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What It's like To Work At Sea?

Before I get back to ship, my friends and relatives often ask me , what’s it’s like to be on board a ship, and bravely, most of the time, being the only woman on board. 979 more words

Why Is A Ship’s Speed Measured In Knots?

In the early days, seafarers did not have the luxury of measuring their ship’s speed using modern GPS (Global Positioning System) driven devices.

How they used to measure how fast their ship was sailing was by throwing a piece of wood or other floatable object over the vessel’s bow and then counting the period of time that elapsed before the ship’s stern passed the floating object. 148 more words


The Great Seafarer

As your lover, I wanna be the reason of your smiles,

But a seafarer? I’m away a thousand miles,

I’m so sorry, I can’t always make you happy, 611 more words


Seafarers And Their Tattoos

Some of you might know a well-inked seafarer or two or you might be one yourself.   Do you know the meaning behind some classic seaman tattoos?  115 more words


5 Ways To Keep Your Blood Pressure In Check

5 Ways to Keep Your Blood Pressure in Check

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a major risk factor for heart and kidney diseases, stroke and heart failure. 203 more words


Money Management Tips For Seafarers

Many of us chose the seafaring career for the money.  All of us want to earn as much money as possible and we work hard for it, but you have to make your money work hard for you. 178 more words


Coping With Stress At Sea

Studies suggest that 43% of adults are hit with stress and that nearly three-quarters of all regular doctor visits are because of stress-related symptoms.  Stress can be very damaging as it can be a hazard when you are working on board the ship! 241 more words