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Frameworks for Scaling Agile and Scrum


I had the pleasure of attending 3Back consulting’s “Scaling Scrum with Scrum” training last week with Dan Rawsthorne.  It was an EPIC day due to the dense amount of information provided, philosophical analysis completed, and a very worthwhile way to spend eight training hours.   1,442 more words



This is my fifth blog post on the subject of #NoEstimates. You can find the previous ones here:


Story Points - Simple yet difficult

Story Points
Story points are the units that are commonly used for estimation in Scrum teams. Sometimes, teams may use others such as t-shirt sizing, fruits and etc. 477 more words


Truly, One Size Does not Fit All

(This is a duplicate of a posting I made to the Cutter Blog.)

Software development is a really a single discipline. What comes under the overall field is a combination of disciplines that address a range of problems: 325 more words

Look Twice Before You Cross that Road

A quick Google search or a read through the latest business book can turn up a myriad of ideas and promises for improving your team’s performance through work environment changes and tech snake-oil, … 378 more words


Real World Agile

This weekend I had a problem to solve and when thinking about it, I thought how I would solve the issue as if it were a software problem as it raises some interesting points about being agile and how people get it wrong. 802 more words

Software Development

Three questions to analyse the agility of the teams

Many claim that they have implemented agile, and very few have good implementations of agile. In order to understand the type of implementation one has, these three questions to help; 342 more words