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preparation before the show (safety)

So with my team we where planing to do a run through on the Monday when we had the show on Wednesday and didn’t go well because only me and Papi showed up, we managed to connect with the parts we had to do but we weren’t able to conclude everything because we where still missing part of the script but we spoke with the rest of the group via Facebook to keep in contact and make sure they would do the right things, That went ok. 162 more words

Beyond Scripting in Swift: Sets, Lies, and Videotape

Sometimes you can see a tantalisingly simple solution to what could easily become a messy programming problem. This is a short account of promise, disappointment, and satisfaction. 515 more words


Carrie Underwood reminisces about her 'American Idol ' win 12 years later

Carrie Underwood still looks at her American Idol win as a “pinch me” moment.

The Grammy Award-winning singer took to Instagram Thursday to share a major #tbt moment that occurred 12 years ago. 350 more words


Logging to the Windows Event Log in your PowerShell scripts

As I discussed in my previous post, you can log information to a file, but sometimes you may want to log to the Windows Event Log.   19 more words


Standardize PowerShell Logging with my Write-LogEntry function

The PowerShell function Write-LogEntry described in this post allows you to integrate logging in your scripts in a standardized way. This will help you and your script users to troubleshoot and understand the output. Read More


Rotating the character with NavMeshAgent navigation

After the rush of trying to make the character rotate as it followed its path, visually it still looked like he was foot-sliding.

I trying increasing the angular speed but the character still was sliding a bit. 227 more words

Unity 3d

Code smartly to avoid exceed AWS request rate

Have your http calls ever been throttled by AWS? If not, congratulations! And if you are curious about what it looks like, here you go: 419 more words