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Yet Another SCCM PowerShell Inventory Script

Yes, another one.

And if you include other languages, like VBScript, there’s at least a dozen or so I’ve run across via a web search. 5,278 more words


PowerShell -smh

From a headache I’m working on now.  I think this parameter will do the trick.

Tragic PowerShell - Web Scrape ConfigMgr Version Lookups

If you stare at this long enough, you will eventually feel the urge to stab yourself in the eyes with a plastic spork.  Repeatedly.  But it does work, as far as I’ve tested. 295 more words


8th May 2016 - Human Catherine Wheel

Hello again!

Yes, I’ve been quiet for a while as I’ve been learning scripting, but here’s the fruit of my labour:

This is a human Catherine Wheel with pretty sparks. 28 more words


PowerShell - Dude, Where's my SCCM Admin Console?

A lot of scripts (VBScript, PowerShell, or otherwise) which depend on loading the ConfigurationManager.psd1 module, seem to assume the default path is where it always lives.   303 more words


Coding: The Little Things Still Matter

Let me start by saying this:  I am not an expert programmer.  There, I said it.  In fact, I’m not going to say I’m an “ 775 more words