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Technical Thursdays: Calculate Directory Sizes Stupidly Fast With PowerShell.


A file share that a group in your business is dependent on is running out of space. As usual, they have no idea why they’re running out of space, but they need you, the sysadmin, to fix it, and they need it done yesterday. 1,372 more words


Scripting SharePoint installation and configuration


This is the first post in a series of posts related to Mark Broadbent (B|T) and my preconference at SQL Saturday Cambridge… 756 more words

Sharepoint 2013

PowerShell - Browser Automation

I have had a need to perform browser automation for some time. Apparently, this can be done pretty easily with PowerShell, providing you have a basic understanding of the DOM and how to manipulate it. 234 more words


PowerShell - Delete folders older than a certain timeframe based on a filename

I was recently asked to come up with a script that will go through a directory and delete any folders based on a naming convention. The naming convention was something like 20150730…….The obvious pattern here is YYYYMMDD……. 307 more words


Technical Tuesdays: Powershell Pipelines vs Socks on Amazon

In Powershell, a typical, run-of-the-mill pipeline looks something like this:

Get-ChlidItem ~ | ?{$_.LastWriteTime -lt $(Get-Date 1/1/2015)} | Format-List -Auto

but really looks like this when written in .NET (C# in this example): 514 more words


A Pure Bash Wait Bar: make your Wait Time a fancy time

Example of Bash Progress Bar


How many times did you feel that something was not happening? Or simply, that your wait was not controllable? Such scenario happens systematically whenever in one of the Bash scripts used to automate tasks, a wait time is not properly represented, or even displayed: processes stop their output silently, and… what is the reason? 587 more words

Core Development

Cloud-Based Web Application Check-Script

Monitoring applications can be tricky. As a network engineer it’s important that the applications that I serve up are available and working properly. To network engineers it’s important that resources are up and running from the Internet.  3,386 more words