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GPODoc - PowerShell Module

I just posted my first PowerShell module to the PowerShell Gallery, even though it’s been available on my GitHub site for a little while longer.   412 more words


Pretty up those GUI scripts (2 of 2)

In the last post, I ran through a function to convert an icon file into a here string for use in a script..  This lets you create in memory icons suitable for use in a GUI created through Powershell. 547 more words


Pretty up those GUI scripts (1 of 2)

One of the major things that occurs with GUI scripts is the generic form icons that come with the host, and of course there are buttons that almost always have a plain text label, and other controls that are just plain text labels (like a treeview). 994 more words

Documenting Your IT Environment (The Easy Way)

One of the most common, and tragically problematic, aspects of today’s IT world is the lack of sufficient documentation. In fact, ANY documentation. It’s not associated with any one area either. 383 more words


Poor Man's IT Chain Reactions


Make sure every machine in the enterprise (connected to LAN or always-on VPN) has the latest version of psexec.exe on the local C: drive. 277 more words


SCCM, SQL, DBATools, and Coffee

Warning:  This article is predicated on (A) basic reader familiarity with System Center Configuration Manager and the SQL Server aspects, and (B) nothing better to do with your time. 1,116 more words


SCCM and Chocolatey

Trying to leverage goodness from various mixtures of Chocolatey with SCCM is definitely not new. Others have been playing around with it for quite some time. 723 more words