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Chasing sea snakes in Australia | Colour and Vision

To coincide with the opening of our Colour and Vision exhibition and #WorldSnakeDay, Museum researcher Dr Bruno Simões tells us about recent fieldwork he undertook in Australia to learn about vision in snakes. 1,615 more words

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Ular laut dan Belut laut - Serupa Tapi Tak Sama

Ular termasuk salah satu binatang yang paling ditakuti. Bentuknya yang panjang dan licin sering memberikan rasa geli pada beberapa orang yang melihatnya. Bisa ular, yang merupakan salah satu senjata andalannya, juga dapat membuat orang enggan mendekatinnya. 811 more words


My Magic Mangrove Mansion. Mein magisches Mangrovenhaus.

Today we go again on a snorkeling tour to another two beautiful spots. Again an impressive drop-off, swarms of fish, a great variety of corals and some sea turtles. 264 more words


Now You Are Eight

Suddenly and incredibly, you are eight! Alex, how our world changed when you were born on that bright Saturday afternoon, eight years ago.

Among my favourite things is spying on you. 618 more words

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Bali Day 5: Crustaceans

With our late lunch and early dinner neither of us was really hungry so we just skipped breakfast. We’re still on our normal early schedule so we picked our book back up for a bit before I packed my bag for the dive. 1,284 more words

India '15

Moo spotting, 1915.


According to many of this town who went to go see a moo found in the ocean one of the days last week for themselves, it was indeed a moo and not an eel, for it looked like a snake , but the only difference was that it was a moo that lived in the ocean. 201 more words


Sea of Fables Ruin Tour Sees East River Snake

A charter tour of the Sea of Fables ruins caught a glimpse of the East River Snake, a ten meter eel that has been blamed for missing coolers throughout the East River system. 86 more words

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