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Sea grape

Umi budo or sea grape

A local seaweed from Okinawa, often referred as green cavier.

This seaweed has high mineral and low energy. It’s good with all kind of seafood. 12 more words


Looking for some fall color . . .

We witnessed a magnificent¬†Sunset (above) over the Gulf of Mexico this past Sunday. ¬†The brilliant oranges and yellows got me thinking about how different “Fall” looks in different places. 258 more words


Sea grape; Tidying up the loose ends

Well, as you may have read in the last post (where I blamed the problem on WordPress) and might have guessed from the original posting… 380 more words


A big change coming, hold your breath!

Well guys and gals, it seems like I’ve filled up the storage space on this WordPress blog and I have some decisions to make.
#1 I could end the blog and make many of the higher-ups in the bonsai world happy by ridding the Internet of my questioning, irreverent, de-edifying ,and just plain annoying presence. 288 more words


A new aesthetic for a sea grape?

Why am I going to Palm Bay, of all the beautiful places there are in Florida to go?

I guess it might have something to do with bonsai. 473 more words


Sea grape bonsai and some first-aid training

Here we go again, I just know I’m going to get all kinds of guff for this post.
Oh well.
Here’s the tree.

Yup, a sea grape…..I can hear it now, 1,299 more words


Sea Grape Honey and Usages

Common throughout the Caribbean Islands and the USA, the Sea Grape can only survive in parts of Southern Florida and is considered native to the area. 272 more words