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A bed a bed, my kit-bag for a horse

My next leg, having started at Dartmouth in honour of my Dad, will be ( weather permitting) from Plymouth to Salcombe. The next day I then plan to paddle from Looe to Plymouth and then from Fowey to Looe. 187 more words

Reluctant techno V diminishing Luddite

In preparation, not to mention a small of anticipation, of getting some memorable footage and remember this could be practically anything from a sweeping dragon off the Pembrokeshire coast to a spent prophylactic  drifting  off the elusive pier off Cleethorpes ( where incidentally I believe 45 Commando Royal Marines have recently been awarded the freedom of the borough of Lincolnshire, hip hip hooray, excuse me sir is this yours?) Prior to setting off, I purchased a giknockers external hard drive to store it all on so as not to melt me laptop. 286 more words

Where would I be if I wasn't here?

I would undoubtedly be somewhere else. But as I am warm, safe, rested and replete, I am of no mind to be teased by what I might otherwise wish for; especially as I clearly don’t want or need it(Maslow would be pleased) . 289 more words

Three Montreal kayakers set off on paddle of a lifetime

WATCH ABOVE: It’s departure day for Julien Granger, Luc Labelle and Nuka De Jocas-McCrae, as they set off on a 9000 km sea kayak journey that will take them from Montreal, to the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. 242 more words


Never bite the hand that feeds

In reality there are few adventures that expose themselves to the unsheltered elements of being truly unsupported and in this respect I suppose I am no different. 525 more words

Sea Kayak

The Shorebreak

The Autumn weather arrived in Southern Australia this week bringing a mad search for thermal paddling tops, waterproof jackets and beanies. Those who ventured out were rewarded with a blustery beach launch and some light drizzle. 88 more words

Sea Kayak

A Misty Easter Eigg Hunt

A long weekend of paddling, first in to Knoydart then over to Skye, onwards to Eigg and round Muck, before returning to our starting point of Mallaig. 864 more words