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Now it might be strange to be still talking about alcohol on the eve of the “cleanse” but this week has been the perfect time to get the last of my apples for scrumpy. 340 more words


Snake News and Upcoming Live Dates

It’s been a quieter couple of weeks as us snakes have been on our holidays and spending a bit of time with the families. But the… 294 more words

Severn Scrumpy at The Euston Cider Tap

I’ve been set loose on a Thursday afternoon, with nothing better to do than sniff out a few good ciders. After seeking out The Euston Cider Tap… 295 more words


Barbarians at the Gate ...

…over the wall, and busting up the joint.

The first incursion came in the form of DH, who also follows an academic calendar, turning in his grades and suddenly being all around the house, almost all of the time.   119 more words


Charrington's Queen of Cox

I’m in the poshest supermarket I’ve ever been in. There’s a self-serve patisserie at the door and eight different types of pesto. It’s Spar in Walthamstow village. 383 more words


Cider Crawl, North Central London. Episode 3: Euston Cider Tap

I’m making my way though Euston train station, on a cider crawl. This may be the first ever cider crawl, in fact, I’ll trade mark the term. 532 more words


Cider Crawl: North Central London. Episode 2, The Bree Louise

I’m on a cider crawl. My ciderkick and I are passing the London train stations of Kings Cross, St Pancras and Euston. There seems to be a healthy choice of real cider pubs¬†round these parts. 559 more words

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