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Hair ties | Lace Scruncies Band Elastic Ponytail Holders / Crochet Knit

Резинки для волос, обвязанные крючком. Это настоящее украшение для маленьких принцесс, да и не только. Нитка хлопковая, тонкая, чтобы резинки были нежными, не грубыми. Они эластичны, хорошо растягиваются и отлично держат волосы. Важно еще и то, что в самих резинках нет металла, они не разрушают структуру волос. Цветовая гамма не ограничена, ниток этого типа много, мои любимые – раноцветные, особенно в нежных пастельных оттенках. Техник вязания резинок и узоров много, я придумала такие, в следующий раз, возможно, они получатся совершенно другими, я не люблю повторяться.


If You Were A 90s Kid...

HEY. GUESS WHAT? The 90s are back. If you were a 90s kid, you will definitely remember these things.

  1. Johnny Bravo, That’s SO Raven, Lizzie McGuire, Dexter’s Laboratory, Ed, Edd N  Eddy – Everyone who lived through the 90s remembers these epic shows, as they were staples to all children’s lives.
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How Your Childhood Fashion Has Made a Modern Comeback

Do you miss wearing your butterfly clips, overalls, and cute rompers? Well great news for you; although these are not the same as they were, this is how you can wear them in a modern style. 317 more words

Five 80s/90s-inspired Summer Hairstyles I'm Sure You'll Love

Summer is near again, and interestingly we are experiencing some sort of 1980s/1990s revival in 2017. So what better way to welcome the new season than to have a new look inspired by that recent past? 54 more words



I was trying to think of a creative subject to write about this week when I looked down and saw my green velvet scrunchy wrapped around my wrist. 257 more words

Leotards, Grip Bags and more, Oh my!

Starting a new class soon?  In need of a whole new outfit or would like to show some team spirit?  Stop in and check out our new shipment of t-shirts, leotards, scrunchies and flashy grip bags!   13 more words


10 Trends Every Little Girl Rocked in the 90's

The 90’s were a lot of things, some would argue tasteful was not one of them. No doubt many of us have looked back on our childhood photos, studied the bold neon’s, the tacky print, and the overload of denim and wondered… 246 more words