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Poached Salmon

“Some 95,400 fish were killed by a new device called a thermolicer … The ‘sudden temperature change’ caused by the thermolicer killed 95 per cent of the lice but also caused ‘significant mortalities’ amongst the salmon. 52 more words

Cooke Aquaculture denied social license in Nova Scotia

In a bold move Friday, the ad-hoc group Citizens for Sustainable Aquaculture Now has denied New Brunswick-based multi-national Cooke Aquaculture the social license required under the revised Nova Scotia Aquaculture Regulations, informed by the 2015… 242 more words

Farmed Salmon

Surfing = good.

Sea Lice = bad.

Surfing + Sea Lice = Itchy Surfing.

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Sea Lice: What is it and how to treat

Sea lice, which are jellyfish and sea anemone larvae, cause an itchy rash  in ocean bathers in Florida and Alabama. The rash typically lasts for about two weeks and can be associated with a fever, chills, headaches, and nausea.   54 more words

“Lousy with Lice? The Solution is Snorkeling Salmon”

A surprising number of parallels can be drawn between an average middle school student and Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). They are both athletic, tend to travel in large groups, have an insatiable appetite as they mature, go to “ 1,048 more words


More troubles for Cooke Aqua: Product recall, "Do not buy" notice for farmed salmon, loan demands


Fish farming practices harm environment

New Brunswick-based multi-national farmed salmon producer Cooke Aquaculture had nothing but bad news during the past month, including yet another product recall from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), a voluable complaint from the mayor of the town housing Cooke’s Nova Scotia headquarters and a notice to consumers to avoid eating Cooke’s primary product, Atlantic salmon grown in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. 533 more words

Cooke Aquaculture