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Using scripts to improve your workflow

Development these days is very complicated. You have to contend with many types of technologies. Source code management. Maven or Gradle build scripts. Testing of all sorts. 534 more words

Software Development

Powershell Tip: Adding leading zeros

I often find myself in situations when I want to PSRemote multiple servers with server names in such a series that has same prefix server names and postfixed by a 2 digit number… 140 more words


Taller de Introducción al desarrollo en Scripting con gvSIG. 13as Jornadas Internacionales de gvSIG

El próximo día 18 de Octubre tendrá lugar durante las 13as Jornadas Internacionales de gvSIG en Valencía (España) un taller de introducción al desarrollo con scripting en gvSIG Desktop. 232 more words

GvSIG Desktop

Organic Shapes from Nparticles - Maya

Some experiments creating organic shapes from particle motion. I found a few useful scripts and have linked to them and their creators.

  1. Particle set up for testing…
  2. 235 more words

Writers Inspiring Writers

As an aspiring copywriter, Joshua Boswell had an “a-ha moment” about the way he was handling his new freelance business. One day he woke up, looked in the mirror, and said, “You, Joshua Boswell, are a professional writer. 38 more words


Input line is too long

So you create a .bat file with a long list of arguments and it fails with a message:

“the input line is too long”

To avoid this, split your long single line into multitude of shorter lines separated by the caret character to mark the line break. Like this:

echo 1^

Launching PowerShell from VBScript

If you need to launch PowerShell from VBScript, use this.

Set objShell = CreateObject("Wscript.shell")

strPSScript = "D:\temp\msg.ps1"
strCMD = "powershell.exe -nologo -file " & Chr(34) & strPSScript & Chr(34)
objShell.run strCMD, 0, false

'WScript.Echo strCMD

Set objShell = Nothing

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