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Top 10 X Files Episodes (According to Racheal) No. 1

Warning: This post is going to deal with religion, religious themes and imagery. I don’t want to upset you all, so if you ‘don’t do’ religion and have a problem with reading about religious stuff, then let’s save your time and mine and you can just skip over this. 2,606 more words


The X-Files: The Truth Is Almost Here

For those of you who were fans of The X-Files when it was first on our TV screens, I’m sure you are very excited to hear all about the upcoming resurrection of said show for a mini-series. 203 more words

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Top Ten X Files Episodes (according to Racheal) No. 2

**** If you read the first post, you can skip this preamble…and just jump down to the gif.

I’d been working on this list as one long post, but it was shaping up to be so long that I thought, there’s no way that anyone will devote the time to reading it through, so I’ve broken it down into instalments… 1,732 more words



AKA, because I would not stop for Death, I tried to take his picture!

If TXF has taught me anything, it’s that old men are just REALLY anxious to die! 437 more words

S. R. 891

AKA, Skinner’s got a bad case of nanobots!

Poor Skinner. It seems the only time the creative team will give him an episode is when they’re going to torture him in some fashion! 429 more words

The Rain King

AKA, the one where a lonely guy controls the weather!

I had to go and jinx it, didn’t I, when I said two posts ago that we were in a run of really good episodes? 269 more words