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Waterfall Model

By the name itself we can have an idea how this model will looks like. It is also known as linear-sequential life cycle Model. As waterfall begins at a top higher mountains and falling towards the land this model flows in one direction. 299 more words


Business Professional’s Role in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

You as a business person gives your business requirements and expect a software system from IT department. But did you ever think about what IT department do with your requirements or how they turn your concept into a software product or what is the process in the IT department? 842 more words

IT Fundamentals For Business Professionals

About Me

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and everybody in between! I’m Andrew, a 17-year-old, Chinese-American, transgender identifying male going to a single-sex school in Cleveland. I’ve always wanted to put my thoughts regarding just about anything in one place, so this is a blog about my experiences and the things I like. 457 more words

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping for My App Concept

This is the customer journey map that I have come up with using the persona of my potential customers: 116 more words


Low-fidelity prototyping

During the requirements modelling process, prototyping takes place. At this point in the process, the prototyping that takes place is called low-fidelity prototyping.

A prototype that is simple, cheap and quick to modify, that has some of the characteristics of the product, but they often don’t look like the final product. 126 more words


Challenges of Software Engineering

The main goal of software engineering is to provide a high quality System or Software  by systematic approach. But there are so many challenges software engineers face in real situations. 319 more words


Team-octopus - an anti pattern?

Many of our daily stand-up meetings and much of the daily over the desk communication sound like:

– “Somebody needs to update the QA database… 1,425 more words