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Week 18: Tutorial, Second Screen and Huge Etchings

This week has been a strange one. I feel like I kind of worked on little parts of everything. Monday was a strange day, I ended up coming in early in the hope that I would get the second screen fitted onto my maquette but the Make Lab was too busy so I did some small tasks instead. 240 more words


A MAS Update: Josie Osborne

The Midwest Artist Studios Project has spent the past three years traveling the Midwest interviewing 24 artists from 18 cities/towns. This project has been such a joy to create and to see how these artists have touched the lives of art students through online interactions, emails, and social media. 410 more words

Frank Juarez

Monument to Syria in a Divided Dresden

The row of three upended buses facing the Frauenkirche in central Dresden appears at odds with the elaborate stone building. What could these dirty, disused vehicles have in common with a marvel of 18th-century architecture? 660 more words


Laura Moriarty: Wax Geodes

“Self-taught artist Laura Moriarty‘s sculptural paintings appear like long lost geodes, geological mysteries layered with multi-colored rings. The asymmetrical pieces reference the earth not only in their appearance but also their process, as Moriarty heats and cools pigmented beeswax is a way that references erosion, weathering, and subduction. 66 more words


Week 17: Woodwork, learning curve and first maquette!

This week has been so busy. I know I say this every week but I am always surprised how much I have to do in comparison to third year. 357 more words


Saturday night selfie

Saturday night I guess is “selfie night” and now, a tradition. I like doing them because illustrations of one’s self are enemy number 1. I hate the line of the nose or curl of the ear. 16 more words

Pen And Ink

The Right to Exist, Maria Gerbaulet-Vanasse

My sculpture speaks to the issues of gun violence in chicago and how it affects our communities. Specifically the way lack of gun control gives guns to young people who shoot each other either because backing down is impossible or because of gang conflicts. 261 more words