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Scuba Certification in Hawaii

We are officially scuba certified! We spent the last two days (Monday and Tuesday) doing our open water dives with Island Divers here in Honolulu. It’s been amazing! 757 more words


Beach hopping in Curacao

We walk a few steps from our resort to a secluded lagoon. The approach is steep, marred with potholes though it matters little. We did not come to Curaçao or this place for paved roads. 300 more words

CLIMBER's Small Way of Protecting the Pawikans

Turtles! oh, they are so cute.

Were my thoughts when I saw them wriggling. I was told that they are ready to be released to the ocean and our own hunt the night before of a mother turtle laying eggs were naught, they were as elusive as true love. 671 more words


Sea Turtles and Sunset by the Sea

Friday just seems to be my day for breaking out the camera. After a day of shopping, I decided to head down to the water to watch the sunset. 774 more words


Galápagos Islands

This was our most memorable, and most expensive, part of our South American journey. I finally have all the pictures up! Whew :)


One person at a time, that’s how we take care of this planet and in this story, it’s Pita Qarau in Fiji. At one time he hunted turtles, now he is a turtle conservator. 57 more words

Sea Turtles

My New Year's Resolution: Absolutely Strawless

I’m afraid I disagree with Beyonce in that no one can be ‘flawless’. However, this year I do aim to be strawless! It’s one easy way to be more environmentally friendly, not only by contributing less to the demand of wasteful single-use plastic, but also by  reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans that kill marine wildlife. 46 more words

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