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Howl II

A museum piece. A new area to explore inspired from museum displays. Where fragmented elements are placed in assumed positions to imply the whole. An incomplete puzzle with suggestions but not conclusive. 76 more words


Mountain Lion Sculpture

Mountain Lion Sculpture
Mixed Media

This was a commission and not the final color but I liked the white better :)


Healthcare Sculpture

     After Ms. Kerrigan told us about the project, my mind filled with different ideas. Most of them were cliche and included topics constantly talked about by the media. 342 more words


Floral artistry

I have been lucky enough to experience Rebecca Louise Law’s wonderful floral artworks at The Chelsea Flower show. She hangs flowers from copper wires on the ceiling of a tunnel making a suspended garden above visitors heads, they are simply enchanting all who walk under them. 28 more words


Artist Statement- Soap Sculpture

In this project, I made a soap sculpture of a stopwatch. I choose to carve a stopwatch because while looking at the examples from the year before, I realized they all had one thing in common: that they were happening NOW. 265 more words


Soap Sculpture

My project was inspired by my frustration with the idea that people’s values are often quantified and judged by society. It can feel like we are given a price tag. 291 more words


Effortless Warfare

Through this project I learned how to make sculptures using soap, alginate, and plaster. I spent a significant amount of time carving a grenade out of the soap and perfecting it using the carving tools in my supplies. 382 more words