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Make Agile Methodology, the Foundation for a Better Software Productivity.

Phases of Agile Methodology as shown below:

In Waterfall model of the Software process, there is no chance to revisit the phases of SDLC once completed. 944 more words


The Waterfall Model, a different perspective

What is Waterfall Model?

It is mostly known as the traditional software development process model, widely used until now, and the most popular SDLC model and the one you should avoid to use. 871 more words

Software Engineering

How would SDLC be used for Spotify

Firstly, the developers and creators need to consider the usefulness and the point in creating a music streaming service like Spotify. Is it useful? Will people use it? 322 more words


Lesson 1 - Software Development Life Cycle


  • Planning:Identify client needs, will the project succeed, timing and budget, Resources available for project. What software needs to do, User requirement and other stakeholders, Risk analysis, Performance Requirements.
  • 374 more words

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)


Feasibility Study

Users / Market

Objective / Need

Identify client needs

Will project succeed?

Resources available for project

Requirements Analysis

Time & Budget

Risk Analysis… 425 more words


Apprentice Journey Part 001: Session 1 SDLC

The software development life cycle

In the first classroom session, we (the apprentices) researched and discussed the software development life cycle (SDLC). It was a comfortable ease into the course. 938 more words

Software Developer Apprenticeship

CYBRIC's CTO and Co-founder Mike Kail Explores DevSecOps

CYBRIC CTO and Co-founder Mike Kail and I connected to discuss DevSecOps. First, Mike tells us what DevSecOps is and why we need it. We talk about the advantages and disadvantages (although we couldn’t really think of any compelling disadvantages) of changing the corporate culture of DevOps to include security. 146 more words

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