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Castaway Cat and Turtle Cove

Life is moving quickly toward new adventures and if I don’t finish posting our vacation now, I never will! As this is my chance to document life for our girls I feel the need to finish what I’ve started. 362 more words


Team Rock Questions/Answers

Here is another set of questions posed by the Team Rock! 7th graders, and my attempts to answer them.

In Science class we are learning about adaptations and evolution, especially with Darwin’s finches on the Galapagos! 676 more words

BPO Part2

2012 Through the lens of 2015


There is a sea turtle in the ocean. I keep seeing his head pop up, bobbing along the surface. From the cliff I am standing on, it’s a spectacular panorama of nature. 453 more words


Canadian Sea Turtle Network | www.seaturtle.ca

We don’t get Sea Turtles in Central New York, but if your interested from the Canadian Sea Turtle Network…

I’m keeping my eye on Beverly right now. 150 more words

Green Turtles in Bournemouth

Green turtles are important.

A couple months back I visited Bournemouth’s Oceanarium, and as a lover and fangirl of animals, I thought it was amazing. 367 more words


Paint Therapy!

I’m in the final semester of Peripheral Vascular School and shit’s getting real. Registries, finals, presentations, interviews, clinical rotations as a senior technician…i am EXHAUSTED.  Sometimes, you just need a cathartic release. 22 more words


Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

It took us half the day to get there, but it was well worth it. We got there a little before dusk really set in, and I suppose many would think that is the worst time (besides the night) to go, but I actually thought it made everything seem more vibrantly contrasted and magical. 70 more words