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Sea Life

Another beautiful day on the beach – the Atlantic side of Elbow Cay.

Why is it so deserted?  Just saying – not complaining.  It’s low tide – time to find some sea creatures over on the Sea of Abaco side.  132 more words

Motu Iti

Gulls Eating Sea Stars

Back in August of this year, the 14th to be exact, I was walking along the waterfront in Sidney, BC when I caught a gull red-handed (or red-billed) trying to swallow a sea star. 100 more words


The Case of the Zombie Starfish: Why are Starfish tearing their own arms off?

In true Halloween spirit, I would like to share this weird & spooky phenomenon that has been occurring in starfish all around the world for the past 70 years. 400 more words


S is for Starfish

I love Starfish!!

They come in so many colors and sizes, are so incredibly strong and can regenerate limbs. How cool is that?

Here are 2 starfish stories… 393 more words

September At The Shore


The appropriately but unimaginatively named eleven-armed sea star is New Zealand and Australia’s largest Sea Star. They can have anywhere from seven to fourteen arms, but like the one in this photograph, eleven arms is most common. 142 more words