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Agile in Private and Public Sector: To Be or Not To Be

If you have never heard of the buzzword “Agile” before, then you must have been living in Mars!

This is what every Manager wants to have, but not everyone can actually pull it off in its true sense.

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Blog post #1: Software Evaluation

Information systems and related software go through several stages of evaluation by different stakeholders during their lifecycles. Cohen, Dori, and De Haan (2010) analyze the process of acquisition and implementation of new and modified information systems (IS) software from an organizational viewpoint. 541 more words

Surviving the Release Date

Those of you who are in the software testing industry, would have experienced this. You have worked long hours to meet a release deadline. Everything you have done has passed. 593 more words

Software Testing

Developing Application without requirements: Pitfalls for Testing

Just like life, you may at times end up testing an application that has not been developed as per approved requirements. In fact, I have come across scenarios where business has provided some broad outlines and developer has gone ahead and applied his/her own interpretation of the requirements. 810 more words

Software Testing

What about the waterfall method?


Known as linear-sequential life cycle model, the waterfall method was the first process model to be introduced. Basically, no further phase can begin if the previous one hasn’t finished. 173 more words


Developing Software: Where to start?!

In the software and tech industry, one of the main aspects is software development. A lot of software and tech companies, or software teams in any company, follow some type of methodology when it comes to developing software. 419 more words

DevOps is future!

Organisation have now realised the benefits and potential DevOps has and planning to invest heavily in adopting to its practices, As per the recent report published by Gartner “By 2016, DevOps will evolve from a niche strategy employed by large cloud providers to a mainstream strategy employed by 25 percent of Global 2000 organisations.” 92 more words

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