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What makes a good User Story?

User stories are one of the ways to represent product backlog items in Scrum. They are a convenient format of expressing the desired business value for many product backlog items, specially features. 124 more words

Agile Scrum

Can Scrum Help You?

Organizations that have diligently applied Scrum are experiencing a different reality.

These organizations are repeatedly delighting their customers by giving them what they really want, not just the features they might have specified on the first day when they knew the least about their true needs. 1,433 more words


Agile Vs Scrum - The big confusion

There are lot of confusions going on when it comes to the definitions of Agile and Scrum. “Agile” and “Scrum” are two very famous terms in project management. 334 more words

Agile Scrum

Managing the test data

Managing test data and having all team of co-joned teams to operate same test data, can be huge challenge. Why it would be so in scrum? 324 more words


Sales-Driven Development

I invented agile development. No, that’s not as cocky as it sounds. Every development manager I know has been trying to reduce cycle times, forever. At BMW, we did quarterly releases of call center software, and that was on client-server technology. 843 more words


The role of the Project manager in Scrum

When it comes to Agile Scrum most people misunderstand the role of the Scrum Master as the Project Manager. But technically the role “Project Manager” does not exists when it comes to Scrum. 204 more words

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