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GPS Turtle Eggs to Track Poachers

Last time we mentioned sea turtles it was also in the context of protecting them from poaching. These threatened ocean species lay eggs on public beaches and certain people enjoy eating those eggs, or even the turtle meat itself. 478 more words


Ciao, Isabela

My mum’s world traveller status is a recent acquisition, precipitated mainly by a desire to see her wayward son once in a while. However, this coincided with definite self-interest when she announced another visit- coincidentally whilst I was due to be on the amazing Galápagos archipelago! 3,032 more words

World Travel

Awaiting turtles to hatch

It would have been a beautiful night for the turtle nest to hatch. Maybe day 56? My mom’s friend discovered the nest exactly 55 days ago, after she found sea turtle tracks in the sand on her routine 6am checks. 73 more words


How Much Does it Cost a Fishery to Save a Single Sea Turtle?

by Minling Pan

If you ever wondered how much it costs a fishery to save a sea turtle, check out this new study conducted by Dr. 529 more words


Dominican Republic: Release of sea turtle hatchlings continues

Today, the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources announced three simultaneous releases of 149 leatherback turtle hatchlings at several beaches across the country. 254 more words


A Plastic-Free Life

Plastic is everywhere and plastic lasts forever. Every single piece of plastic manufactured in the world still exists somewhere on Earth, on the land, in the soil, in the ocean, in the stomachs of seabirds, in the tissues of fish and other marine life, and in the bodies of human beings. 955 more words


Virginia Aquarium releases three rehabilitated sea turtles

Three rehabilitated Kemp’s ridley sea turtles were sent back out into the ocean on Friday.

The three turtles were all hooked by local recreational fishers this year, and after some rehabilitation time with the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, they were released back into the wild. 248 more words