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I feel a little bad insulting Steven Seagal, it always feels somehow like you’re punching down. I mean… he’s an international movie star who’s famous for his martial arts so he ought to be a reasonable target for making fun of except… I don’t know, it feels mean! 1,007 more words


Featured Shirt(s) of the Day: The Seagal Collection

When I started Super Sweet Shirts back in 2007, the first shirt I ever made was a tribute to the legendary bad-ass, Steven Seagal. I was trying to come up with a shirt idea, and it happened to be “Earth Day.”  I wanted to do a shirt that was about saving the environment, but was totally awesome.   95 more words


Volume IV: The "Thumbs Up" Theory

Alright folks – I’m going to take you on a ride here.  This is something I’ve thought about, pondered, considered, and awed at over the last few years.   1,074 more words


Friday Night Movie: Skin Trade (2015)

It’s been a long week but it’s finally Friday, the baby is asleep, my wife is out at the movies with a friend, and I sit here with a glass of Argentinian Cabernet and a freshly purchased rental from Amazon: 812 more words


Is male white and dominant- Hollywood?

This Hollywood crap is slowly getting into my face, I could imagine that for producers in Hollywood this male white dominant movie characters are pretty a kill for there wallets but  for me deep in Africa they are beginning to get big fat and Nothing! 394 more words


Everyone But You Was At The Seahawks - 49ers Game

If you emptied out your 401K over the weekend to buy nosebleed seats for the Seahawks vs. 49ers game, I like to think that you’re just now waking up from a post-game bender next to a third-string… 135 more words


Cine y gente: Soy muy rara

Me parece increíble que a la gente le gusten ciertas películas. Ya sé que en gustos no hay nada escrito y comprendo que a todo el mundo no le tiene que gustar lo mismo que a mi. 425 more words