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Marriage in Trouble? Why not go to Egypt?

My youngest Sebastian was going on so many growth spurts it freaked me out. It was obvious he would be taller than both of us. He had inherited the male gene on my side where my father, uncles and cousins were all pretty much over 6 foot.   1,025 more words

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sea change

I feel like I ripped out my aorta and shoved it up my esophagus.  Other times, it’s less bad.

Project Ocean

An important, and super fab, ocean/water exhibition & cafe. Selfridges, London.


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Living the Dream until the GFC

Shoal Haven Heads is a pretty quiet place, almost like stepping back in time to a small sea side village sitting hidden from view.

We welcomed the quietness, and got slowly to know the locals who were friendly and generally retirees or some with young families. 651 more words

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Happy birthday, Beck

Beck has the amazing ability to switch genres at will and be equally talented in any of them. His skill for producing ballads is matched by very few contemporary (or any era, for that matter) writers, and he can groove with the best of 80’s Prince. 84 more words


Sea Change

Goodbye Old Life

We packed up the contents of our house, had all our friends over for the final send off before we hit the road with two small children. 501 more words

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Family trip to Egypt in middle of the revolution

Swimming Out of the Rip

We had been married for so many years the anniversaries start to go by in a blur. It’s dusk, my two boys have since been coerced from ipads and headsets to go to bed at the usual time of 8.30pm on a school night, and  I grab a wine, opened up the full length glass doors leading out on to the desk overlooking the darkening ocean. 760 more words

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