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Resail: Grafting a New(ish) Sail Onto An Old Kayak

Regular readers know my fondness for sticking sails onto anything that floats. I even fitted a Hobie Mirage sail and Side Kick Amas onto my previous single sea kayak. 842 more words

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' Yak Hacks: Raise Your Light High For Night Paddling

Off-the-shelf kayak lights are an excellent way to increase safety when night paddling. By raising your light a few feet above the deck you can ensure it remains unblocked by your body and visible through the full 360. 258 more words

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Almost Paradise

The boat is criss-crossing between the islands that rise like dragon’s teeth from the blue of the Thailand gulf. Around us longboats are passing by, carrying passengers from other boats to the perfect sand little beaches. 685 more words

Thailand Discovery 2015

The Night Before Christmas, Kayaker's Version

by Philip Torrens

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the boathouse,
Not a creature was stirring, no, not a sea-louse.
The sea-socks were hung by the Coleman with care, 344 more words

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A Review Of The Falcon Kayak Sail. Part 2: Exhilaration

My prior experience with commercially-made kayak sails has been mostly with the Pacific Action sail and the Spirit Sail. I used them both for more than a decade on my previous kayak, and loved the versatility of being able to raise either or both so I could sail in anything from strong winds to gentle breezes. 743 more words

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Sea kayak around the caves and lagoons at Phang Nga

A brilliant tour booked on the streets of Phuket in which we opted for a big ferry style boat over a speedboat, slower but way more comfortable (and you get to jump / dive off the side of the boat). 89 more words