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Ocean and Land

Obsidian Mirror by Wikimedia | Public Domain

Pako in the West | Episode VIII

Large sections missing from the original text are indicated with a bracketed ellipsis, […]. 1,153 more words

Science Fiction

PGM IV. 154-285: Lecanomancy

Inquiry of bowl divination and necromancy. Whenever you want to inquire about matters, take a bronze vessel, either a bowl or a saucer, whatever kind you wish.

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Magic In Practice And Ritual

Memsieve - A Short Story

Here’s my third Pay It Forward offering for 2015. It’s a short story for Karolina. It came about in an odd way. Facebook has a new feature that offers us “memories” of what we posted on that particular day from years ago. 1,411 more words

Short Stories

Pool Gazing

Image by wrcochran | License: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Pako in the West | Episode VI

In the southern jungle regions of the Wilderness there lies a great kingdom that has been abandoned to countless years. 1,459 more words

Science Fiction

"Scrying With Charcoal"

Scrying with charcoal again, which is a quick way of drawing and channeling images, where I draw with both hands and as quickly as possible. I avoid judging the work which helps me get closer to  tougher and more detailed images, at times some images only take a couple of minutes, while others can take as much as fifteen minutes.  40 more words

Napoleon Brousseau

Scrying fibrecrafts

As well as various divination tools, I also own a few scrying implements – two crystal balls and a scrying bowl. One of the balls is clear glass, which I bought with birthday money a year ago because it has the grey resin Maiden, Mother, Crone stand by Nemesis Now which I have drooled over for years, and the scrying bowl is of the same design and was given to me by a friend. 387 more words