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Recrossing Paths

There’ve been plenty of people I’ve wanted to chance re-encounter, but it doesn’t always happen.  I’ve been to Southwest Harbor long ago, but I’ve never seen a… 167 more words


Sea Lion 3

Here were 1 and 2.  And leading up to the sinking in 2014, here are some old photos.

And then January 16, 2014.  The next few photos by… 176 more words


Sea Lion

Here are my fotos of Sea Lion . . . certainly not 38′ loa, as has been reported.  Here she passes Coney Island a few years back and… 29 more words


Whole Lotta Dredgin' 11

Here and here are previous posts on a Rockaway Beach replenishment dredging operation that has now ended.   Sea Wolf is still local, but the vessel on the horizon (“atop” the red buoy) has now moved to southern NJ.   287 more words


Specialized 19

So what travels through this piping?

C. R. McCaskill was launched just over a year ago with a bottle of champagne across one of the 35-pound  248 more words


Shear Legs

title sounds provocative?   Well,  I’ll subtitle this “whole lotta dredgin’ 6.”  It’s been almost three years since I’ve used this title, but .  .   114 more words


Post-Stormy Miscellany 2

Two weeks ago, Sandy raged, leaving a deadly and disastrous trail through the sixth boro and surrounding land masses.  Athena has also blanketed us, through many green leaves somehow remain on trees.   320 more words