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The winter has extended and so is your chance to save @ Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014

Scrum stands for managing the change and listening to what team says.

Well, when the gods are listening to our prayers and have extended the wonderful weather in India by a few weeks, as a community and platform for practitioners, how could we not follow your wishes at Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014! 58 more words

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Doors open to the biggest gathering of Scrum practitioners in India

The biggest carnival of Scrum is back in India.  We are happy to announce the “Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014” to be hosted in the Pearl city of Hyderabad from 10-12th July 2014. 155 more words

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How to Teach your Team Scrum in Three Months

We tend to think about agile as a software development approach, but it has applications to the business as it can aid the improvement of business processes and give non-technical staff an approach that help them gain the efficiency in projects that agile has delivered in the software development environment. 410 more words


#agile #coach #leadership: Find Mrs. Lovett for your team yet?

After devouring hardcore management and neuroscience books in the past couple of months, the article ( http://goo.gl/s7k3LG ) caught my peripheral vision this morning.

Like a breath of fresh air, it helped me laugh my stress away; and then, ponder. 237 more words

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Applying a Psychology Based Model to Improve Business Processes

Often, when we find out that we don’t know something that may be important to know, it motivates us to find out more in order to master the skill. 689 more words


Scrum Coaching in Canberra -- Top 5 tips for using Scrum in Government

I’ve been Coaching Scrum for government agencies in Canberra (Australia) for quite a few years now. It’s an ideal framework for managing projects and programs of work because Ministers can change their minds about policy or suddenly announce new ones and it enables systems that support the machinery of government need to adapt to new technologies, new stakeholder needs.  858 more words


Upcoming conferences -- Agile Australia, Scrum Australia and Agile (Nashville) 2013

This is looking to be a big year for Zen Ex Machina on the conference front.

We’re hoping to return again to the USA to deliver presentations at… 84 more words