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Ceromamcy, divination using wax

Ceromamcy is a form of divination using wax, a bit like scrying for tea leaves in a cup – only different because at the end you get to take your wax shapes away with you instead of their being stuck in the… 580 more words


Tea Leaf scrying

“Tasse” or “tass” is an Arab word meaning small cup or goblet, while the suffixes are from the Greek words –graphy (writing), -mancy (divination) and -ology (the study of). 498 more words


Weekend...The only two days i like.

Im sure glad the weekend is here… i wait for it all week, especially this week.. my week was a complete wreck had so many problems going on, it was insane.. 558 more words


Scrying is a divination technique used to perceive and interpret Divine messages and information. This is usually done by gazing into a reflective surface, like water, a black mirror, or a polished crystal ball or slab. 198 more words


Con Report: Divination Tools as Writing Inspiration

What: Panel Discussion – Astrology and Tarot as Writing Tools.
Who: Tera Fulbright,  Kim Iverson Headlee,  and  Crymsyn Hart.
Where: MystiCon, Roanoke, VA, USA. 716 more words


Soothsayer or Master Craftsman?

The frequent on-line debates about whether the tarot cards have a distinct “personality” or whether they are in truth just inert pieces of printed cardboard bearing compelling pictures sometimes spill over into other “tools of the trade.” For instance,  scrying devices – such as magic mirrors and crystal balls – are often subjected to a focused infusion of “spirit” (intention, will, prana, etc.) through blessing, prayer, invocation, mantra or silent concentration as a way to charge them for their purpose. 403 more words

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