation… 417 more words


SCCM 1511 Command-Line Installation via PowerShell


The purpose of this article is to share some snippets of code for handling the individual steps involved with bringing a domain-joined, member server up to being a System Center Configuration Manager 1511 Primary Site Server.   3,967 more words


ADK Install / PowerShell - Sequence Order Matters

Another seemingly insignificant comment from an insignificant guy involving PowerShell.  However, in this case, it’s not PowerShell.  It’s how an external command sequence is being shoved into the Start-Process parameter line. 326 more words


PowerShell and Sticks and Mud

Every now and then I run across something that feels like I’m the only human on Earth who has to run across it.  I Google and Google and Bing and Bing and the answers just seem to miss the mark for what I’m trying to accomplish. 331 more words


PowerShell Cranium Dranium with Fries and a Beer

Capn’s log, stardate, uhhhh, shit.  I don’t even know.  I think it’s like 3:00 AM, but I’ve been working in multiple time zones so it might be 10 AM or 6 PM as well.   550 more words