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SDL Roadshow in London - A Grand Day Out

Last week I finally succumbed to curiosity and went up to London to attend the SDL Roadshow at the Sofitel Hotel off Pall Mall. I’ve received invitations in previous years and clients or colleagues have asked if I was attending, but I’d always tended to think it would be a marketing exercise and not the best use of a freelancer’s time. 1,754 more words


Stockholm Barista SDL

May this be the first of many more to come :) Same Day Lays from daytime cold approaching are one of those things I read about in books and on blogs by famous seducers, when I first got into game, and I used to think that such “is just not fucking possible!” Certainly not for me. 579 more words

The Unattainable

There are all kinds of things that dudes like. But few things get our pulse pounding and our adrenaline pumping like reaching for the unattainable. It’s the reason so many have laid their lives on the stones of Mt. 868 more words

Enzo Ferrari

SDL 2.0, OpenGL, and Multithreading (Windows)

SDL makes working with OpenGL fairly convenient, but setting up a separate rendering thread can be a bit tricky.  OpenGL contexts by default are not very multithread-friendly, either, as they are very tightly bound to the thread that created them.   346 more words

香港HK - 為食起革命 FRD x Playground x SDL 素食健康飲食主義烘焙工作坊 Veggie Healthy Baking Workshop(Class 1 & 2)

關於活動 About the Activity


MEAT is not neccessary for a delicious meal!Let us show you how to use a variety of garden vegetable to make some healthy and tasty pastries! 199 more words

重點消息 Highlights


The following terms are used in adult education:

  • SDL: self-directed learner
  • SRL: self-regulated learner
  • SGL: self-guided learner

SDL was one of my favourite topics in PIDP 3100. 219 more words


How to integrate your SDL2 window icon (or any image) into your executable

Let’s assume you have an image that you want to use as a window icon in your cross-platform application that uses libSDL2.
A suitable window icon is 64x64pixels big (other sizes should work as well, though) and has 32bit RGBA colors, which means it contains an alpha-channel. 971 more words