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Nuella Njubigbo is a Nigerian actress and scriptwriter. She was nominated for Rising Star Award category at the 2012 Nollywood Movies Awards

She is a native of Anambra State. 77 more words


Screenwriting 101: How to plan & write a good character

I’d like to preface this post with – as usual – the quick disclaimer that I am not a screenwriting expert, nor do I claim to be any more knowledgable than anyone else. 1,518 more words


Owning What's Mine

People just look like food to me

The fridge is full of wholesome goodness–that’s cool to me

Restoring a firmer purpose to the art of writing… 284 more words


Say hello to PlaystationExpress26

My likes:

-The horror aspect.
-Strong central characters
-Deep mythology and creature designs
-The design of the darkness so far (I loved her introduction)
-The acting… 197 more words

Sam And Dean Winchester

Wawancara dengan Titien Wattimena (Bagian Satu)

Titien Wattimena (biasa disapa Tinut) merupakan penulis yang dikenal lewat skenario drama dengan dialog puitis yang mengena di hati penonton. Mengejar Matahari, Cinta Pertama, Love, Tanda Tanya, Minggu Pagi di Victoria Park, Tentang Dia, 1,656 more words

Film Indonesia


I see fools trying to watch my moves

Not focusing on yourself, what does that prove?

Bullet proof, because my heart could eat you

Never let anyone mistreat or beat you… 232 more words


The Pros and Cons of Scriptwriting

This year, my English coursework is based around performance texts. That means writing a speech, obituary, stage play… or, as I did, a script. (I mean, a stage play is pretty close, but not quite.) 445 more words