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Star Dance

Photo credit: Athena Alexander


Marine animals

This is a short film created during the “Porgrave” shooting, the latest film by Sandro Bocci, that will be released in late 2015. …Meanwhile… shows the world of marine animals like corals and starfish at high magnification and during long time span through the timelapse.

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Spain, parte V: Christmas in Torremolinos

Christmas in Spain is very much a family holiday, and before we’d planned our trip, we’d read on TripAdvisor that many places shut down on Christmas Eve and remain closed on Christmas Day as well. 716 more words


Blood Star

Henricia sea stars come in shades of red, purple, orange, and magenta. They live in the sublittoral zone of coastal shores, sheltering under stones and among sponges. 67 more words

On the edge of the ocean

Every once in a while, I catch my breath and marvel at the place where I live. It’s so remote that its beauty is particularly wild. 492 more words


Star Fish

When I was a teenager, I spent several summers camping on Catalina Island. After a couple of classes in marine biology at the marine science research center on the Two Harbors side, I can still name sea cucumbers, anemones, and bioluminescent brittle stars. 145 more words


Road Trip! Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

I combed. I scoured. No octopus.

It was midday and the sun was bright, without even a wisp of a cloud overhead. The shy, nocturnal octopus likely wouldn’t be making an appearance. 616 more words