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Management by PowerPoint

Serious problems require a serious tool… Meetings should center on concisely written reports on paper, not fragmented bulleted talking points projected up on the wall.

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Software Engineering

Software Testing - Types

There are many (a lot!) different types of software testing.  I won’t go into any of them in detail, but just wanted to familiarize myself with some of the terms and the basics. 408 more words

Software Testing. A Guide To Make Developers' Lives harder.

Software Testing is one of the main steps involved in engineering a complete software product. In this article, we will be looking at what testing really is, and the influence it has on the Software Development process. 1,632 more words

Programming a Text-based Game - Prologue

I’m fairly creative, and I’m confident in my ability to make decent graphics for a video game. Decent. But why bother myself making graphics when I can program a text-based game? 425 more words


Lightbulb moment with Docker

I’ve heard the word, played with Docker 101 and still was left wondering why this technology is important.  After all, we have VMs we can run applications on and they obviously support a lot more apps than Docker does.   887 more words


Pengetahuan Dasar Tentang Manajemen Proyek Aplikasi TI


Teknologi Informasi saat ini sudah menjadi kebutuhan yang signifikan bagi seluruh golongan masyarakat, mulai dari perseorangan, komunitas, yayasan, korporasi dan instansi-instansi pemerintah. Salah satu produk teknologi informasi yang paling dicari dan digunakan seperti piranti lunak atau… 599 more words