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This particular Serene Outside Sanctuary Offers Sculptural Cement Seating

This Peaceful Outdoor Haven Has Sculptural Concrete Seats | CONTEMPORIST

Photography simply by Bruce Damonte
Sometimes, you simply need a place to unwind and relax, which is precisely what¬†Belzberg Designers …

Sculptural paintings

A lot of my paintings are on the boundary line of sculpture. I use thick paste and paint to build up a surface that is three dimensional and is meant to have the hand run over it (just as much as the eye). 6 more words


Capacity/ Annie Catrell

Lend an ear to the sculptress who makes organic pieces in glass and other material.


Sculptural Renovation within Cambridge Designed with Custom Milling

The particular artistic surf in this sculptural One Major Office remodelling were created by dECOi Designers, with every piece completely customized to become elegant plus functional. 16 more words

Hermits/ Aki Inomata

This artist/architect has a few ideas about shelters and homes. Aki Inomata has designed unusual shells for these hermits.