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The Bible: Not a Book Israel Would Have Written!

Read 243.) II Kings 25:23 thru 26, Jeremiah 40:7 thru 44:30, and 51:64b. We are now past Israel’s unfaithfulness, and the fulfillment of the… 466 more words


Has The Bible Changed?

This is a question for some people that is a genuine concern.  For others it is an attempt to belittle or patronize a religion.  The question it self is a valid question for any and all documents that claim to be the source of unchanged universal objective divine truth. 645 more words


Witnessing to Jehovah's Witness: Identity of Jesus

The saving message of The Gospel centers around the person and work of Jesus.  Any corruption of the person and work of Jesus changes the gospel to something else.  662 more words


The Watchtower's New World Translation of the Bible

There are many bible translations but none that contradict each other except for the New World Translation.  This translation translates words and ideas differently causing conflict with the other translations.  3,303 more words


Jesus Is God

Who Jesus is, is fundamental to having eternal life or eternal damnation in the next life.  The Holy Spirit reveals this identity of Jesus to those who are called to believe.  2,509 more words