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On the ball: Climate Change with Prof Kevin Anderson.

We need more like this man, Prof Kevin Anderson. He knows fine well his viewers are served well by his quick delivery, in the talk below he gets through lots of points because there are lots of points  … its called survival of the planet !!! 817 more words

Climate Change

Liminal Ground- Miami Design Project

Liminal Ground it the title of my landscape architecture project. The studio was called Miami Vice: Selling the Sunshine State in which we had to address how to revitalize the chosen site and respond to sea level rise. 446 more words


Expedition 374 and ice sheet modelling Conversation with Benjamin Keisling, scientist onboard the JOIDES Resolution during Expedition 374

Benjamin, can you please introduce you and explain your research topics?

My name is Benjamin Keisling and I am part of the Sedimentology team onboard Expedition 374. 813 more words


25 Years of Data Shows We Missed Something Important About Sea Level Rise

Satellite data measured across a 25-year period shows that not only are the seas rising, they’re rising faster and faster – an acceleration that is on track to double the jump in sea levels by 2100 compared with a fixed increase year-on-year. 492 more words


Today in climate change (16 February 2018)

Please find links below to recent climate change news…

If you live in Florida, doctors say climate change is already affecting your health http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/environment/article199310404.html

Climate Change Could Stop These 13 Cities From Hosting the Winter Olympics Again… 391 more words

Climate Change

King Tide Pics Offer Snapshot of Future Sea Levels

It’s December 8th and Vancouver is experiencing a King Tide — as the sun and moon’s gravitational forces come together to create some of the highest tides of the year. 588 more words