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Trivia: "Squeeze"

“Squeeze” provided the shot that became an iconic part of the series’ title sequence for the first seven seasons: Mulder and Scully with flashlights entering Tooms’ apartment.


News: X-Files Podcast

Kate from All That Geek is co-hosting a new podcast! Read More on allthatgeek.net



AKA, the one with killer pesticides!

I’d classify “Blood” as an “issue” episode, in the same vein as “Darkness Falls.” Yet, while I felt that “Darkness Falls” tackled environmental issues with a deft hand that managed not to feel preachy, I feel like “Blood” came off a little more heavy-handed. 216 more words

The Host

AKA, the one with Flukie!

Fun fact: The Flukeman, or Flukie for short, was played by Darin Morgan, whom we will see again later without such an elaborate costume in season 4’s “Small Potatoes,” and who would also go on to write some of the most memorable episodes of the series himself. 235 more words

Season 2: Little Green Men

Little Green Men

AKA, como se dice “alien” en espanol?

Welcome to season 2!!! There are a lot of firsts in this first episode of the second season. 281 more words

The Erlenmeyer Flask

AKA, bye bye, Deep Throat. Also, CONSPIRACY!!!

If you were paying attention, this is the first time “The Truth Is Out There” at the end of the credits is changed to something else. 301 more words

The X-Files - Trevor (Review)

This July, we’re taking a trip back in time to review the sixth season of The X-Files and the third (and final) season of Millennium… 2,895 more words

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