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BASH games

Get serious about your shell scripting skills and maybe you can pull this one off. It’s a game of snake played in a BASH shell. It seems like a coding nightmare, but the final product turns out to be organized well enough for us to understand and took less than 250 lines of code. 57 more words

Linux Hacks

Calling a Powershell script with multiple parameters

If you are working with a PowerShell​ script that takes parameters and some of those parameters contain spaces you can call the script as follows. 65 more words


SCCM, SQL, DBATools, and Coffee

Warning:  This article is predicated on (A) basic reader familiarity with System Center Configuration Manager and the SQL Server aspects, and (B) nothing better to do with your time. 1,116 more words


NBSP in Word, part 2

This is a follow-on to my previous post on the subject.  These are my notes as I’m working, so they don’t read very well as text :) . 303 more words

My introduction to Docker

With my (still-relatively) new job comes an introduction to new (to me) technology. In this case, the technology in question is Docker.

For those of you unfamiliar with Docker (like me), it is, in a nutshell, a tool for deploying and running an application within a container. 191 more words


PowerCLI: Automating VM Skeleton Deployment

We recently had to write a script for a customer which would deploy a VM skeleton. The script would be called from an automated solution the customer was building and had the following requirements: 911 more words


Automating VCSA Backup & Restore

I’ve recently stumbled upon a VMware communities thread where someone had trouble backing up the VCSA database. The were using someone else’s script, so I thought I’d share the wrapper script I wrote around two python scripts that VMware has published in its… 1,356 more words