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Fat, ugly and hungry: Everyone’s mad about Cooke’s fugitive salmon

I wouldn’t eat ’em,’ scoffs longtime Puget Sound fisherman


In a giant refrigerated warehouse 90 miles north of Seattle, 43,500 Atlantic salmon were stacked in plastic crates, frozen pariahs in a kingdom where Pacific salmon rule. 1,312 more words

Farmed Salmon

Industrial Salmon Farming and the Die-Off of Wild Salmon

Salmon Confidential

Directed by Twyla Roscovich (2013)

Film Review

Salmon Confidential is about the Pacific Canadian salmon farms that are killing millions of wild Frasier River salmon and the deliberate cover-up by the Canadian government. 236 more words

Medical Censorship

Calling all fishermen: Thousands of Atlantic salmon used the eclipse to escape into the Pacific

Salmon fishing communities in the Pacific northwest are desperately trying to catch an invasive species of Atlantic salmon that escaped from nets over the weekend. Cooke Aquaculture, which was farming the fish, blamed the fiasco on eclipse-induced high tides—though… 327 more words

Amphipods may be sea creature that feasted on Australian teenager's legs

An Australian teenager is recovering in hospital after being severely bitten by what researchers believe to be amphipods, a type of sea scavenging crustacean, commonly known as… 624 more words


Cracking the case of the mystery sea creatures that chewed an Australian teen's legs

It was a not-very-dark and semi-cloudy night. An Australian teenager named Sam went wading in the sea in a Melbourne suburb to cool off after a soccer match. 523 more words

News Junkie: North Korea Is Not Happy With The U.S.

Welcome to the first ever News Junkie section where we take a brief look at the stories that caught my today while scrolling past the social media deep sea of clickable noise. 429 more words

Mystery sea creatures leave Australian teen bloodied after feasting on boy's legs

A teenager who went for a swim at a Melbourne beach and emerged with his feet covered in blood has stumped marine experts.

Sam Kanizay’s legs felt sore after playing a game of football on Saturday, so he decided to soak them at the beach. 683 more words