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Time..or money?

I do NOT want to look back on this summer and remember the toilets.  Chic toilets, antique toilets, Leonardo da Vinci toilets, toilets with fancy wooden seats, toilets with raised seats, toilets with fluffy seats… I have knelt before them all, sweat pouring off me, plait dangling in the bowl, face to face with the most basic of functions.   401 more words

Sunshine Coasting...

On Monday I posted a bit of an ode to the city I live in…a farewell, of sorts.

I had a lot of people asking if I was feeling nostalgic or sad about leaving and to be honest, while there’s absolutely a little of both, there’s also a lot more excitement…mixed in with a dollop of uncertainty and the usual amount of worry about teeny things like earning a living and finding a place to live. 511 more words


When you come before he does..


Ok I never buy the Daily Telegraph on account of not wanting to bankroll Mr Toad (aka Murdoch) but this headline crafted by… 619 more words

Mind the Wind

Coastal houses and fishing villages seem free from needless details – in yards and people’s minds. The strong wind just blows everything away. Not every tree can grow by the sea. 7 more words


A Beautiful View on Kangaroo Island 

I’ve started daily vlogs of our new life on Kangaroo Island.

The most important footage I will show is the ambience, serenity and positive impact the local community and environment has on the upbringing of my young children. 57 more words


Island Time

There is a phrase “island time”. The time vacuum created by the ocean’s presence. It feels like everything moves nice and slow. A carefree aura. I believe you can experience it on almost every beach. 16 more words


The Sun Still Rises in The Sky

Sanford Robinson Gifford, “Sunrise, Long Branch, New Jersey , via Wikimedia Commons

“Full fathom five they father lies,

Of his bones are coral made,

Those are pearls that were his eyes,

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