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North Carolina’s valuable pile of sand

This land isn’t permanent, it moves. This whole pile of sand moves with every storm with sea level rise, and it’ll continue to move for hundreds of years.

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Bicycling to Be Encouraged to Combat Global Warming

Writes Mostafa Al Hossaini

The biggest of all problems we are to face in this 21st-century world is GLOBAL WARMING. With the increasing carbon emission by many highly industrialized countries and a rapidly growing population, the planet is at the brink of a massive natural disaster. 638 more words


Seminar Blog: Surgewatch: documenting 2000 years of coastal flooding in the UK

By MSc ECE 2018/19 student Gabriella Panteli,

On Friday 2nd November Dr Ivan Haigh, Mrs Addina Inayatillah, Ms Lucy Fillbrook spoke to us on the topic “Surgewatch: documenting 2000 years of coastal flooding in the UK”. 593 more words


Today in climate change (9 November 2018)

Please find below links to recent climate change news…

Disappearing Islands: What Happens To Their Nations and People? https://medium.com/@riad.meddeb/disappearing-islands-what-happens-to-their-nations-and-people-f318c374188

It’s not rocket science: Climate change was behind this summer’s extreme weather… 244 more words

Climate Change

Common Questions We Get on Sea Level Rise With Links to Some (not all) Relevant Resources

Q:  Can you please make me aware of the most recent NOAA documents/predictions regarding sea level rise? 

A:  As you might imagine, there are a lot of resources on this subject and NOAA has different offices that specialize in different aspects of sea level rise science, data, tools, and resources.  877 more words


4 Simple Things Everyone Can Do To Help Preserve Hawai’i

Hawai’i is a very special yet vulnerable place, and the fragility of the state increases each year. The environmental problems facing Hawai’i today are dire: rising seas that will eventually inundate Waikiki, species loss, mass coral reef deaths, and plastic pollution overwhelming beaches. 638 more words

Impact Of Sea Level Rise in and Around Humboldt Bay


To analyze the difference in effect of various levels of sea rise on different kind of land in Humboldt County, a DEM (digital elevation model) was used. 301 more words

Sea Level Rise