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Samhain~Halloween Customs and Practices

This major festival has several aspects. It is considered the third (meat) harvest, New Year’s Eve, the Day of the Dead (the dead are honored as they were by the ancient Celts & Egyptians and even now in Mexico) and a night that the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thinnest. 982 more words


Absolute Territory

“So curve your little spine and tell me that your mine”

Had a dream where I only dated billionaires. Was picked up in a limo and went to a fancy hotel to check in and sleep with the guy. 36 more words

The Drowned Ruins: Events Review

Here’s Glowwyrm’s take on the events of The Drowned Ruins! -Ian

Well, this is an interesting pair of events to consider.  One of them is so like another card, but with an added niche benefit, that it seems hard to imagine why it exists.  1,885 more words


Creating a Scrying Mirror

 Great Samhain Craft:Creating a Scrying Mirror

Take a small, 4×6  medium 5×7 or 8×10 photo frame, cleanse, remove glass and paint glass with black enamel, try to cover completely with a single layer, leave to dry. 152 more words


"Do Not Invoke That Which You Cannot Banish"

Recently I was reminded of a classic maxim among magick practitioners, and wizards in general; a maxim reminiscent of the Solomonic (and most ceremonial) traditions, “do not invoke that which you cannot banish”. 1,232 more words



Cauldron a symbol of Samhain

The witches cauldron is a symbol  of Samhain. The witches cauldron — a staple of any witches work and magic — is an important magical tool that combining symbolism of the elements of air, fire, water, and earth. 337 more words

Wheel Of The Year