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First day of first placement

ººº Today was an exciting day starting my placement at Ada Zanditon Couture who’s Atelier is in East London – very close to the ‘hip’ neighbourhood of London. 215 more words

Update on my R.E.D Degree Show getting my fabric pinned up attached to the wood and starting to add photos inside.


From Tuesday and Wednesday last week mixed up.

Here are second from last updated photos of my R.E.D installation below with now the red fabric attached into the wooden structure covering thanks to the help of my mum as it was tricky job for her to pin down try to then figure out overlapping the fabric as its quite delicate but beautiful looking too the red is just gorgeous. 612 more words


Why I am not now including projection in my degree show!


So basically after that test projection experiment I did with the help of my tutor Jonathan which was successful even with using your standard plug cable projector and creating a little slide show of images to project after thinking with the help of my dad having found this mini projector which uses batteries turns out the batteries weren’t included and couldn’t find them feathered on amazon which was so annoying as I thought I had some success. 321 more words


More Updated Degree show space creating and making!

Strcture set up being put up

Strcture set up being put up archway

Strcture set up being put up sideangle

Strcture set up being put up with the ladder… 579 more words



[1] featured image

The MX-Somma Museum designed by FR-EE, is a 180,000 ft2 museum that displays nearly 70,000 pieces of art from the 15th century to the middle of the 20th century. 805 more words

Update on soft red fabric sculptural figure!



So this is a long overdue update on my lasted work in progress soft red fabric sculptural figure which is soon to be finished in fact I’ve set myself a deadline to finish it which is before next Friday now being the 28.3.18 as I want to have it exhibited in a pop up show next Friday my friends who have since graduating last year have set up on this artists useful collective organization which provides art exhibition opportunities for up and coming artists and students too which is awesome which is called Art4u so hopefully getting my new piece shown will open up the chance for it to be seen publically which might open up more doors for me. 309 more words


365 / 352

DAY 352 of 365 days of the art of play

Remnant paper strips