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MuSh: Multi-Shebang Scripting

MuSh is a super simple meta-scripting language for parsing multiple shebang statements that invoke different interpretors. Why would you want to do this? I have no idea. 459 more words

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Add a Keyboard

ScriptIt becomes a serious integrated development environment (IDE) when connected to a physical keyboard and using keyboard shortcuts. While many third-party Android keyboard products exist. A surprisingly versatile product comes from Microsoft, the Universal Mobile Keyboard which offers: Bluetooth connectivity, a device stand built into the keyboard-cover and is compatible with Apple, Android and Windows. 28 more words


Tip of the day: Changing Windows Registry Values using Powershell

Set-ItemProperty cmdlet changes the value of the property of the specified item. We can use this cmdlet to change the Registry value.


Dota 2 Workshop Tools modding tutorial part 1. (2015)

This tutorial will show how to create a simple Dota 2 mod that makes every hero that loads level 25 and all the skills are leveled up. 228 more words


So I'm only two years late with this...

So I promised to release a tutorial on menu scripting two years ago and finally after changing it a million times, dealing with all my real life problems and such it is finally done. 126 more words

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Converting SIDs (to and from) in PowerShell

This function has saved my thinning hair from vicious, sudden yanking removal many times when migrating and troubleshooting Group Policy between our Production and Lab environments. 489 more words


Understanding UNIX shell scripts

Understanding UNIX shell scripts

Audience: This tutorial assumes you have little knowledge about UNIX/Linux Operating System and its functionalities. A basic understanding on various computer concepts will also help you in understanding various exercises given in this tutorial. 2,096 more words