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add a button bar for keyboard shortcuts

You can make an Action Button Toolbar:

create your buttons and enter the hotkeys

and use AutoHotKey to create the the actions you need. 43 more words


Online command-line reference for scripting

SS64.com is a Command line reference – Web, Database and OS scripting.

I have found this brilliant site, while trying to learn PowerShell in a day for writing… 23 more words


Working with Passwords and SecureStrings on Powershell

Folks below are some help with working on password on Powershell.

Most of this time, I have face issue using plain password while working with plink.exe, psexec.exe or robocopy. 352 more words


Programmers Automate Everything

I was reading some articles online and this one caught my eye.  It is a fascinating combination of programming genius and engineering computer science.  The article discussed the fun part of computer science, which as most of us know is being able to find and create shortcuts in everything they can get there hands on.   531 more words


Building a better console replacement: an exercise in Xcode 2

In my quest to port my little AppleScript app LogLogger to support the browsing of historic log data to Swift, started here, I have been adding features to enable it to obtain log entries for Time Machine. 1,223 more words


Ping website with port using PowerShell

(New-Object System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient).Connect( `http://mywebsite.mydomain` , 1234 )


Get a holistic view of your entire Microsoft Exchange organization with a single script

The longer I work in IT, the more I realize just how critical monitoring is to proactive outage prevention and recovery. There is a big problem with that. 951 more words