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PowerShell, Excel and AD stuff

smh.  I thought this might help some other folks, maybe.  Maybe not.  Anyhow…

Fetch the heading row from a CSV file and strip off those which contain a “_” (underscore) prefix, and those which are null (hint: when saving out of Excel as CSV UTF-8, or many mainframe apps, there is often trailing ,,,,,,,,,,, stuff on each row, even the heading row.   376 more words


PowerShell - The Little Stuff

While working with a customer to help them diagnose a problem with one of their scripts, one little, tiny, teeny, eeentsy-weentsy, itty-bitty, microscopic modification made a HUGE difference in finding the root cause of their issue.   99 more words


Get Hyper-V Guest GUID values

As with the previous post on Getting Hyper-V Guest BIOS Serial Numbers, this turned-around flavor gets the GUID values.

param (
    $GuestName = ""
if ($GuestName -ne "") {
  Get-WmiObject -ComputerName $HypervHost `
    -Namespace root\virtualization\v2 -class Msvm_VirtualSystemSettingData | 
      ? 35 more words

Get Hyper-V Guest BIOS Serial Numbers

On occasion, I’ve need to fetch the BIOS serial number for Hyper-V guest machines BEFORE they’re powered-on.  Anyhow, here’s *a* way to fetch the serial numbers for all guests, or one guest in particular, from the Hyper-V host using PowerShell. 49 more words


CMWT 2017.02.22.01 Posted

UPDATE: Build 2017.02.22.01 Posted

This is an interim update for specific files only:

  • global.asa (version stamp updated)
  • clients.asp (fixed default sort on computer name)
  • confirm.asp (fixed redirect URL bug)
  • 175 more words

Draining Citrix servers automatically (1 of 2)

In my job, I am on a team that manages hundreds of Citrix servers, and as any one who manages a large farm knows, there is a lot of work to be done, and automation is critical. 714 more words


CMWT 2017.01.02.01 (interim)

Not a ZIP download yet.  Just raw files posted in the CMWT GitHub repo for now.


  • Reports: Device Logins
  • Software: OS Images
  • Software: Automatic Deployments…
  • 45 more words