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Divination - Not Just a Deck of Cards

I am studying some divination technique and I am intrigued as to the variety and styles.  In my year and a day journey, one of my requirements is to be familiar and able to perform three styles, and be proficient in one.  391 more words


Here’s an easy to do and easy to use do it yourself divination tool! I’m combining tea leaf reading with crystal ball scrying and topping it off with glitter! 103 more words



Already know the story of my palms

Life line, heart line and one for the head

I desperately need more information

Although the answers I somehow dread… 142 more words



iolite arrives in the mail today,
provides friendly constitutional energetic-patterns
to registered phenomenon in a meter, which

allows a house to remain powered, but the… 52 more words

Divination Tips

I have some things to say about divination. These tips involve herbs and other advice. I will try not to repeat myself.

Here is my little divination story, so people understand where I come from. 832 more words


The Wastes of Eriador: Attachments, Events and Side Quests Review

Now that The Wastes of Eriador has been released and The Angmar Awakened cycle has begun in earnest, the Adventure Packs should be issuing forth fast and furious. 3,878 more words