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Driver Packages for Lenovo and HP

I’ve had several requests to extend my Dell Driver Pack Catalog Tool to Lenovo and HP.

I got as far as developing a powershell script to get a Lenovo driver manifest by web-scraping the support.lenovo.com web site: 214 more words


Game Design with Timlah - Unity Assets

The next step is to understand what an asset is. This post is more of a quick, simple look at Unity, showing you what it looks like and what we can do with it. 665 more words

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SharePoint 2010 List Archiving/ Retention

Hi Readers,

Recently during automation of one of the scenario, we required that items in SharePoint list are deleted after 90 days but the list should be archived as CSV to file share before removal. 489 more words


Accessing Python in Abaqus

The following commands can be used in terminal to access Python

abaqus python

This command does not useĀ  a license token. However the usually used Abaqus package won’t be available in this option… 18 more words


AppleScript - 21 years old and still going it alone on OS X

Old, often neglected, and only available on Macs, AppleScript should have been overwhelmed by numerous other scripting languages – if it were not for its unique abilities. 1,935 more words


MySQL Enterprise Edition Database Firewall - Control and Monitor SQL Statement Executions

As of MySQL 5.6.24, MySQL Enterprise Edition includes MySQL Enterprise Firewall, an application-level firewall (it runs within the mysql database process) that enables database administrators to permit or deny SQL statement execution based on matching against whitelists of accepted statement patterns. 1,581 more words


How to Encrypt password to a file

<# Set and encrypt credentials to file using default method #>
$credential = Get-Credential
$credential.Password | ConvertFrom-SecureString | Set-Content C:\xxxx\encrypted_password.txt

* Replace xxx by working location path of windows/Unix … etc