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One-act play written by J.L.A.

Karren – 18 years old, tahimik, ideologist, prangka.
Vince – 19 years old, palabiro, hopeless romantic.
(Parehas na kumukuha ng Psychology, magkabarkada’t magkaklase) 1,175 more words


Class, Week 14


Scripts are due by the end of class: Work in your groups or as individuals to finish your video script.


Storyboards due by class time. 59 more words


TV Surf Report: Women Characters Rule Development Season


Santa Monica, CA — Female Characters drive Television as evidenced by Super Girl on CBS, Quantico on ABC, Blindspot on NBC, and Empire on Fox, to name a few. 1,465 more words


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CPA Course – Kiss Sándor

Nnj. Mn. Mn. He was going on everyone welcome hypersonic commission. I’ll be your host Barin and I’m here with my good friend Sandor and over the next few videos you are going to get your mind blown blah blah explosion boom just like that now over the next few videos I’m going to share with you some insanely powerful secrets on how you can get massive traffic on demand and how you can get paid huge commissions like it ain’t no thing so if you like the sound of that making lots of money like about us the make sure you listen up pay close attention because this video is for you. 1,914 more words


Scripts – A Living History

As a DBA, I have a collection of scripts that I use for anything from auto-fixing logins to seeing who has the DAC.  Since I’ve been a DBA for a while (yeah, a while, we’ll go with that) I have quite the collection of scripts and I am constantly adding to it.  … 356 more words

Professional Development

Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages, and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Nov. 16-19, 2015

assimilation: when Muslims stop practicing their faith and culture.

Christian genocide: not immediately letting all Christians fleeing the Middle East into the US. It’s not considered genocidal however when Muslims are denied asylum, even though they are the chief targets of ISIS. 374 more words


#ZeroDraftThirty Day 19

Transparency: The last 5 days have been a struggle. I’ve been staring at this script trying to figure out what to do. I had a plan. 175 more words