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Why practise pair programming?

Pair programming? Two people staring at one PC screen, using one keyboard and one mouse? Why would companies hire two individuals to work on the same thing? 620 more words

Software Development

Retrospectives for any team - agile or not

Retrospective is a meeting in Agile/Scrum that looks at how the team is working together, the behaviours and processes that are undertaken. The meeting happens after each sprint (defined length of time to do the work). 315 more words

Agile teaching

I have been talking to two of my students – Valdeir and Daisuke, both software developers – about agile methodology, a working practice developed in the 1990s in opposition to large corporate software design models. 238 more words


Munster V Edinburgh Preview | Do or Die

Written by Conal Lane

Off the back of a pretty poor effort against Connacht, Munster need to redeem themselves, and they need to do it pretty quickly. 1,176 more words

Forced Equality in Scrum is BAD

Previously I talked about how forced equality in Scrum doesn’t incentivize people to be as productive and effective as they could be. In Agile, the only incentive for someone to deliver more depends on if the team is delivering more. 550 more words


Where I Left Off

It’s been a busy few months for me, but I am happy to say that I am ramping up and ready to continue work on this game! 182 more words

What Can Tolerance Teach Our Teams?

There are a lot of things we are striving to be tolerant of in our society today. Terrorism, race, religion, immigration, marriage, and a bevy of other topics manage to flood our news stream and ask for consideration. 921 more words