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Yayoi Kusama

This exhibition in Louisiana by Yayoi Kusama is one of the most amazing exhibitions I’ve been to. First of all Louisiana in Denmark is one of the coolest places to go to if your interested in culture and art. 97 more words


Chris Labrooy's Surrealist VW Bugs

We’ve posted about Chris Labrooy’s fantastical car aerobatics before, and he continues the brain-bending work with his latest series, Everybody Loves the Sunshine. In it, he renders photorealistic Volkswagen Beetles in strange and surreal settings. 48 more words

Gretel Boose: A dose of wonder

Ceramic sculptor Gretel Boose remains one of my all-time favourites. She’s been posting process shots on Instagram recently, as she readies for a studio tour in Uxbridge, Ontario.   29 more words


Lord of the Flies?!

I revamped an old desk lamp and made it into a taller lamp for the new student living room. The stand is made of concrete and a metal rod from an old bed. 117 more words

Natura Insects

Insects are pretty divisive in people, they either elicit interest or shudders of dislike. But these beautifully arranged flower insects by Raku Inoue are too pretty not to enjoy. 38 more words

Sandwiches and Slippers in Stone: Sculptures by Ronit Adam

There is no shortage of contemporary painters trying to immortalise the mundane realities of modern life on canvas. Israeli artist Ronit Adam goes further – she captures everything from plates of sandwiches to toothpaste tubes to tissue boxes to bags to slippers…in stone. 385 more words


Geometric Glass Sculptures by Jiyong Lee

This collection of elegant glass sculptures by Jiyong Lee are inspired and beautiful. Created through the process of cold working, the subtle colors and form are unique and demand to be touched and felt. 21 more words