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Short Story Collection THE OVERACHIEVER set for 2017

I studied Creative Writing and Journalism for three years, and in that time, I wrote countless short stories, monologues, one-act plays, short film scripts and sketches that never saw the light of day. 455 more words


Shae Smi.... I mean John Smith. John Smith.

I’m obviously taking a Doctor Who timey-wimey approach to these blogs. Originally today I had wanted to talk about something else but this morning Shae skyped me and now I want to write about this instead. 424 more words


Playing to My Strengths

I have a lot of moments in my life where I second guess the choices I’ve made and the things I’m pursuing. It’s kind of like having a creative existential crisis. 1,019 more words

The Enemy [Trailer Script]

This was written as a trailer for a short horror film that sadly never got made. It was a small project created by myself and a few of my peers at university when we came across a short story by A.G. 103 more words


Dark Knight Returns (Cyanide and Happiness-style Parody) [Comic Script]

This was written as a parody assignment for my Comic Book module at university. I wanted to keep to the style of C&H comics and keep each scene fairly short, while (respectfully) mocking Frank Miller’s writing style and giving a nod to the Adam West Batman films. 1,979 more words



Discovery is an exhilarating feeling.  I can only imagine how Christopher Columbus felt… discovering something for the first time even though hundreds of others already knew.  249 more words