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Software Development Process Automation

As many other things this is easier said than done. Once the procedure is put in place implementing it can be really burdensome and with bigger and complex projects it can become unmanageable. 45 more words


Week 4 – Design, Development, Creativity

In week 4, our lecture started with an advertisement of Data General showcasing its motto “the company that engineered the anxiety out of computers”. Although it was an old advertisement it could represent the ideology of the company. 293 more words

git today? Data Driven conclusions only

Have you thought sometimes that you are doing too much debugging and bug fixing or spending too much time in meetings while other developers are having fun writing code? 316 more words

The Scrum Model: The "cool" SDLC methodology

Agile methodology has become go-to methodology and has been adopted with great gusto by the IT teams across the world because it is flexible and adaptive and allows the IT teams to keep pace with the changing requirements of  the business users… 240 more words

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Iterative and Incremental development model: Building the software brick by brick

Although waterfall model was very useful for software development in the mid part of the 20th century as time went on the fast changing nature of the world meant solutions are obsolete before they could enter the market. 191 more words

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Waterfall Methodology: The cliched "Old but Gold" SDLC

The Waterfall methodology is one of the oldest methodologies in Software development lifecycle. It has been used to create many multi-million even sometimes billion dollar projects. 253 more words

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