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MDT and Non-Serialized Computer Naming Automation

MDT 2013

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2013 provides an incredibly powerful bundle of tools to help you build a customized Windows image.  Best of all, it’s free.   2,294 more words


You're Not a Software Engineer If You Hate Command Line

What makes a computer a computer is the fact that it computes and it stores information somewhere.  That’s it folks.  A computer that we are all familiar with is just a sophisticated version.  550 more words


Hello world, post.

This is the personal blog of Neil Waffenschmidt.

Here I will post all of the programs/scripts that I have written that I am proud of/that work. 11 more words


Print Monitoring with Powershell

So, every once in a while some ridiculous request is going to land on your desk that goes something like “how much do we print?”  Unfortunately, there is no “show me how much printing occurs in my company” button anywhere in or on my computer (I checked).  1,462 more words


Abbreviations for SQL Server Components when Installing with PowerShell

I have (finally) been introduced to installing SQL Server with PowerShell and it has made those installations much easier.  Each of my installs; however, may require different SQL Server components so one of the items in my configuration file I change is the Features= section of the INI file.  156 more words

I Learn Something New Everyday

Starting and waiting for an SMA runbook from remote computers

If you are going to manually trigger a SMA runbook from a single computer you’ll want to install the Powershell module from the Orchestrator setup splash screen by clicking on PowerShell administration under Service Management. 776 more words


PowerShell on Octopus - Verify that website is online after deploy

When using Octopus deploy for your websites, you might want to verify that after deployment the website works well.
In our case, we have to restart a… 256 more words