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To all aspiring seafarers there like me, this is one short post that can probably help you to start your journey. 279 more words

Shipboard Horror Stories

Calm seas, no traffic, and only two of you are awake (Deck watch and Officer). If you’re keeping a watch with a Filipino, stories will naturally flow till the end of your shift. 628 more words

Real Stories

My time has come

I sense that i have a trigger for my cravings to writes. It isn’t good though. Every time i am upset or sad about something it automatically triggers these thoughts and ideas that come to me and i reach out for my laptop ready to write. 544 more words

Common Problems Seafarer Graduates Encounter

Seafarer graduates are often bombarded with pressure and wrong perception. Once they graduated from their courses, whether as a marine or a nautical student, people thought that they are going to be millionaires right away. 738 more words


Philhealth Facts for Sea-based OFWs

Sea-based Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are also encouraged to become Philhealth members or continue their Philhealth contributions even while they are working abroad.  Here are the frequently asked questions of sea-based OFWs regarding Philhealth membership, contributions, and how they can avail of services and benefits. 351 more words

General Topics

A Mixed Bag

A Mixed Bag

One good deed deserves another, I posted the other day that Robert Brooke had given me a ‘stern’ off one of his model clinker dinghies  – I have just returned the favour with a rather large framed photo of his family launch – Linda (below). 268 more words


10 things every Cruise Ship worker needs to pack before their first adventure

Before I began working on Cruise Ships, the only advice I was given was that from a printed document from my employer stating that I shouldn’t pack too many of my own clothes, as I’d mainly be wearing my uniform – WRONG! 1,261 more words