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Agile Process Definition

Recently I have been challenged by coming into a new startup which is still finding it’s way with agile and just work item management.  Over the years, I have managed and lead many different teams and below is the outline that I have found to work in my experiences.   436 more words


No Place I'd Rather Be...

By, Emma DeStefano, Director of Character Education 

Organizing a big event can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned event planner. Consider this… You are asked to plan an event that spans one week, Tuesday-Saturday to be exact. 838 more words

Upper School

Thank you, readers. (What do you want in my new book?)

Dear reader

Thank you for reading, sharing and promoting my pocket guide to Scrum, in its various guises (English, Dutch, paperback, digital). 142 more words


Prioritizing "Business Value" for your Systems

As I discussed in the recent Building up your store POS System: The Agile Approach post, the small deliverable chunks of an agile backlog are ordered, and for the most part executed, by the concept of “Business Value”. 533 more words


Что для меня означает гибкость?

Некоторое время назад один знакомый в твиттере пошутил, что я знаю эту картинку наизусть :)

Я заинтересовалась, потому что очень люблю инфографику за ее лаконичность и наглядность.


Dimensional reduction attack - Transparency


We human live in a 3 dimensional world, while ants’ world only has 2 dimensions. Even ants crawling on the wall, they think they are walking on the ground. 680 more words