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A pug's guide to freeloading.

The first rule is that you need to be quick. Humans don’t want you to eat what they’re eating. They claim it’s for your own good; I just think they enjoy the power trip. 441 more words

Someone's got the hump.

Descriptivewords.org lists 194 words to describe spring. Some, like “sprouting”, or “abloom” are perfectly apt. I’m not so sure about “baseball bat”. Depends where you live, I suppose. 654 more words

The country diary of a pug lady.

After wading through the detritus of Sydenham twice daily with the pavement-munching Flora, the near-complete absence of litter in the Suffolk countryside was a pleasant novelty. 417 more words

A breakthrough in the SE26 peace process.


Beasts of Sydenham blogger Mrs Su Per issued the following statement in south London today (28 February 2016) on the signing of a peace agreement between… 261 more words


It would mean the loss of network rail services from Lower Sydenham, but 27 trains per hour from Lower Sydenham, so far more frequency.

For more information you can click on the link can be seen here: 9 more words