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… the magic of remembrance …

I have a weakness for small stones. Attracted by a singular shape, colour, sparkle, texture, or an aura I can’t define, I pick up stones for keeps, like I did as a child when crossing mountain streams and climbing rocks. 216 more words


Divination - Types & Common Methods

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Divination – Types & Common Methods (Link)

Divination is one of the most prevalent of occult and magick practices. The diversity of the art is immense, as it has been performed by tribes and cultures from all around the world since our very early human history. 99 more words


The Scrying Game

Since the days of the Ancient Persians, wizards, witches, and Romany gypsies and have sought for ways to look beyond the familiar world around them.  Cunning folk have stared into fire, water, polished stone, magic mirrors and crystal balls, seeking divination of hidden knowledge – visions of future events – or clairvoyant arts to find lost objects and detect criminals. 106 more words

The Craft

Coffee Spells & Divination

Spells and divination can be done with just about anything and anywhere.

What about spells with your daily coffee?

Coffee spells & divination can be done any way you want and any time of the day with simple techniques that no one around you will even know that you’re doing a quick spell while enjoying your favourite cup of coffee. 921 more words


Recognizing Your Extra Senses

I used to scry before I even knew that it had a name. It began by looking into the light of a candle while my father was meditating. 640 more words