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Draining Citrix servers automatically (1 of 2)

In my job, I am on a team that manages hundreds of Citrix servers, and as any one who manages a large farm knows, there is a lot of work to be done, and automation is critical. 714 more words


CMWT 2017.01.02.01 (interim)

Not a ZIP download yet.  Just raw files posted in the CMWT GitHub repo for now.


  • Reports: Device Logins
  • Software: OS Images
  • Software: Automatic Deployments…
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SCCM Query: Devices by IP Gateway

While working on a project involving IP subnet reassignments and SCCM site boundaries, and factoring in the HW inventory scan cycles, with the nature of roaming vs. 67 more words


Bonus: BoxStarter Server Config Script

Sort of a Part II – This part was somewhat eluded to in the previous post, this script is run immediately after provisioning a toothless Hyper-V guest running Windows Server 2016. 475 more words


Building an SCCM 1606 Site Server with BoxStarter, Windows Server 2016, SQL Server 2016

I’ve run out of jokes today. So, minimal blabbering this time.  I’ll just post the code, with a few, dry-as-hell-techie comments, and you can post comments if you want/need more information or spot a bug or just want to say “you suck, your shit is stupid” whatever. 1,806 more words


Latest CMWT Build Updates

CMWT 2016.12.13.01 includes the following updates:

Thank you to all who have submitted feedback!  Keep it coming! 

  • A new SQL query / report builder
    • Select Form options and Build – or –
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CMWT 2016.12.10 Released

I’ve been busy on CMWT this weekend.  Fixing bugs and bolting on some missing parts, but I have also spent about half the effort improving features.   373 more words