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Sea Change

The Lord has been speaking to me about resting.  Just before Thanksgiving, I noticed my motivation for writing, working on music, and for other pursuits evaporated.   422 more words


Desert Island Albums: Sea Change

Put your hands on the wheel, let the golden age begin…
Sometimes you need “that” album to listen to.  You know, the album that is mellow, sad,  yet somewhat optimistic- in a rock bottom kind of way.   286 more words



The Sea & Tree Change.

I moved to the ‘country’ when I was 21. I was / am in love with a bright young (in the past tense) real estate agent that sold my parents a cute little house nestled into the (not immediate) side of a mountain. 730 more words


Isn't It Romantic

There are many people who dream of leaving the city behind and moving to the country. Some move to pretty coastal villages for a sea change. 413 more words


Wear to Begin: O brave new world, that has such dresses in it

To start the day, generally, we get dressed.

The intricate politics of what people wear, how they get the things they wear, how they wear them, how those things are read by others wearing different things, are deep and tangled and prickly and worthy of extensive consideration. 982 more words

Brave New World

Sometimes You Need A Sea Change To Learn To Ride The Waves

After years of living in Beverly Hills, trying to find my equanimity in the constant chaos of my busy life, I decided to make a bold move to the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. 450 more words


A Rainbow Week!

If days were colours, and an ordinary day was grey, I’ve just lived a rainbow of a day. No, scratch that. It was a Rainbow week! 917 more words

Macadamia Farming