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Celebrating a Decade: Howles Associates' Anniversary

This week our company celebrates its 10th anniversary in business, and our commitment to helping you craft and deliver powerful multimedia messages is stronger than ever. 421 more words

On-camera Video

OpenShift V3 Persistent Storage Nagios Plugin

By the time of writing, OpenShift V3 comes with poor monitoring capabilities. The build-in monitoring only checks the metrics of Memory/CPU/Network, and it does not even support alerting! 138 more words


Bash syntax overview

What will we learn ?

as any other programming language Bash script have similar structure, let’s take a look:
Variable and Data type:¬† there is different data type for variable like integer , float numbers, string,Booleans (true, False), … we will know how Bash handle with that. 151 more words


Bash Scripting

What is bash scripting?

Bash is a command processor that typically runs in a text window, where the user types commands that cause actions.

Every Linux user or administrator have use it in his daily usage by opening the terminal and executing some commands but what if you want to automate repeated tasks ?? 95 more words


Script to identify the largest file of a filesystem or a given directory in UNIX flavours

# Find largest files under a directory.
# $Header$

# Function to display the usage of this shell script. 354 more words


Script for AIX pre & post health check

You can use below script for any AIX change as pre & post check.

This was mainly desgined for pre and post server reboot to do the comparsion and provide the difference of them… 7,135 more words


Script to gather LPAR df free

Step 1: Choose a server where you can access all your LPAR’s
Step 2: Generate a key from the chosen server and then scp same key to LPAR under /root… 343 more words