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Hey Skinny! Send Away for Stuff...

We’ve all been there. We mowed the lawn. We took out the garbage. We cleaned out the garage. We did our homework every night. We walked the dog. 1,957 more words

Issue 002

Rat-faced squirrel makes a comeback

There’s something gratifying about discovering that a species heretofore thought to be extinct for, say, 11 million years, is actually still hanging around.

If nothing else, it gives hope to the Republican Party. 428 more words


Sleep tight. . . .

Remember when we got the huge new bed? And remember when we were overrun with sea monkeys?

Well, those two things have kind of come together in a horrible way for us. 577 more words


Instant Life? Is That for All the Losers Out There?

September 1963

X-Men #1

This ad actually turned out to be more educational for me than I was expecting! With the headline “INSTANT LIVE SEA ANIMALS” I initially assumed it was some generic knockoff of… 112 more words


Instant Carnage - JUST ADD WATER

Gather round, Hellions, I have a special bit of insanity to share. You can now pre-order my upcoming novella, JUST ADD WATER, coming out with Lyrical Press in June. 290 more words

Hunter Shea