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Hint: Not seeing images or media folder in DXA BinaryData Folder

When you are done setting up your DXA within Tridion and can see your DXA Publications and DXA Home Page as below- 562 more words


Don't take the moral high ground

Counter groups to racists groups! Are counter groups methods ethical? Well the answer to that depends on the person and their morals. What i take exception to is counter groups that pretend to be part of groups like SDL, EDL, National Action, BNP, NF etc and use racist, sexist and homophobic language to fit into that “group.” I also take exception to groups using hackers, let’s face it, i haven’t meet a hacker with ethics lets alone morals. 285 more words


National Action Sex offender

What is it with far right groups that attract the dregs of society, the perverted and the twisted? Am talking about National Action and more specifically Ben McIntyre, (19, of York Road, Leeds, was sent to a young offenders’ institution for two years and four months after pleading guilty to false imprisonment and assault.) 445 more words


Leith, United Kingdom: Nationalists counter pro-rapefugee demo

The Scottish Defense League, along with members of the local branch of National Action, held a counter demonstration against a pro-rapefugee march in Scotland today. 171 more words


Photos: SDL Drowned Out as Leith Marches Against Racism

A few weeks ago, stickers from the neo-Nazi youth cult National Action started appearing around the streets of Leith, as they have in Glasgow and elsewhere. 305 more words

First blog post

I never have had a “blog” and I don’t intend on this being one either. I was looking at this to be a place I post what I learn as I program. 91 more words