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Seagulls wheel above the St. Clair River.


Day 24. - Bondi training

Board training means a 5.30am wake up and a rush to find wetsuits and car keys. GoPro was still flat so after the session I popped a couple of dollars in for pay parking and cracked out a few snaps. 25 more words


Jan 16, 2016 - [Monday] Anything Goes: Seagull in Kunming

Kunming, China, taken on December 23, 2016

Seagulls aren’t exactly a rare sight and contrarily, they are quite commonly seen in many places. However, seagulls in Kunming during the winter is a completely different sight. 47 more words


Snow, the moon, the hunt meet and fly-tipping

As we enter the third week of the new year, the snow we were promised (or threatened, depending on your view of the white stuff) barely materialised. 321 more words

Seagull. January 16, 2017

Seagull. January 16, 2017. Tuscany, Italy


Through the Looking Glass of Val Lee—Laughing Gull of Caribbean

Laughing Gulls and they mate for life @Val J. Lee

Among the many islands in the Caribbean Sea, Antigua is most popular among tourists due to its breathtaking nature repertoire. 994 more words