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8th Rehearsal SCS 16/17 Season

Slightly warmer than the week before, we would be tackling the 3 hardest works of our first concert of the season, Rememberance Day.

Lay a Garland – the signature piece on the program – written by Robert Pearsall in the 1800s, lots of moving parts between the sections at times. 168 more words


CIMA Case Study: Industry Analysis

Students who want to pass their CIMA case study exam will need to develop their knowledge and understanding of the underlying industry. It’s been highlighted in many of the examiners report that students had a basic (if any) knowledge or current industry conditions and failed to apply them to the case study exam. 340 more words

CIMA Exam Tips

7th Rehearsal SCS 16/17 Season

We began with O Canada – and as James stated this would be the only time we would rehearse it and also it should be memorized, oh and add the new words.   107 more words


Should we try to communicate with E.T.?

In September 2016, China announced that their new radio telescope installed in Guizhou Province became operational, with a dish the size of 30 football pitches (500m diameter dish), which makes it the biggest radio-telescope in the world, bigger than the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico with its 305m dish. 550 more words

Layer 6

See You at the Pole, a Memorable Experience

By Ghessell Horam

Why at the flagpole? The students who originally initiated See You at the Pole realized that nearly every school as a flagpole which is an easily identifiable place to gather and worship. 225 more words

CIMA Case Studies: Know your role!

The CIMA case studies require a different approach to the objective tests. The idea of the case study exams is to place you in a realistic scenario and you will be effectively playing the role of financial accountant/finance manager/finance director – depending on what CIMA level you are on – OCS, MCS or SCS. 618 more words

CIMA Exam Tips

6th Rehearsal SCS 16/17 Season

Typical Tuesday night rehearsal, except we had a board meeting just before rehearsal and, in true Saskatchewan fashion, it snowed.  15 plus centimeters of snow to fall in the next 24 – 48 hours.   493 more words