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Who's Ted?

If you search your memory banks back to yesterday, I laid claim to the fact that I think I have a lot of general knowledge. 234 more words

Things Nobody Does in Real Life (Pt II)

When it comes to television, suspension of disbelief is important. A certain quieting of the voice in one’s head that says “that seems unrealistic” is necessary to enjoy some of the best shows. 545 more words

A Miraculous Page

A bit late but we have now uploaded our main page for last years production of The Miraculous Birth.

We’ve got the script, programme, pamphlet and cast list all ready for you to take a look. 35 more words


OOAC Tia's final review

Straight after school before I get there
Emma: Tia, come and answer these questions please
Tia: Ok
Emma: Good girl!
Tia: *Sits in the seat opposite Emma* Is this for the final review? 503 more words


OOAC sleepover with Tia

*Me,Amelia and Holly go to pick Tia up at 4:30*
Me: Hey Tia! Are you excited?
Tia: YEAHHH!!!!
Me: I can see that!
Amelia: *Bends down to Tia’s height* hi Tia! 1,373 more words


Poster for South Walton One-Act Festival


Here’s the post for the festival of student-directed one-acts at South Walton High School in Florida, which includes two of my scripts: FOLLOW THE MONEY and CINDY RELLA.

A Topiary

A Topiary is the name of Shane Carruth’s project that made it to script but never to screen. Coming off of Primer, a science-driven science-fiction movie on barely any budget, A Topiary bit off more than it could chew as far as what Carruth was able to gather financially. 1,118 more words

Shane Carruth