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Epeolatry Sunday: Syzygy, the X-Files, and a dash of righteous feminsim

Well, it’s a day late, but still Epeolatry Sunday is in its third week running – it’s a honest-to-God miracle! 403 more words


Feminist Icons of TV

in honor of all the female badassery this summer, i’ve started a 6 x 6 acrylic painting series paying tribute to some of my fave badass women of television….WHO WILL BE NEXT!?!?

Plus Expenses

Three sentence fanfic requested by tumblr’s @gusilux : Mulder & Scully and Film Noir AU.

Scully invaded Mulder’s office and told him that whatever he thought, she hadn’t killed her husband. 43 more words


Today's Art (2nd August 2016)

Well, due to a combination of being in a rush and the realisation that I haven’t made any fan art in ages, I thought that I’d make a quick digitally-edited “X-Files” fan art painting/ parody cartoon. 66 more words