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SCCM and Chocolatey

Trying to leverage goodness from various mixtures of Chocolatey with SCCM is definitely not new. Others have been playing around with it for quite some time. 723 more words


TextPad - the other editor

Like many developers and script kiddies (God, I hated that term for so long, but have gotten over that finally), over the years, I’ve used a great many different code editors in the course of getting work done on time.   705 more words


Interview: Jon Szewczak

Name: Jon Szewczak

Job Title: Official: Programmer III
Job Title: Unofficial:  SQL Server DBA / .NET Web Architect / Windows / Intel Server Administrator / Pain in the a$$ 1,655 more words


PowerShell, Excel and AD stuff

smh.  I thought this might help some other folks, maybe.  Maybe not.  Anyhow…

Fetch the heading row from a CSV file and strip off those which contain a “_” (underscore) prefix, and those which are null (hint: when saving out of Excel as CSV UTF-8, or many mainframe apps, there is often trailing ,,,,,,,,,,, stuff on each row, even the heading row.   376 more words


PowerShell - The Little Stuff

While working with a customer to help them diagnose a problem with one of their scripts, one little, tiny, teeny, eeentsy-weentsy, itty-bitty, microscopic modification made a HUGE difference in finding the root cause of their issue.   99 more words


Get Hyper-V Guest GUID values

As with the previous post on Getting Hyper-V Guest BIOS Serial Numbers, this turned-around flavor gets the GUID values.

param (
    $GuestName = ""
if ($GuestName -ne "") {
  Get-WmiObject -ComputerName $HypervHost `
    -Namespace root\virtualization\v2 -class Msvm_VirtualSystemSettingData | 
      ? 35 more words

Get Hyper-V Guest BIOS Serial Numbers

On occasion, I’ve need to fetch the BIOS serial number for Hyper-V guest machines BEFORE they’re powered-on.  Anyhow, here’s *a* way to fetch the serial numbers for all guests, or one guest in particular, from the Hyper-V host using PowerShell. 49 more words