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Vanished - 50 Word Story

Blue sails pearl her dreams. Perhaps, he’d become a seafarer without time for farewell. He’d debark with a sack of treasure on his back, moonstones harvested from night mines, urns of green oil smelling like summer grass, a wooden box of promises kept, a smile on his lovesick face. 40 more words


Let's #FightHIV_AIDS

According to International Teletransport Workers’ Federation (ITF) , HIV/AIDS is now widely accepted as a threat to social and economic development, to national security as well as to the social fabric of societies. 1,520 more words

Sacrifices and Struggles For a Job We Love

With everything that has happened in recent times with regards to the maritime industry and our struggles one thing keeps popping up and it is something that always drives me mad. 1,597 more words


My 'Buhay OFW' and 2nd TV Interview

It’s exactly a year ago  when I received the above letter from Millicent Productions of Buhay OFW TV. Time flies really fast. A lot of new memories were added on the book of my life’s journey now but my second TV interview, for some reasons, is one of my all time favorite ‘golden moment’. 2,604 more words

The Seaambassadors' Republic Blog

The Seaambassadors’ Republic blog is i-Pinoy Circle’s interactive media platform which aims to transpire unity and noble pride among local and global Filipinos.

It shall inform, educate, entertain and/or influence you, dear reader/visitor, in the unique sea ambassadors’ way. 312 more words

Buhay OFW

Santorini is a walking paradise

I saw a paradise.

I had no idea there could be anything so spectacular.

It was mind boggling and all I could do was stare at this enormous crater filled with sea, so high that the boats anchored below looked like toys and the wind on the water looked like calligraphy. 1,167 more words