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“Lousy with Lice? The Solution is Snorkeling Salmon”

A surprising number of parallels can be drawn between an average middle school student and Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). They are both athletic, tend to travel in large groups, have an insatiable appetite as they mature, go to “ 1,048 more words


More troubles for Cooke Aqua: Product recall, "Do not buy" notice for farmed salmon, loan demands


Fish farming practices harm environment

New Brunswick-based multi-national farmed salmon producer Cooke Aquaculture had nothing but bad news during the past month, including yet another product recall from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), a voluable complaint from the mayor of the town housing Cooke’s Nova Scotia headquarters and a notice to consumers to avoid eating Cooke’s primary product, Atlantic salmon grown in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. 533 more words

Cooke Aquaculture

Just Say No to Farmed Salmon

I have long eschewed eating farmed salmon, most of which is Atlantic salmon, for a variety of health reasons.  Among them are that farmed salmon have seven times the levels of… 780 more words

European salmon virus confirmed in BC wild salmon

$140 million in compensation paid by Canadian government for diseased salmon
In a news release Tuesday, the Conservation Council of New Brunswick expressed concern about a… 520 more words


nat geo backs the blue revolution

This video is hiding a LOT of information. We greenhorns ask the viewing audience to question the motives of National Geographic for posting this video about the “blue revolution.”  It’s an input-intensive industrial fish farm which spells out: 20 more words

Bermuda Round the Sound 10k Race Report

Here’s the gorgeous water that greeted me as I flew into Bermuda nearly a month ago. Not a bad way to start my Round the Sound… 1,185 more words

Open Water

Can B.C. fish farms convince critics their practices are safe?

WATCH: B.C.’s biggest fish farm company invited the media to tour its new facility — claiming that it is addressing many of the problems critics have with the industry. 310 more words