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# 64 Sinhalite

(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )

Sinhalite is the sculptor’s gem; it loves being around any  place or any one who works with earth, stone, wood, water, air, metals, etc.. 134 more words


Ettore Ferrari

Ettore Ferrari (1845-1929), Pincetto Vecchio, riquadro 4, Verano

Symbols: acanthus ornament


Açık mutfak tasavvufu : Sezgisel, üretken, doğal yapı atölyesi. / Mysticism in open kitchen: Intuitive Hands on Natural Building workshop

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Mutfak, evlerimizde 5 element ile oynadığımız, ürettiğimiz bir mekandır. Öyle bir yer ki, bütün duyularımız aktif haldedir. Acaba, böyle bir yer, içsel gelişimimizin kaynağı olabilir mi? 364 more words


Happy birthday, my favourite artist!

When we were last in my country of origin, which is Slovenia, we visited an amazing artist who celebrates today.

She loves our bestia and this is a sculpture she made of him. 85 more words

Showcased Photo

Sadness etched in stone

The sculptures linked here as “15 utterly incomparable sculptures of the past and present” may or may not be utterly incomparable but are unutterably beautiful, some perhaps more fervently so than others. 118 more words

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