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[Retrospective Lessons] Stories and sizes

This photo is the list of actions/changes/learnings one of my teams came up with in their most recent retrospective. This did not come from someone who went on training or read an article. 577 more words


Helping Scrum Masters Improve: What would be on your Scrum Master Canvas?

I see a lot of Scrum Masters who focus on the wrong things. I was having some conversations with some Scrum trainers recently, and the conversation inspired an idea in me: The Scrum Master Canvas. 560 more words


What is Scrum?

Scrum is an Agile framework for developing innovative products and services, for organizing and managing work. Scrum begins when some stakeholders need a product. The Scrum framework is based on a set of values, principles, and practices that provide the foundation to which your organization will add its unique implementation of relevant engineering practices and your specific approaches for realizing the Scrum practices. 311 more words


Scrum: Agile Software Development Methodology - Roles

Hello Friends,

There are 3 roles into Scrum process: Product Owner, Scrum Master and Development Team.

Today I am going to explain in brief about these 3 roles. 64 more words

Agile Software Development

Single Responsibility Principle

This is part one of the SOLID OOP design pattern series. You may wish to subscribe to the blog to stay tuned in as I post new issues in this series.

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Scrum… is a means to an end, a tool designed for a purpose: people, agility, value.

There’s no need to re-describe Scrum. If you’re on a journey to discover Scrum, I welcome you. I do advice you to learn more than Scrum, and to also discover agile & lean. 1,189 more words


Personal reflections: the world of software development

10 years ago I’ve entered the IT world with the exciting expectations to create truly amazing software. Nowadays, the possibilities are endless, the technology advances fast, there are plenty of opportunities for innovation. 378 more words