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How is the weather?

Some time ago, a government spent tons of money and time on a weather prediction satellite. After some years, they finally – and successfully – launched it and started to gather some data. 257 more words


"Breadth" atau "Depth"?

Ketika mengerjakan sesuatu, pastinya kita selalu dihadapkan dengan pembagian task. Apalagi bila berada di dalam tim. Misal, terdapat sepuluh tugas yang harus dikerjakan untuk membangun sebuah sistem informasi. 84 more words


Experimentation in the Workplace

I recently attended a very interesting work shop regarding experimentation in the work place. One of the great things from experimenting is that you not only learn a great deal you would not otherwise. 134 more words

Project Management General

Agile Expert Certification (AEC™)

Abstract –

Agile Expert Certified (AEC™) professionals possess a wide-ranging knowledge and understanding of the values, methods and intricacies of Agile.

Course Objective –

The objective of this certification is to ensure that applicants have the ability to compare and choose the appropriate methodology in a given situation. 296 more words


Doing the same thing in Project Management

I was leading a software project and the deliverables were not complete on time again. Everyone who has managed project knows how difficult is to manage and deliver project on time and on budget. 777 more words


How to Adapt Technical and Non-Technical Teams to Scrum and Agile

This is a guest blog post written by our Scrum Master, member of our QA team, who wishes to stay anonymous. In this post, he is going to share the main processes you should be aware of when putting together a Scrum and Agile implementation plan. 1,251 more words

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