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Sea-surface temperatures during the last interglaciation.

A proverb of Confucius states “Study the past if you would divine the future.” Human activity ensures that our climate will become warmer in the next century and remain warm for many millennia to come which makes particularly pertinent the study of periods in which at least sectors of the Earth system may have been “warmer” than today. 378 more words

Global sea levels are rising fast, so where does that leave the cities most at risk?

Amy Lieberman – 10/14/16

The severe risk of climate change and rising sea levels on urban areas has not been addressed in the UN’s proposed New Urban Agenda, so flood-risk cities will have to learn from each another and share solutions. 928 more words


Hurricane Nicole and King Tide Already Flooding Fort Lauderdale

Every October, the king tide sweeps across South Florida as the full moon orbits closest to Earth. This alignment causes the highest water level of the year. 178 more words


Venice's Vast New Flood Barrier Is Almost Here

Will our technological advances save us as a species? How much will we continue alter Mother Earth? This is an interesting article about adaptation to climate change, but how much can we adjust will be the real question. 991 more words

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The Dangerous Flaw in Flood Risk Maps

Laura Bliss  Sep 2, 2016

FEMA bases flood insurance rates on the way water behaved in the past. But the atmosphere is changing.

Hurricane Hermine made landfall in Florida last night. 2,041 more words


Sea level regulated tetrapod diversity dynamics through the Jurassic/Cretaceous interval.

The Jurassic/Cretaceous (J/K) boundary, 145 Myr ago, remains as the less understood of major Mesozoic stratigraphic boundaries. Sedimentological, palynological and geochemical studies, indicate a climatic shift from predominantly arid to semi arid conditions in the latest Jurassic to more amicable humid conditions in the earliest Cretaceous. 513 more words