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5 Hair Care Tips For Seamen

Just because you are working on board the ship doesn’t give you the excuse to be lax about your hair maintenance.  Here are some essential hair care tips for seafarers. 151 more words


Renaissance Training Center: SOLAS Basic Training BT, SDSD, Crowd and Crisis Management for Seafarer

In order to become a seafarer, the first step is to undergo the Basic Training (formerly known as Basic Safety Training or BST) mandated by the  175 more words


Love Your Liver

The liver is one of the hardest working organs responsible for some 500 vital bodily functions yet it is a part of the body that is often overlooked. 83 more words


Hello! I'm a seaman blogger.

Hello! Probably all beginners start their post with the word like: “hello”. So, and me too. I am beginner and this is my very firs post. 184 more words


How To Keep Yourself Entertained On Board The Ship

We all know and understand that working life on board the ship can be very mundane.  There are no malls or pubs where we can hang out at after “knocking off”.  113 more words


Seafarer's Wellness

Seafarers are an integral part of the shipping industry which transports around 90% of the world’s trade.  Important as seafarers are, their welfare is often overlooked.   166 more words


Things That Keep Seafarers Happy On Board Ships

Seafarers go through the mundane work cycle on board every day for long periods of time and because they are out at sea and confined to the ship there are not many entertainment options for them.  188 more words