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Is Your Custom Created PLIST Unreadable and in the Incorrect Format?

Recently I’ve been building all sorts of custom scripts; writing the outputs to a PLIST file. Some of the custom scripts are simple with only a line or two of outputs being written, but other PLIST files have been much more complex with hundreds of output lines. 279 more words


PenScan: first jump into creation

I’ve always been fascinated with creation. My hobbies always included creating something out of nothing. Guitar playing, photography and now cyber security. Yes for now, cyber security is a hobby for me. 401 more words

Pen Testing

Alternative to SetProfileAttr() invoked from Browser Scripts

SetProfileAttr() and GetProfileAttr() are extremely popular Siebel eScript functions used to Set and Get user session level variables in Siebel eScripts. It has the advantage that you can reference these variables from Server Scripts as well as Browser Scripts. 293 more words


PowerShell - Dude, Where's my SCCM Admin Console?

A lot of scripts (VBScript, PowerShell, or otherwise) which depend on loading the ConfigurationManager.psd1 module, seem to assume the default path is where it always lives.   303 more words


State Design Patterns (State Machines)

This blog will be focusing on the research and implementation of a Finite State Machine (FSM).

What is a Finite State Machine?

A finite-state machine, or FSM for short, is a model of computation based on a hypothetical machine made of one or more states. 1,019 more words

Exchange 2010 Create and Apply Retention Policy

Today in this blog post, we will create Retention policy for Voice Mails in Exchange environment. As per our organization standards we don’t want to retain the Voice Emails beyond  30 days, therefore we will create a policy & will apply it to Unified Messaging mailboxes. 347 more words


Work Progress Update

This blog will be used to give a brief update on the work I have done over the past 3 weeks. I will show some code I did, as well as some of the assets I implemented into the game I am making. 1,701 more words