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VB Operators, Expressions and Statements

This is sourced straight from the famous Visual Basic videos of Bob Tabor at Channel 9. The video #07 VB Operators, Expressions and Statements. Writing this down so this becomes my note and a reference point. 183 more words


A Little FOR XML PATH Nugget

A very small post this one, covering a little nugget that I’d almost forgot until it came up trumps again this week; TSQL FOR XML PATH can be a nice solution for concatenation of strings across rows (in a given column). 257 more words


PowerShell, Orchestrator, Gmail and uh...

This is very 101-level basic stuff, but only after arriving at the end.  Sort of like smelling something funny in the middle of the night, getting out of bed in the dark to seek out the source, and then turning on the light to realize you already stepped in it. 250 more words


Get the first n characters of a string

How to get few characters from beginning of a string in bash?

In this example the first 21 characters of all files in the directory are echoed on the screen: 7 more words


Get sha1sum checksum only

The sha1sum utility returns not only SHA-1 checksum, but also the name of the file it was called for. There is no option to disable this. 21 more words


Simple c3js chart in html

This article i would like to discuss just how to include c3js  area  to normal html page.

which includes adding required libraries and css files simple html content. 98 more words


Script to Ping multiple servers using excel

I just assembled (since I did not write it from scratch) a small but useful script which can be used directly from excel. You really don’t need any command prompt or create a read and write file. 279 more words