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ভালো লাগা

ভালো লাগা
-সাম্যময় সেন গুপ্ত-

এক মুঠো ভালো লাগার খোঁজে
ছুটে এসেছি তার কাছে,
শহরকে পিছনে ফেলে
সে আকাশ মেখে বসেছিল ;
চোখে তার সাগরের স্তব্ধতা 40 more words

Under Siege in Space: A Critique of Steven Seagal Fan Fiction

How much fan fiction was written pre-internet?

Who knows.

Presumably a precocious adolescent in a basement someplace once sat hunched-over a desk, writing the extended tales of Frodo, only for his uncle to shuttle that shit off to the bin when the author was taking a piss-break. 959 more words


10th April - On This Day In History


1951 Steven Seagal (actor)


2015 Richie Benaud (Australian cricketer and commentator)

On This Day:

1849 The safety pin is patented

Have a good Sunday, 10th April… 8 more words

Steven Seagal is in Manila for a ‘business’ trip

American actor Steven Seagal landed at NAIA on Monday afternoon
He was welcomed by former Ilocos Sur governor Chavit Singson
Seagal did not reveal the purpose of his recent visit to the country… 20 more words


I feel a little bad insulting Steven Seagal, it always feels somehow like you’re punching down. I mean… he’s an international movie star who’s famous for his martial arts so he ought to be a reasonable target for making fun of except… I don’t know, it feels mean! 1,063 more words


Featured Shirt(s) of the Day: The Seagal Collection

When I started Super Sweet Shirts back in 2007, the first shirt I ever made was a tribute to the legendary bad-ass, Steven Seagal. I was trying to come up with a shirt idea, and it happened to be “Earth Day.”  I wanted to do a shirt that was about saving the environment, but was totally awesome.   95 more words