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ALJ Kenney Ruling in Sempra TCAP Phase 2

This ruling directs the settling parties to submit specified information regarding the effect of the settlement agreement on SDG&E’s core customers.


The Future in Community Solar

by Deedee Chao

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) is the first of California’s major utilities to enhance community solar programs; customers who are unable to install their own solar panels will still be able to draw their electricity directly from solar sources. 346 more words


SDG&E restores power to almost all customers

SAN DIEGO — Utility crews restored electrical service to about 16,000 homes and businesses that were in the dark early Monday as a result of a powerful El Nino-driven storm. 170 more words


Facing a Big Decision? Math is Your Friend.

How do you make the big financial decisions in life?

Many people, if not most, can make these decisions by trusting their gut.

If that’s you, well, I envy you. 1,002 more words

Alternative Energy

Is Net Energy Metering a Subsidy for the Rich?

Benjamin Zycher at Forbes thinks so.

So what’s the problem? First, the credit paid in California for the excess solar power is far higher than the cost of alternative electricity sources, usually from utilities or from the spot power market.

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Going Solar, Part II

Another factor pushing me toward solar was net metering.

Net metering is a billing system that credits solar homes for the electricity they produce. If the solar system was properly designed the inflows and outflows will balance. 358 more words

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Going Solar, Part I

My wife had been urging us to go solar for years.

She saw it as a way to send a message to our community and ourselves that we care about the environment and the future of our planet. 266 more words

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