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A Hammer to Turn Screws

Script: Check-Readiness.ps1

Purpose: Keeps me busy and away from drinking too much coffee.  Okay, seriously, it’s just another flavor of “check for Windows 10 upgrade readiness using PowerShell”. 247 more words


ConfigMgr Device Naming, Part 2: The Electric Boogaloo

So the previous blog post infuriated a few people, so I thought “I can do better than that. I can infuriate more people!” and came up with this: 688 more words


ConfigMgr Script Deployments


The following caffeine-induced mess was the result of a quick demo session conducted with a customer about the use of the new “Scripts” feature in Configuration Manager 1710+.  1,006 more words


Discussion Points / FudgePop again

So I had a nice discussion about this FudgePop thing, which is starting to sound like a marketing ploy.  But trust me, it’s only a project, nothing being marketed.  527 more words


Quick Rundown on FudgePop and why the Silly Name

The name comes from a wine-infused discussion around Chocolatey, which was around Nuget, which was around Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolatey Stout, which was bout $9 per bottle.  1,574 more words


Rants about Configuration Manager and PowerShell

Note: Although I’m still on hiatus, I was reminded about a few blog posts sitting in my drafts queue that need to get posted before they get stale like me.  1,625 more words


Random Stuff, Part 42

Between work, studying, tinkering and trying to have something close to being considered “a life”, I haven’t been blogging much lately.  And every time I get close to having that magical, mythical thing called “a life”, I have to travel.  1,411 more words