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Think I'm craving normal

Just a Welshman eating snails.  SImple.


Just boils my blood

I was this morning reminded of the scumbag that is Creflo Dollar, the preacher who, a couple of years ago, spent 63 million dollars (I put fifty in the limerick because it worked better ) on a new jet for his ministry. 119 more words


Michael Vick Wants Forgiveness. Really?

Well, I am all about forgiveness, but that forgiveness must come from the individual who has been harmed. Let’s ask his victims if they forgive him; shall we start with the puppy he threw in the pool and then electrocuted. 446 more words


Scumbag, Footscray Hotel, 5th January 2018

Queensland’s Grindcore outfit, Scumbag invaded the Footscray Hotel for the Motovilikha/Scumbag/ Enjoy Our Last Century On Earth split tape release.

Pics by Matt Gleeson.


My Type Part I

I have the absolute worst luck when it comes to guys. They are either low-lifes, fuck-boys, scumbags, gay, or a combination of the latter. My first actual ‘love’, lets call him Mark, went from good to bad to worse to I thought it couldn’t get any worse and then it did. 461 more words


Perfect example of how con artist Matthew Berdyck misleads people

Here is Matt’s banned petition attacking Peter John Ross. By using this picture, he wants you to think Peter punched him in the face.

However, here he claims the black eye is from a fight which resulted over sticking up for a homeless woman: 97 more words

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