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Hidden Depths

Set: Pokémon TCG Online Starter Decks 55 more words


Pokemon Goldeen Seaking

1st Generation Pokemon

Traditional: Ballpoint pen on Paper / Effects: Instagram

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Devious Pokemon Team of Team Aqua

Here is the latest Pokemon/Comic Book team up of Aqualad and Seaking. I wanted to do the Young Justice version of Aqualad because I really like the character and his design. 13 more words


The Poke-No's

Have you ever thought to yourself “I need a way to show the world that Goldeen is my favourite Pokemon, and also get rid of this pile of money I can’t be bothered burning”? 251 more words


Pokemon Theme: Goldeen and Seaking...

So these were really fun to paint, I knew how I wanted to paint them from the get go. Of-course in ‘reality’ Goldeen would never be able to be kept in a bowl (it actually warns against it on Bulbapedia), but I reckon a pond full of Seaking would look beautiful!

WonderfulWolf Nail Art