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a dance with disillusionment

You glare through your mirror, reflecting upon a harrowed past, and looking toward a star-crossed future. You see both of you: picturesque, beautiful as any, waltzing, wisps of warm copper hair whipping through the air, his clear laugh cuts right through the room, through sound itself and resonates so deeply within your own lungs, so forcefully you can’t help but shriek with euphoria as you both whirl wonderfully around the wheel of time in perfect synchronicity. 458 more words

My Divination Studies Plan

Another facet of my Druidry study is divination, the actual practice as well as history behind it and theory to it’s supposed future-telling. There will only be three essays for my divination study, but every Friday I will be hands on, actually practicing some form of divination. 864 more words


Journey 6/16/17 via mirror gazing

First I see a hunched dark shadow. I approach it and it scratches desperately at me. I say I just want to love you and see you. 158 more words

Scrying Mirror

This post is a short one, but hopefully it will be of value to someone.

I’m currently tackling the homework assignments from Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery course… 169 more words



You don’t really know yourself before your Soul has shown itself to you in that Black Mirror

A Personal Tool to bring your hidden knowledge forth… 932 more words


Predicting Election Results: A Mug's Game

No one can predict the future, so let’s put the notion that people can predict future events to bed straight away . Since Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party, I’ve had many people tell me that Labour will lose the election badly and be consigned to electoral oblivion for a generation. 912 more words


My crafts : new book of shadows and new scrying mirrors

I know I said I wouldn’t be posting my homemade crafts on here anymore as I am running out of space but I will post the occasional thing that is to do with my work. 496 more words

Pagan And Wiccan