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Dr. Dee & The Smoking Mirror


We have recently been made aware of the controversy that has arisen concerning the volcanic obsidian artefact residing in the British Museum which has traditionally been considered one of the scrying mirrors formerly belonging to… 741 more words

Mama Odie’s Gumbo Scrying Spell//

Mama Odie’s Gumbo Scrying Spell//

Okay, so this is a combination of kitchen witchery and divination-and i freaking love doing it.

Kitchen witches and Swamp witches often will scry using whatever is available to them-in this case, gumbo or soup. 100 more words

Witchy Tips

Full Moon 100%

At 7:40 pm the moon shall rise and it will be 100% illuminated.

My crystal-ball has been cleansed and covered with a dark cloth waiting for tonight.   44 more words

The Mystery Continues

We were stunned. My Foreman, my Gypsy, my Young Hero and I had just witnessed the apparent images of four of our friends floating dead in the pond. 2,126 more words

Gruesome Discovery

“What do you mean, Morcant is not involved?” Miles gaped at me, wide eyed, as if he thought I had gone crazy. “Ever since his familiar showed up here, you have said he was after the keys.” 2,062 more words