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Animals By Accident – The Accidental Doolittle

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Animals By Accident Series

Farming Gone Wrong!

In 1973 l was 10 years of age, l was living in Springvale South a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. 1,785 more words

Animals By Accident

Triop Update

If you didn’t know already we were kindly sent some little Triops eggs click the link to take you to our first blog introducing them! 164 more words

Product Review

Finished Painting + Interesting Video about Sea Monkeys

Haha I guess I’m now turning to wordpress whenever I find some strange informative video that I feel the need to share (but with who? I don’t post to facebook so I guess I will share with the strangers of the internet blogging community) 289 more words

Our inter-connected world from sea monkeys to human health

A bonus to writing novels in ocean floor settings is the interesting research. I’m sad to report our oceans are in trouble. Since they  produce nearly 70% of the world’s oxygen that means  385 more words

Science News

The Brine Shrimp Project - The Final Update

I have sad news about my little Brine Shrimp, as you may be able to tell from this blog title.  There were only three naupauli alive in my… 635 more words

The Brine Shrimp Project - The Obstacles of Shrimp Rearing

It’s time to catch up with the Brine Shrimp. I wrote the first two blog posts a few weeks after the Shrimp had hatched. This was mainly because Callum & I were still waiting… 728 more words

Aqua Dragons

Miscellaneous Ramblings About Comic-Book Stuff, Part 1

I came across some old and new comics in the last six months or so and decided to ramble a bit and share some pointless thoughts. 984 more words

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