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SEA-MONKEYS... brine shrimp beasties in a bowl

“Sea-Monkeys” is the marketing name given to Artemia – a genus of the aquatic Brine Shrimp able to produce dormant eggs which hatch from their state of suspended animation when mixed with water and crystals. 139 more words

1980s Toys

Swimming with Sea Monkeys in the Great Salt Lake

Never did I think I would utter the words,

“I spent the afternoon swimming with sea monkeys.”

As a child I had sporadic success as a sea monkey owner. 928 more words

The Great Salt Lake, Utah

This is what I really came to see, the Great Salt Lake, from which the city takes its name. This is what remains of a gigantic prehistoric lake, Lake Bonneville, which I think was fresh water and is still the largest body of water between the Great Lakes and the Pacific Ocean in the USA. 560 more words




Finals are over! At last, time to catch up on everything I’ve been putting off! That means sleep ;)

It also means portfolio updates and cleaning and filing and….well…everything else…. 84 more words

Making Money - Chapter 10 (The Girl Next Door)

“Look here, you Ninny”. I’ve just about had it with you. I’m talking about washing cars, and you are looking at me with your Goo-Goo eyes, mumbling something about “the cops, and a cigarette”. 1,965 more words

Stories - The Girl Next Door

Sea-Monkeys on God's Credenza

Does anyone else remember the lure of these ads in the back of comic books? As an avid reader who would pick up anything to read, I was fascinated by the ads in the back of my Archie comics for onion-flavored gum and soap that turned the unsuspecting hands black. 581 more words