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CRASH2: why giving assertive advice to indecisive people is not a good look.

Last Thursday, UBS strategist Joni Teves said she saw “no compelling reason for a big gold-price rally or markets selling off”. To tighten her grip on this, her hostage to fortune, Ms Teves added “Growth dynamics are improving, and in 2018, growth is likely to remain steady….The global macroeconomic picture is looking less risky as most countries are in the expansionary phase of their cycles.” 1,270 more words

ER's Abby and Luka: Two pieces of a puzzle finally in the right place

In Sea Change Abby comes home from her last day at work before her and Luka’s presumed honeymoon. The scene is one of my favourites because of how utterly comfortable they are with each other finally. 316 more words

Maura Tierney

Great B Sides- Thrice

Thrice are one of the most influential bands in the post hardcore genre. For almost 20 years, the guys in Thrice have done it their way and left their mark. 79 more words


salt whispering

salt whispering of the great sea change

She knew the siphoning to be as surreptitious as it was dangerous down the river a ways, where community and real estate parted, where souls were handed off shamelessly to areas unincorporated and lesser know than a cold case file in a sub-basement archive a steep fall off the side of a paper trail, where who knows?  48 more words

Bernard Robichaud Talks Playing the Antagonist in Lifetime's 'Sea Change'

“Every good story needs to have an antagonist, and Bobby Sr. is a good example of that.”

Actor Bernard Robichaud opens up to The Hudsucker… 596 more words


Elusive Solitaries

We are afraid we haven’t much to share about our underwater endeavours. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. It is the second time we have tried diving at the… 419 more words


Privileged Moments

Some days you feel lucky; you experience some privileged moments: it might be a whale powerfully beating its fluke on the water surface, another breaching time and time again, or a little crested tern stopping by for a rest at our bow, or the brilliant oranges and yellows of the late afternoon sun reflected on the calm ocean, or the sight of a fortress as we reach port. 221 more words