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Towards gvSIG 2.3: R extension

One of the last developments in gvSIG, is the possibility to run R code from gvSIG. Now, we are not talking about the partial solution through Renjin, as we explained in a… 918 more words

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Camino a gvSIG 2.3: Extensión de R

Uno de los últimos desarrollos desde gvSIG, es la posibilidad de ejecutar código de R desde gvSIG. Y no estamos hablando de la solución parcial de Renjin como ya comentamos en… 1,051 more words

GvSIG Desktop

Biped AutoRig Version 1

It’s been a while! I’ve been very, very busy with school, but I haven’t been idle with rigging.

I finished a complete biped auto-rig for a video game project I’m helping out on. 575 more words


Some cURL links with tips I used doing some Fritz!Box scripting research

I needed to script a few things on my Fritz!Box. Here are the cURL links that I used to research some Fritz!Box scripting.

My first try was… 194 more words


Test Open LDAP Connectivity with Powershell

I have been asked to write a script in Powershell which test the connectivity with OpenLDAP with minimum rights. Only rights the user will have to connect to the LDAP, no search or other permissions are granted. 374 more words


atom-keyboard-macros: tried, doesn't work reliably - anyone who knows a better one?

One of the things I missed in the Atom editor is a keyboard macro recording/playback.

I tried atom-keyboard-macros but it doesn’t work reliably.

Not sure where it fails as the failure patterns are inconclusive. 6 more words