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[python]F5 iCloud API demo

This demo script is to demonstrate to call F5 iCloud API with F5 SDK. The script is written in python, however I have found some limitation in using F5 SDK, best to try with direct call to the REST API by sending json template. 1,393 more words


[python]Working with F5 iControl API on listing the virtual servers and pools

I am extending my demo script to demonstrate the viability to use iControl with our orchestrator for automatic F5 load balancer server provisioning.

I need to write a function to enumerate the pools and virtual servers, and here is how it is done. 96 more words


New Instrument using Audio Synthesis

This week we had the midterm presentations and ours went well.

We continued afterwards trying audio synthesis as can be seen and heard in the following video. 14 more words


Carrie Underwood details accident for first time and says she wasn't hiding

Carrie Underwood is opening up for the first time about her frightening fall.

Shortly after cohosting the CMAs in November, the American Idol winner, 35, fell from the front stairs of her Nashville home — sending her to the hospital with a… 775 more words


[powershell]Qutting com-object

I was trying to test a powershell script to read information from an excel file, I searched through the internet and found that using com object to open an excel workbook, however the close workbook and quit excel does not actually work, the excel application is still in the processes. 214 more words


Oracle Java 10 JDK and JRE installation scripts for macOS

Oracle has started to release Java 10 for macOS, so I’m posting a couple of scripts to download and install the following:

Mac Administration