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Sa-mo Azure Funk-shunz

Yo. Dig.  These are primarily for serialized PowerShell use, not template use (i.e. JSON-infused).  Peace.

function Make-ResourceGroup {
  param (
  $rgx = Get-AzureRmResourceGroup -Name $Name -Location $Loc -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
  if ($rgx -eq $null) {
    Write-Verbose "info: creating resource group: $Name..."
    $(New-AzureRmResourceGroup -Name $Name -Location $Loc -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)
  else {
    Write-Verbose "info: resource group already exists: $Name"
} 191 more words

Does Blob Exist? Good Blob. Good Blob

Azure powershell stuff again.  Because it’s all I’ve been doing for 20 hrs straight.  I’m a zombie.  Need sleep….

Warning: no error/exception handling.  This is the economy class. 73 more words


Azure Blobtastic Copying

UPDATED 11/10/2016 @11:24 PM EST (fixed mis-matched “$SrcBlob” and “$SourceBlob” references due to lack of sleep, chest cough, angry dog, bad posture and did I mention lack of sleep?   381 more words


Azure Spills and Cleanups

UPDATED 11/09/2016 @11:39 PM EST

It’s 2:55 AM and I’m about to crash.  Been writing and testing PowerShell code to automate some interesting Azure environment builds.   228 more words


PowerShell CSS Tricks for Fun

This is really, really, really, really, really, simple CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) goofing around.  The point of this is to show what you can do with a few basic style properties and modifiers like :hover, and sneaking it in like a stealthy ninja. 191 more words


Sending SCCM Logs in ZIP using GMail, with French Fries, Ketchup and a Soft Drink

I’m too tired to write anything stupid or funny.  Here you go.  Enjoy and I hope it helps you in some remote way…

 Send-CmSiteServerLogs.ps1 collects SCCM site server logs, compresses
 them into a tasty little chocolate-covered ZIP file, and sends it out
 through the vast and spacious Internet, using Gmail as the courier 
 pidgeon. 337 more words

SCCM PowerShell without SCCM PowerShell or SCCM PowerShell

Errrr, what?

  Export all Task Sequences for a given SCCM site

   path location for exporting the task sequence .ZIP files
  (default = user profile "Documents" folder)

.PARAMETER Dependencies
   Indicates to export dependencies as well (not required)

   Indicates to export content as well (not required)

  Export-CmTaskSequences.ps1 -TargetPath "C:\CMTaskSequences"

  Author..... 241 more words