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Memsieve - A Short Story

Here’s my third Pay It Forward offering for 2015. It’s a short story for Karolina. It came about in an odd way. Facebook has a new feature that offers us “memories” of what we posted on that particular day from years ago. 1,411 more words

Short Stories

Pool Gazing

Image by wrcochran | License: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Pako in the West | Episode VI

In the southern jungle regions of the Wilderness there lies a great kingdom that has been abandoned to countless years. 1,460 more words

Science Fiction

"Scrying With Charcoal"

Scrying with charcoal again, which is a quick way of drawing and channeling images, where I draw with both hands and as quickly as possible. I avoid judging the work which helps me get closer to  tougher and more detailed images, at times some images only take a couple of minutes, while others can take as much as fifteen minutes.  40 more words

Napoleon Brousseau

Scrying fibrecrafts

As well as various divination tools, I also own a few scrying implements – two crystal balls and a scrying bowl. One of the balls is clear glass, which I bought with birthday money a year ago because it has the grey resin Maiden, Mother, Crone stand by Nemesis Now which I have drooled over for years, and the scrying bowl is of the same design and was given to me by a friend. 387 more words

The Magic of Scrying

Scrying is the act of looking into a clear object, whether it be a traditional crystal ball or a simple pond, and deciphering images that appear. 509 more words


Card Spotlight: A Watchful Peace

As time has passed, it has become more and more clear just how great the set of player cards in the Heirs of Numenor expansion was, from the unparalleled resource smoothing of Errand-rider to one of the best defensive heroes around in Beregond to that trap of all traps, Ranger Spikes. 3,631 more words