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The Shaving Ritual

There is something satisfying about evolving your shaving experience into a ritual. For me, the shaving ritual is a very calming thing. Going through the motions, taking the time to care for your beard hardware and more importantly yourself is extremely calming. 230 more words


The World According To Scuttle

Who doesn’t love Scuttle?! Ariel’s seagull friend has tons of knowledge about the human world…at least, as he sees it. He knows everything there is to know about dinglehoppers, snarfblatts, and all everyday items. 18 more words


Winds scuttle Washington’s crossing despite kids’ efforts

WASHINGTON CROSSING, PA/December 25, 2017 (AP)(STL.News) — Despite the best efforts of some Philadelphia schoolchildren, Mother Nature blew in and scuttled the annual re-enactment of George Washington s crossing of the Delaware River during the Revolutionary The post Winds scuttle Washington s crossing despite kids efforts appeared first on STL.News.

Governing By Scuttle

On the day Virginia seceeded from the Union, there was a scramble for control of Navy ships. The USS Merrimack was a steam powered frigate which had been in federal service for five years. 736 more words



What better theme for a children’s game than that of the cold blooded assassins of yesterday; the Ninja. Sure they were known for their stealth and merciless cruelty. 936 more words



I have to admit, I had no idea what a scuttle was… that is, until I ran across the cutest one EVER on Etsy.  I was looking for a vintage shaving mug for my husband’s bathroom and saw several items listed as “scuttle”.   290 more words


Roof Hatch Thermal Break - Why Does it Matter?

The newest innovation in roof hatch manufacturing is the Thermally Broken Roof Hatch. Thermally broken hatches provide the best thermal performance; exceeding standard hatches by more than 50 percent. 73 more words