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Comme des Garçons-Art of the In-Between

A few months ago during one of our staff trips to New York City, we divided exhibits to evaluate based on the end of the exhibition. 184 more words

Stylish Heath

The Fragility of Time

Ignacio Canales Aracil has revisited the old art of pressed flowers to transform them into “sculpture gardens”. Weaving florals into structures that originally dry over a paper mould, the designer showcases the minute particularities of each flower, seemingly suspended in negative space. 11 more words



Attending my monthly sculpture class is lika an infusion of a pure vitamin that helps to survive the winter.

This time we worked with sculpture based on a word or concept we got in lottery: “Joy”, “hygiene”, “optur”, “staircase” etc. 29 more words

Art Class


A hawk circles
catching drafts
glides into the distance
high pitched screeches
pierce invisible air

dying trees on a ridge
bare branches
glow in the sunlight… 134 more words

The Journey

Objects Excussus 41

Objects Excussus 41

This is the final photograph in this series which has highlighted things I throw away, discarded – exploring their form, colour, sculptural quality, strangeness. 23 more words