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To Choose Or Not To Choose.

The wind blew gently and suddenly, my fears crept upon me. The day was done with its duties, the night stood ready to take over, and once again, I wished I had chance to choose to act differently. 421 more words


Day 43 -

Day 43 – Annoying

Archie and Maxxie are sitting at a cafe, waiting for a friend. Maxxie is very annoying. A small film about a comic duo.

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Day 40 -

Day 40 -Productive. Ish.

A short film about a man whose highlight of the day is a new video game character. Productive. Ish. is all about using time wisely.

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Day 36 -

Day 36 – Puppy Play

In this fun little film script, three housemates find that their fourth housemate has left a sex toy on the sofa… and it’s very telling. 28 more words

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The Long Road to Resignation

I have for a while now, neglected this blog, which upsets me greatly, however it is not the only thing I have neglected.

Since my last post, I was offered a terrific place as head scriptwriter for an indie film based out of Melbourne. 1,206 more words


Day 34 -

Day 34 – Please

In contrast to yesterday’s fluff piece, Please is an audio play about a text conversation between two people after one has decided to take their life. 11 more words

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