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Gulls, often referred to as seagulls, are seabirds which are often caught stealing hot chips/french fries , while you are trying enjoy  lunch at the beach. ☺🍟

Today's Ramblings


I snapped this picture of the twilight from the ferryboat at the Gateway of India, twilight is the magical spell of the day at dusk or dawn, and this picture is of dusk … the sight of this twilight was so gorgeous that I didn’t wanted to miss the opportunity to picture it, much to the inconvenience of clicking a snap from a boat. 154 more words

Seagulls Soar- Premiership football now just one win away

After a last gasp equaliser in their final home game of the season, Brighton & Hove Albion are just one win away from the Premier League. 446 more words


Relegation Fears to Promotion Chasers

On New Year’s Eve 2014, Brighton were struggling to earn points and lacked any heart to improve upon their previous effort. There was a lack of leadership, quality and any passion in the performances of the players, leaving fans frustrated and eventually fed up with Sami Hypia’s reign.  1,273 more words



Nothing like fish and chips at the beach and your friends think it’s funny to throw chips and you, yeah it was!!!


Sky-jester (or, Chroicocephalus stultus pt.II).

Sky-jester pirouettes on sooty tipped wings
beak opened wide in raucous mid-sing
a life shooting by under web-footed claws
keen to draw laughs despite all his flaws. 98 more words


My Amex concerns

With Brighton on the brink of making it to the Dizzy heights of the premier league and what a fantastic advert for Sussex it that is. 294 more words