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Cooke Aqua threat to Puget Sound results in license revocation in Washington Sate

facility poses significant threat to the Puget Sound – Legislation also tabled to cancel future lease renewals

A Cooke Aquaculture fish farm in Port Angeles, Washington has had its license revoked after a series of violations, the Seattle Times reported. 305 more words

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Cooke Aqua faces pollution charges in Washingtone State

Canadian multi-national fish farmer Cooke Aquaculture is being penalized for something other than releasing more than 100,000 Atlantic farm salmon into the Puget Sound region near Seattle, Washington. 244 more words

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Trout & Salmon Farmers Unite To Test New Sea Lice Treatment

One of the greatest barriers to aquaculture’s expansion is the threat of disease and pests, which can quickly spread amid any group of living creatures, particularly in aquatic environments.  296 more words


Courtney Barnett is an incredible songwriter, as is Kurt Vile. When the two musicians decided to unite and make a meta album about recording together, fans knew the result would be a good time. 158 more words

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Fat, ugly and hungry: Everyone’s mad about Cooke’s fugitive salmon

I wouldn’t eat ’em,’ scoffs longtime Puget Sound fisherman


In a giant refrigerated warehouse 90 miles north of Seattle, 43,500 Atlantic salmon were stacked in plastic crates, frozen pariahs in a kingdom where Pacific salmon rule. 1,312 more words

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Industrial Salmon Farming and the Die-Off of Wild Salmon

Salmon Confidential

Directed by Twyla Roscovich (2013)

Film Review

Salmon Confidential is about the Pacific Canadian salmon farms that are killing millions of wild Frasier River salmon and the deliberate cover-up by the Canadian government. 236 more words

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Calling all fishermen: Thousands of Atlantic salmon used the eclipse to escape into the Pacific

Salmon fishing communities in the Pacific northwest are desperately trying to catch an invasive species of Atlantic salmon that escaped from nets over the weekend. Cooke Aquaculture, which was farming the fish, blamed the fiasco on eclipse-induced high tides—though… 327 more words