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PowerShell Remoting Kerberos Double Hop Solved Securely – GoateePFE

The struggle is real.

by Ashley McGlone / TechNet Blogs

Are you facing issues with PowerShell remoting and credentials? You remote into your jump box, but then any remoting beyond there gets a big red ACCESS DENIED. 43 more words


Turn SCCM SQL Queries into Web Reports

The goal of this exercise is to add custom reports to your Configuration Manager site so you can dazzle executives while you sneak out the door.   1,473 more words


PowerShell - Is Local Admins Group Member

crude / but effective…

function Test-LocalAdminsGroupMember {
  param (
  $x = $(NET LOCALGROUP Administrators)
  $members = $x
} 6 more words

Annoying Azure with PowerShell

Tinkering with Azure using PowerShell.  The follow code reads a CSV file to build a group of VM’s using ARM on a shared subnet / network.   574 more words


Playing with Azure and PowerShell Again

I had some free time (very rare these days) and was handed an assignment which led to this.  Basically, it reads a CSV for some VERY BASIC info and merges it with my Azure subscription to build out a set of VM’s with networking and so on.   605 more words


Goofing Around with Azure and PowerShell

So, I have an MSDN subscription tenant in Azure (thanks to my generous employer and the efforts of several people I can’t thank enough).  In that realm, I have a resource group and two (2) virtual machines with vanilla Windows Server 2012 R2 installs. 226 more words


Thinking Outside the Brain

So, I tweeted some nonsense about writing a PowerShell script to batch import Applications (or Packages?) into System Center Configuration Manager (aka SCCM, aka ConfigMgr, aka OMG this is a long name).   861 more words