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Another Context

Born in Dordrecht in western Netherlands and now based in Rotterdam, Marco Biemans was encouraged by his parents to develop a sensitivity towards art and culture at a young age. 397 more words



Leonardo Da Vinci is my hero: Artist and Scientist – a genuine Polymath.

Of course I tried to emulate him when I was eight by convincing myself that I could hold a sheet of hard board over my head and glide from the top of a wall over the park near where we lived in Matlock. 466 more words


Joshua Abarbanel: Mixed Media

“Joshua Abarbanel is engaged in an on-going examination of creation, the passage of time, and mortality, regularly using forms and patterns evocative of biological, botanical, geological, and mechanical structures. 63 more words


The New World

Personally, the creating of this sculpture allowed me to develop a new perspective of sculpture class and my ability as an artist. Surprisingly, I started with a completely different idea then I ended with. 277 more words


Wire Sculpture

Headphones are bold. The reason why I chose headphones was because I wanted to do something bold and big. I switched the construction of the headphones multiple times. 104 more words


Wire Sculpture

         For my sculpture, I chose to create a lock made from wire. This sculpture utilized twisted wires of different widths and silver wire to create a lock with a sphere like shape. 463 more words


Ceramic Sound Sculptures

IDEA: Interwoven ceramics to move, hear and see.

WHAT: The work is made out of rings of clay, creating a new shape every time it is been put down. 127 more words