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Recovering your Dedeuped Files on Windows 10

Were you one of those who installed the server 2012 binaries into your Windows 8.1 to enable Disk Deduplication? Did you turn on dedupe on all of your drives, saving hundreds of gigs of storage space, then upgrade to Windows 10? 643 more words


Using PowerShell to find drivers for Device Manager

One of the most arduous tasks for a ConfigMgr admin is to build images to support new models of hardware for Operating System Distribution. As a SCCM Engineer, I’ve done this process for probably more than a hundred models now, and here’s how it normally goes. 343 more words


Extract txt files from a zip archive using PowerShell


You’d like to extract all txt files from a zip archive, and then remove the archive file if successful,

PS Script:

& "C:/Program Files/WinRAR/WinRar.exe" x -r " 133 more words


Powershell command to show names of all machines in SCOM

Simple one-liner, very helpful though!

Import-Module OperationsManager; Get-SCOMGroup -DisplayName “All Windows Computers” | Get-SCOMClassInstance | sort DisplayName | FT DisplayName

This will output just the names of all machines in the “All Windows Computers” group, you can change that name to output the machine names of any other group as well.

System Center



In our last blog article we mentioned plays and why it is rarely worth to spent time practicing them. In this article we want to introduce a concept we call „scripting“. 1,656 more words


Cloud-Based Web Application Check-Script

Monitoring applications can be tricky. As a network engineer it’s important that the applications that I serve up are available and working properly. To network engineers it’s important that resources are up and running from the Internet.  3,808 more words


Using autopkg for "general purpose" packaging

A few days ago I made a simple tool for building packages available: munkipkg.


I got many comments and suggestions for additional features and all sorts of cool additions. 254 more words