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Camp NaNo Day 1

Today was exhausting. I don’t know how anyone else is doing their NaNo project but I personally write things out long handed and then type it up when I’m done. 250 more words


Script List Mania!

Using scripts is a great way to practice correct intonation and emphasis with another victim, sorry, willing person. My daughter and I enjoy reading scripts together and she’s only 7, so there’s no age limit to it. 215 more words

ASM: Disk Imbalance Query

It can be useful if you work frequently with OEM metrics…

# OEM Query

SELECT file_num, MAX(extent_count) max_disk_extents, MIN(extent_count)
, MAX(extent_count) - MIN(extent_count) disk_extents_imbalance
FROM (SELECT number_kffxp file_num, disk_kffxp disk_num, COUNT(xnum_kffxp)
FROM x$kffxp
WHERE group_kffxp = 1
AND disk_kffxp != 65534
GROUP BY number_kffxp, disk_kffxp
ORDER BY number_kffxp, disk_kffxp)
GROUP BY file_num
HAVING MAX(extent_count) - MIN(extent_count) > 5
ORDER BY disk_extents_imbalance DESC; 138 more words

Flipping The Script

People who flip the script on you are nothing but people who have not even read the script. They do not even know how the story begins or ends. 207 more words


Collaboration engineering

Recently I discovered something new for me from the field of information systems – something referred to as “collaboration engineering”. This is a very useful concept for me since I am interested in collaboration scripts and how it is possible to scaffold interactions among learners so that their interactions are productive and transactive, leading to better learning experiences and ideally results. 1,131 more words


"The Pharmacy"

Hey, guys. This is a short script I wrote a while back. I haven’t made any final edits to it because it’s just for fun. However, I have a future series I would like to write about pharmacy life.

Bus Booking Script | Online Bus Booking Software


 Advanced Bus Booking Script

             We have developed the advanced Bus booking script for our last five years of experience in bus booking script. We have implemented the script with graphical user interface and user friendly of the features. 164 more words

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