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Farmer Ted

Amongst the apple trees I found,

Some apples that had fell to ground,

Some were bashed, and some were lumpy,

So I mashed ’em all and made some scrumpy.

London Drinker Beer and Cider Festival

It’s not often I get day release to go to a cider festival. I found there’s one that’s close to home–the 31st London Drinker Beer & Cider Festival… 443 more words


Cheese and Scrumpy

Ended up at Cheddar Gorge yesterday. It wasn’t planned. Turned out to be a really good day out. I was in high spirits all day. Downright giddy. 506 more words

Scrumpy Buns... my showstopping savoury buns!

So for the third showstopper I had to make sweet and savory bread.  For the savoury buns I opted for Scrumpy Buns, a recipe I found in Dan Lepard’s book the Handmade Loaf.   754 more words


Worst Snow Day Ever

Yesterday the government, due to threat of inclement weather (my nineteenth-century friends would have said “skeered at the snow”), shut down the joint.  Actually all of the joints, separating me from a gazillion documents I need to read.   61 more words


Chancellor comes to Somerset to drink scrumpy and gets Brewer's droop!

We at snakey HQ are big fans of Hecks cider in Street, proper job local Scrumpy. And we were horrified to learn that poor bashing posh boys CallMeDave and Gosborne were coming to taint it. 43 more words

Westons old Rosie 2 Litre Jug

This is described as a cloudy cider but I would say it is closer to a scrumpy.  It’s fairly strong at 7.3% and a little sweet and as it is still, should be drunk at room temperature (even though the jug says to serve chilled).   129 more words