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Rochelle's Quest for the Canon

“Did John’s authority to baptize come from heaven, or was it merely human?”

-Luke 20:4

Rochelle is sitting at a busy local Café, having a lively conversation with a young woman about her age.  2,944 more words


What Got Me Thinking Pt.1: Theology and Worldviews

This post is by no means meant to be comprehensive, but often times I’ve been asked what got me thinking about Orthodoxy in the first place? 2,243 more words


Washington DC - Maraton de citire a Bibliei

“Credinţa vine în urma auzirii; iar auzirea vine prin Cuvântul lui Hristos.” (Epistola către Romani, 10:17)

Sursa: www.dorupope.com



De ce să citești Biblia?

Este o întrebare simplă și, în același timp, o întrebare legitimă. Trăim vremuri când oamenii nu mai citesc cărți, generațiile tinere nu mai sunt atrase de lecturi. 749 more words


The Canon, Authority and Infallibility

In discussing Sola Scriptura, there are three things that need to be clarified and understood, otherwise people will be talking past each other. These three things are what Sola Scriptura actually is, the difference between material and formal authority, and infallibility as an inner worldview issue. 2,759 more words


Sola Scriptura & Matt Meader’s Blog on Authority

Here is a thorough response by Perry Robinson to a blog post on Sola Scriptua by Matt Meador at Ancient Faith Radio. It really helps clear up some of the issues that people often confuse when discussion the matter. 2,831 more words