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New Table Decorations on the Way!


Here are the beginnings of some paper mache coffins. they are about 8 inches long and about two inches wide. They have been paper mached and have had one basic layer of clay applied. 48 more words

Delightful Toppings...

Cherries on top are pretty and metaphorically speaking, I certainly love lots of cherry on top moments in my life :-)

A day draws to a close with a gorgeous Sunset that always reminds me that every sun that sets also promises a new dawn and instils a warm sense of peace inside me. 155 more words


Bringing two worlds together.

maxon DC motors bring together robotics engineering & art: Korean artist U-Ram Choe created a sculpture that appears to breathe all on its own.

A brushed maxon RE-max 17 motor and gearhead are the powerful yet smooth force behind the breathing motion of the kinetic sculpture the… 120 more words

DC Servo Motor, Robotics, Automation


when i look at sculpture i picture myself in my head as a sculpture.


Corbridge: Shorden Brae Lion

The Romans erected gravestones and tombs for their dead just as we do today. Often inscribed with the letters DM, Dis Manibus (To the Spirits of the Departed), not all Romans believed in an afterlife and there was a wide range of religious beliefs. 243 more words


spin machine

aluminum siding and other metals on wood, string,  black light bulb, 30″ x 9″ x 5″


Webb's Hope of Deliverance - Justifies its Existence

Bust of poet A.C. Hope by Cathy Webb, Garema Place, Canberra, Australia (2012).

Alec Derwent Hope AC OBE (21 July 1907 –13 July 2000) was an Australian poet and essayist known for his satirical slant. 350 more words