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The leading causes of death among Sea Monkeys and getting the phat on mooncakes.......

There has been the odd occasion, where I have built something up in my mind so much so the reality of it just could not possibly have lived up to what I had imagined.   1,393 more words

Diary of a Comic Fan Part 4 - You’ll believe a man can fly!

Next year is Superman’s 80th anniversary. In 1978 we celebrated his 40th birthday with the imminent release of Superman the Movie the following year. You will believe a man can fly! 496 more words

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Sea Monkeys, what are they?

As small children, most of us experienced the wonder of sea-monkeys. The instant pet that required very little maintenance and boasted a life expectancy of up to two years. 2,562 more words

Sea Monkeys Mugs

Sea Monkeys (ideal for brine tea)

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Sea Monkeys of the Paper Oceans

It was early, 9.00am or so. The Book Barn had just opened it’s iron jaws. The old man, the white-haired store keep was bending over, he was tending to the towers at the door, books up to his knees and he apologised for the mess as I wandered through. 178 more words

Day 287 - National Sea Monkey Day

I like my Sea Monkeys prepared in a nice cream sauce with some fresh summer greens to help bring out all the flavors and I pair it with simple fruity Pinot Grigio. 1,853 more words


May 16th National Sea Monkey Day

National Sea Monkey Day May 16th, 2017

Sea Monkeys were created by Harold Von Braunhut in 1957. The best way he could figure to sell his “product” was by buying advertisements in comic books, advertising the Sea Monkey to children who could not resist ordering them in the mail. 90 more words

Unboxing The Bizarre