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‘The X-Files’ Returns!

Thirteen years after the original series run, Fox has ordered the next mind-bending chapter of The X Files, a thrilling, six-episode event series which will be helmed by creator/executive producer Chris Carter with stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson re-inhabiting their roles as iconic FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. 151 more words



This morning, a little song was running through my head. My own composition. Here, I’ll sing it for you. *Takes out pitch pipe. 358 more words

Welcome Back Mulder and Scully……

Finally. The best FBI agents ever to grace our TV screens are back. I have predicted and hoped for years for this comeback and its finally officially happening. 570 more words


The X-Files: this could be a (new) case for Mulder and Scully

‘Deny everything’ was one of the catchphrases of The X-Files, but this time fans were not to be denied. The series is to return for six episodes. 474 more words

The Truth is Out There: The X Files are coming back

According to the Huffington Report post of Tuesday the 24 of March, Fox confirms the news that the show is returning after 13 years with a six episode “series event”. 58 more words

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The X-Files : revived

These days, all of The X-Files fanatics are probably having a constant high after getting the news that Mulder & Scully are coming back for a short season that the FOX have officially ordered. 174 more words


Nicole Watches TV: The X-Files

In a world before Tumblr—what a scary thought—fandoms still found their way onto the internet. As a fan of popular culture in 2015, it’s hard to ignore the term “shipping.” In case you’ve been living under a rock, the act of shipping means you believe that two fictional characters are dating or should be dating. 530 more words