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Trying something new.

This is a script prompt I just kinda came up with and haven’t really fiddled around with before, so please give me some feedback. It’s definitely not my best work, but I think I did… Okay. 749 more words


The Mistress diary #2

Dear diary
     “Why would Lola have Alex,she always has better things than me”,that was the thought in my head through out my stay in the restaurant with them.Alex talked with me quite alright,told lola he had seen me when he had a meeting with my boss and that was where it stopped,and i just smiled and told them they had my blessing but my brain was telling me otherwise,they kept on laughing and giving PDA(public display of affection)gross,i had to endure till we were done eating.We said our goodbyes and i left for home,i kept on telling myself to get over Alex,he wasn’t mine afterall. 318 more words


Writing Wednesday

The objective of the Writing Wednesday is to create a short story, specially if it is terrible, consisting of 10-20 lines, and share it here in the comments using the following prompt: 13 more words


The Mistress diary #1

Dear diary
Being a mistress is said to be bad,what is even worse is being the mistress to your BFF’s husband which i’m not proud of,it all started after my bestfriend Lola got married to her boo Alex. 369 more words


Using my Voice to Sell my House

I’ve spent the month in all things real estate. While it is my favorite type of script to read, real estate scripts haven’t been my main focus overall. 675 more words


PowerShell – Search any User on Active Directory

Below is a small PowerShell script that allows you to search any user on Active Directory:

$user = Read-Host "Enter the name of the user" … 14 more words

Active Directory