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Those baggy old shapeless “period pants” that you’ve had since 1997 are doing you no favours. You know the ones I mean. They’re comfy and familiar and you bring them out every month because you’re long past caring if they get stained. 868 more words

Muff Fluff

Mid life crisis or just bad fashion?

There are some fashions that do not stand the test of time, Ladies…. Like culottes or  onesies. This morning as I headed into work, I saw a most disturbing thing.   188 more words


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The Case of The Lost Hair Scrunchies Quest 

How often are you like me and frantically trying to find a scrunchie when you need one?

Does it seem like you are constantly buying them? 107 more words


80's memories

Coffee vending machines whirring. Watching my mom forever standing in front of them.

Scrunchies. Too many barrettes and bobby pins that dug into my skull, but looked “pretty”. 82 more words

Current Obsession: Spring Hair Accessories

I’ve mentioned before about how I suck at doing my hair, and therefore mask that fact by using cute hair accessories. Specifically, flower crowns, knot-wraps, floral printed headbands, and scrunchies have been my main loves lately. 333 more words

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Scrunchies, a Life Saver

A 2 year study in Australia concluded that putting scrunchie-like collars on cats reduced the amount of native wildlife killed by 54 percent.