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Rohingya Language

Rohingyalish is the modern written language of the Rohingya People of Arakan (Rakhine) State in Myanmar formerly known as Burma. The first Rohingya Language written was back to 300 years and used Arabic Scripts. 122 more words

Arakan History

Getting Your New Bike Ready to Ride (Part 1)

You bought a bike and now you want to unpack it and let the fun begin. But wait, you are not ready to go riding yet. 2,703 more words

Second Life

Una vez más.

Despierto una vez más
solitario en la cama…
un par de almohadas
y sábanas blancas
me acompañan.

La luna que antes
desnuda se lucía…
se ha ído… 331 more words


How St. Lucian Cable News Pick their Stories

(Staff of DBS news crew has gathered to discuss the stories to be presented)


Alright guys, this is the one. It’s time to stick it to those dirt bags at HTS. 246 more words


Understanding traceroute using Scapy

Scapy is a packet generator/sniffer and in this post we will be discussing the use of scapy to understand the working of traceroute. And the best part is that, its pythonic :D… 1,354 more words


Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, phrases, canards, shibboleths and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOTP language factories, April 12-17, 2015

anti-human: any environmental regulation, or policy mentioning such terms as “sustainability” or “environmental justice.”  An ultimate reductio ad absurdum, equating human well-being with employment statistics. 488 more words


Adventures In Digital Series Land - Chapter 100: Setting Goals: Beat Sheets and Lip Syncing

So I’m deep in production on the new series. Last week I recorded and edited all the voiceovers. Actually did ’em twice.  First time around, something just wasn’t clicking. 385 more words

Web Series